Senator Materials for Sale in Nigeria

Senator Material in Nigeria

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Good quality Senator material is made from coveted fibers. Senator material is also known as wool fabric. Senator material is a valuable fabric used by men and women to sew Nigerian native wears.

The name “senator material” became popular because it’s popularly worn by Nigerian politicians. Senator material is a household name for cotton, cashmere or wool fabric in Nigeria.

Qualities of Senator Fabrics

1. Senator material has a cool fine texture on the skin. It’s perfect for hot weather in Nigeria.

2. It is a lightweight material. You don’t feel the weight of the fabric on your skin

3. Senator fabric is durable. It lasts for years if it’s handled properly.

4. It is comfortable and does not itch. Senator fabric is recommended for adults and children.

5. Senator material can be mixed with silk, cotton and wool to achieve a creative outfit.

6. Senator materials especially Cashmere fabric is made from goat skin. It provides warmth needed for cold weather. It is preferably hand washed for long lasting effect.

Senator material  is expensive because the yarn used in its production is limited

2019/2020 Senator Fashion in Nigeria.

Senator fabric is quite expensive, but no good thing ever comes cheap. Investing in high quality cashmere is a wise decision, because it is timeless and never goes out of fashion.

Senator styles in Nigeria in 2022/2023 is remarkable. Designers in Nigeria brought in creativity in their styles. During the last Lagos Fashion week, Ugomonye synchronized Nigerian cultures just in one Senator outfit. This native wear was modeled by Mike ; the 1st runner up of 2019 Big Brother Naija reality show.

Other celebrities such as Ebuka Obi Uchendu, Desmond Eliot, Uti Nwachukwu, IK Ogbonna among others spiced up Senator wears with their unique styles in Nigeria.

Senator Material Collection at Buyandslay

On buyandslay, Senator materials are available in different shades. The length is 60CM. A yard of Senator fabric is from NGN 3000 -NGN 8000 per yard. This is categorized according to the quality. See our product description for more details.

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