Nigerian Material for Sale

There are lots of lovely Fabrics you can get in in Nigeria. Everyone likes to get fabrics at affordable prices. On buyandslay, we have fabrics you can get as low as NGN500 per yard.

Clink on the links below to see the available fabrics in our collection.

1. Cashmere Fabric: this fabric is for corporate outfits for men and women. The quality is durable. 1 yard of Buyandslay cashmere fabrics is from NGN 6000 to NGN 2500. All colours are available.

2. Velvet Fabric: This fabric is an all year round fabric. It is used to make evening wears, wedding dresses, suits and jackets, blazers, skirts, trousers, hats, berets and so on. Buyandslay velvet fabric comes in all colors. Price: 1500 per yard.


3. Bridal Satin fabric: Used for wedding dresses, bridal gowns, suits and so many other outfits you can think of.

price: NGN 800 per yard

4. Heavy Weight Bridal Satin: NGN 1500 – 2000 per yard

5. Organza Fabric: NGN 800 per yard

6. Chiffon Fabric: NGN 800 per yard

7. Crepe Fabric :NGN 1200 per yard

8. Senator Materials: NGN 6000- 2000 per yard

9. Scuba Fabric:NGN 1200 per yard

10. Light Net Fabric : NGN 300 per yard

11.Thick Net: 1000 NGN per yard

12. Lace fabric: NGN 2000-NGN 10000 per yard

13. Set of George Fabric: 15000-200000.

Please click the WhatsApp link to get more details of each product.

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