Bridal satin fabric wholesale

Bridal Satin Fabric Wholesale

What is Bridal Satin Fabric ?

Bridal satin fabric wholesale
Bridal satin fabric wholesale

Bridal satin fabric is a silky fabric that has been around for a long time. It’s one of the well known fabrics in the world. It’s called bridal because it fits into wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and also used in decorations.

Quality of Bridal Satin Fabric

The quality of bridal satin depends on the quality of textile used in its production. On buyandslay, we have affordable and durable satin fabrics you can use for your clothings. Bridal satin is at its best when it’s soft and glossy on the outside and matte inside.

The difference Between Satin Silk and Sateen 

There has been controversy between Satin, Sateen and Silk Sateen.

1. Satin silk is the best quality in satin fabric manufactured with satin weave. It is used in making bridal wears and curtains  Satin silk fabric can also be combined with polyester, nylon and natural silk for more affordability.

2. Sateen on the other hand is made from cotton on like satin that is made of from silk. Sateen is stronger and last longer than silk making it a better option for curtains and beddings.

Where to Buy Bridal Satin Fabric Wholesale in Nigeria

Buyandslay is your best option because we provide you with a variety of satin fabrics to choose from. We sell our bridal satin in wholesale and bulk. If you are reselling, we are here to serve you better. We ship our fabrics globally with reasonable and trusted shipping companies. We also offer express delivery depending on how fast you want our fabrics.

NGN 800 – 2000 per yard
L: 60  CM
Colour: All colours

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