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Senator materials are fabrics made mostly from wool and cotton fibers. Senator fabrics are also known as Cashmere or wool. In Nigeria. Senator material supersede other names like wool and Cashmere.

Italian Wool Senator material

Buy Italian wool Senator material in Nigeria

Senator materials come in different colors, textures and quality. In order to differentiate between the low and high quality senator materials; burning a little piece of the fabric can  reveal the quality of the wool or cashmere fabric.

The durable senator materials burn slowly with the odor of an animal skin/hair, while the low quality burns out fast. Now you can tell the difference.

How Much is Senator Material Price Per Yard in Nigeria?

On Buyandslay Senator materials are sold in Wholesale/Bulk or in yardage, minimum of 4yards. The price of Senator materials per yard on buyandslay ranges from 2000 upwards

Wool Fabric: 1 yard at NGN 3000  : Minimum of 4 yards (NGN 12000), depending on the quality and quantity you are buying.

Plain Senator Material NGN 3000 per yard
Plain or pattern Senator materials NGN 3000.

Senator materials by the yard

Price of Senator material by yard

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We welcome wholesale and retail buyers on buyandslay. The quality of our fabrics are superb and we deliver to you without stress. Trust us and swipe through our displayed senator materials, wool or Cashmere to place your order.

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