Traditional African Wedding Attire

Traditional African wedding attire is a way to celebrate the union of two people and their families, as well as their cultures. The bride’s family typically chooses the style of traditional wedding dress for the bride, but there are some commonalities between all traditional African wedding dresses.

Traditional Nigerian Wedding Dress

The traditional Nigerian wedding dress is made up of a matching blouse and wrap skirt. The wrap skirt has layers of fabric that are pleated together and then pulled over the hips and tucked into the waistband of the blouse. The color or pattern of this traditional nigerian wedding dress will be determined by what family members or friends you have invited to your wedding, as well as ethnicity in your community.

Show Me Your Mumu Bridesmaid Dresses

Show Me Your Mumu Bridesmaid Dresses are designed to fit and flatter any body type while giving you a fresh, modern look. With colors and styles that suit any personality, from soft and feminine to bold and sultry, Show-Me-Mumu is sure to have the perfect dress for you. Always have the latest looks and styles with our bridesmaid dresses.

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