Nigerian Fabric Store Near Me

Nigerian Fabric Store Near Me

Buyandslay is an online fashion store located in Lagos Nigeria. All you need to do is to :

1. Click on this link to visit our shop page

2 WhatsApp or call our hotline: +2347026688108 for immediate response

3. Send an Email to or

Buyandslay Fabric Collection

  • Buyandslay fabric store is specialized on
  • Lace fabrics
  • Corporate materials such as cashmere, wool, cotton and polyester fabrics
  • Ankara Fabrics
  • Organza fabrics
  • Satin fabrics
  • Crepe Fabrics
  • Beddings
  • Curtains; and so on

Buyandslay fabrics are sold by the yard. most of our fabrics are 60cm and above. Whether you are looking for laces, cottons or polyester for your project, Buyandslay fabric is here to assist you.

Buyandslay Sewing Equipment

We also have the best sewing machines you can think of.;

  • Industrial sewing machines,
  • Knitting machines
  • Handheld sewing machines
  • Weaving machines
  • Button presserĀ  machines
  • Industrial Iron

    and so many other sewing equipment for your project.

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