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100% Modal Jersey Sheets

100% modal jersey sheets are made from a soft and breathable material that is very comfortable to sleep on. They provide a soft, smooth surface that will not irritate the skin. These sheets are...


Wirecutter Best Cashmere Sweater

The Wirecutter Cashmere Sweater is a versatile, cozy, and stylish option for both men and women. The sweater is lightweight but warm, and it’s made from 100% cashmere—so it’s soft and comfortable. It comes...


100% Modal Sheets Made in Turkey

100% modal sheets made in turkey are available on Buyandslay. We have displayed the best 100% modal sheets made in turkey for best buyers. You can make a choice from white 100% modal sheets made in turkey...


Where can I Buy Norman Smart Drapes

You should head over to buyandslay and discover the norman smart drape prices and sellers. These products are well discounted for those who want to buy quality fabrics and their accessories. Buying norman smart...


Leopard Skin Crepe Fabric in Nigeria

Knowing where to acquire the best fabrics or variations, such as crepe material gown styles in nigeria, is a great experience for thrifty worms like you and me, but getting price of crepe material in nigeria at a reasonable price and warranty becomes increasingly difficult.


Sheets for Split Top King Bed

It is understandable that people face challenges when trying to find a product online, but thanks to our knowledge of product varieties, we have gleaned a list of the best buyandslay website that will...


Yellow Banarasi Saree

Did you know you could get the cheapest mustard yellow banarasi sarees right now? Would it be a bad idea to check how to buy golden yellow banarasi sareeand other top quality silk fabrics products and their varieties? Your first option if you need yellow and red banarasi saree instantly is to check on reliable website online. The must-sees of Indian sarees are the vibrant colors and Banarasi fabrics.


Banarasi Saree Sale

You should head over to buyandslay and discover the banarasi silk sarees for wedding with price. Our products are well discounted for those who want to buy quality fabrics and their accessories. Buying banarasi silk saree for wedding online at an affordable rate can be very enjoyable when we find the right websites to help us out. We have compiled the best options for original banarasi saree below. So read on to find banarasi silk sarees online with price Online and appreciate your next buying experience.


Red Banarsi Suit

Can you describe the kind of Silk Banarsi Suit Design that you need right now? If not then you will definitely be interested in checking out what we can do for you. When you choose to purchase banarsi suit design design with pants from us then you will have a fast, easy and reliable way to get whatever it is that you require. We pride ourselves on offering very competitive rates and high quality products.


Best Bamboo Sheets for Good Housekeeping 

When choosing the right bedding, it’s important to buy a set that offers the highest quality and is made of natural materials. This type of fabric is extremely cool against the skin. While some brands boast antibacterial properties, most of them are not safe to use as bedding. If you’re concerned about the environment, choose sheets that are organic and made with sustainable resources. You’ll also enjoy the softness and cooling sensation that these sheets provide.


Sheets Resistant to Benzoyl Peroxide

Silk is a natural smooth fabric. It doesn’t munch at the surface of your skin. Sleeping on silk can help keep you looking younger longer Your pillowcase has the potential to pull at the surface of your skin during the night.


Where to Buy Silk Charmeuse Fabrics in Lagos

For classy garments and bedding, silk charmeuse remains a popular material. It was, however, during the 20th century that American corporations developed a variety of synthetic fabrics, one of the primary goals of which...


Canvas Material in Lagos

Please click the link below to chat with the best Canvas fabric supplier in Lagos Nigeria. What Is Canvas? Traditionally, canvas is made from cotton, with linen being an option. Durable, sturdy, and...


Brocade Fabric in Nigeria

Price of Brocade Fabric in Nigeria Brocade fabric can be easily purchased via the Internet. Many online fabric shops offer a huge selection of cloths in a wide range of colors, patterns, and compositions....


Buy Animal Print Fabric Online in Lagos Nigeria

You can never go wrong with animal print fabric, it is popular all year round. Animal prints are timeless, making them a great wardrobe staple. Among the styles available are leopard print and snakeskin,...


Where to Buy Adire Fabrics in Lagos

Silk Adire Fabric in Lagos Nigeria There is no doubt that fashion lovers in Nigeria are familiar with Adire, but if you don’t know about the Nigerian fabric, then you are missing out on...


Cashmere Fabric in Lagos

It is possible to purchase fabric materials such as cashmere in a variety of stores in Nigeria, but the only difficulty is in locating the one that has premium cashmere fabrics. From the various classifications of cashmere and senator materials displayed here varies in price accordingly.


Buy Cashmere Fabric in Lagos Nigeria

In terms of fabric clothing, Buyandslay is one of the most trusted online fabric suppliers in Nigeria. With this popularity, you can’t disregard the way that they offer durable cashmere fabrics to Nigerians. Buyandslay...


Where to Buy Italian Cashmere 220

This is a high quality cashmere faric sold at 4 yards and suitable for suits, agbadas, kaftans, classy gowns, trousers, jackets, etc. Specifically, on cashmere senator pricing, four yards of this fabric, which is...


Buy 13 Types of Cashmere Fabrics in Lagos Nigeria

Grade A cashmere All grade A cashmere wool fabrics are generally expensive, though some types are significantly more expensive than others. However, you will be able to appreciate why grade A cashmere is so...


7 Star Cashmere Fabric Price in Nigeria

When it comes to the price, the grade of cashmere fabric is important as well. Although low-grade cashmere is cheap, high-grade cashmere wool is very pricey. The finer the grade, the shorter the fibers...


Best Stones for Engagement Rings

Engagement rings serve as means to indicate that the person wearing them is engaged. A ring is gifted as a symbol that they are proposing marriage when proposing marriage in Western cultures. This ring symbolizes the agreement to be married in the future. Engagement rings are usually worn by women in Western countries, and include diamonds or other gemstones.

Best No-Show Socks for Toms 0

Best No-Show Socks for Toms

If you understand style, when you’re in your Toms, you want your feet to be in nothing else except the best no-show socks for Toms. This is because the Toms are a classy pair...

Types of Women’s Dress Shoes 0

Types of Women’s Dress Shoes

Matching your outfit with the right shoes is really important. One sure way to do this right is to know the types of footwear and their names for ladies. If a woman has no...

Best No-Show Socks 0

Best No-Show Socks

When trying to determine the best no-show socks, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. One of such factors is the best no-show socks UK men have a love for. This...


Lace Materials and their Prices

On buyandslay store, we have a variety of fashionable and colorful lace fabrics for women. Lace fabrics makes women elegant and classy. We have laces that are suitable for asoebi and individual use.


Senator Materials for Sale in Nigeria

Good quality Senator material is made from coveted fibers. Senator material is also known as wool fabric. Senator material is a valuable fabric used by men and women to sew Nigerian native wears.


10 Lace Fabrics to Buy in 2021

Buyandslay is a trusted online place working with trusted manufacturers to give you the best of fabrics and other fashion products. Our fabrics are measured in GSM from 120 downwards.

We have variety of laces you can choose for your upcoming asoebi. Our different packages are affordable. Delivery is fast and easy. Scroll through to see the lovely fabrics we have curated for you.

Organza Polka Dot Balloon Sleeve Blouse 0

Polka Dot Organza Blouse

Polka Dot Organza Blouse Polka dots blouse have been in fashion for ages irrespective of the season. Since 1950, polka dot have dominated the fashion scene. This style is evidently worn by top celebrities...


Women Pumps and Heels

Research has shown that ladies feel more confident, sexy and pretty on heels. They also confessed that pumps brings out the confidence in them, at the same time getting all the attention they need from the opposite sex. Therefore heels makes the female body more feminine than flats or kitten heels.

White Maxi Dress With Short Sleeves 0

White Maxi Dress With Short Sleeves

White Maxi Dress With Short Sleeves White Maxi Dress With Short Sleeves. We have a great collection of white maxi dress with short sleeves, white long sleeve maxi dresses and more. Shop now and...

White Long Dress With Cape 0

White Long Dress With Cape

White is the color of purity, innocence and elegance. It is a versatile color that can be used for any occasion, from weddings to parties. The white dress with cape is the perfect combination...