Blue and White Striped Two piece Set

Blue and White Striped Two piece Set is all you need this season. Get a two-piece set from best sellers like Buyandslay. This might be two items, but totally worth it. The white and blue striped two peace short and shirt are available in different colours. I strongly recommend getting a two-piece set for women Why? Because this set is easy to wear, stylish and classy for a modern day woman.

You can style your 2 piece short and shirt with sandals, slippers, converse and heels. if your bottom is a skirt, pants, or shorts, they can be styled with several tops. And the top of the set can be worn with multiple bottoms. So this one set actually goes a lot way in a wardrobe, especially if you’re trying to capsulize your wardrobe or purchase minimal pieces for the season

Black and White Striped Two Piece Set

2 piece stripe sets are so classic and instantly transform anybody stylishly. This set are the perfect outfit and go with just about everything. Stripe sets can never go out of fashion meaning there is no style out there that stripes don’t perfectly integrate with. You can wear stripes of any kind for different occasions, Even if you are a great stylist, We believe you’ll love today’s post for some additional stripy outfit inspiration.

How to wear stripes:


The most classic type of stripe is the horizontal stripe–I think the most versatile striped garments are white with black stripes–they’re just the easiest to mix and match with everything else! Stripes can come in all different shapes and sizes and they all serve different purposes, for example:

Breton stripes: The quintessential classic stripe is about 1/4th inch thick and alternates darker and lighter colors. If you’re going to own one striped item, something with Breton stripes is a great thing to own–breton stripes never go out of style and they’re easy to wear year-round! I would definitely recommend investing in a couple breton striped tees like this one and this one –these are my favorite!

Color-blocked stripes: Where stripes will be thicker, bolder, and a mix of different complimenting colors (like this sweater and this sweater)–I love how color blocked stripes make a big statement. Since these are bold, you’ll want to pair them with something solid and neutral or if you do go with a print–a more subtle, micro-print is best. (When mixing prints, you always want to vary the scale!)

Mini or micro stripes: The smaller and skinnier the stripe, the more versatile it’s going to be, simply because the print isn’t as loud. You can easily get away with pairing mini stripes with a bold print, like an animal print or polka dots.

Vertical stripes: I prefer vertical stripes for things like button down tops and pants. They tend to be more slimming, whereas an ill-placed horizontal stripe (i.e. across the hips or bust in conjunction with the wrong neckline) can have a widening effect.

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