Our White Cotton Fabric Roll is a lightweight, durable, and versatile fabric that can be used for a variety of different things. It has a high resistance to heat and has moisture absorption properties which makes it great for table runners, home decor, curtains, slipcovers and more.

This White Cotton Fabric Roll has a wide variety of uses. Featuring a solid white color, this cloth can be used for garments, draperies, pillows, slipcovers and more. Made from 100% cotton, these rolls are durable enough for heavy use and easy machine care!

Our white cotton fabric roll is an essential item for any sewing project. This roll is made of 100% pure cotton, ensuring a comfortable fit and feel. With over 10 yards of material on each roll, you won’t have to worry about running out of fabric at inopportune times.

Cotton fabric roll with a beautiful print for quilting, sewing, and crafting. It is 100% cotton and prewashed to prevent bleeding. This fabric can be used on its own or with other fabrics to create unique projects.

This is a roll of 100% cotton fabric. It is white, and has no stretch. This fabric can be used for a variety of applications including upholstery, draperies, slipcovers and more!

The fabric is tightly woven and has slight variations in the pattern due to its natural material. The fabric is smooth and soft to the touch, making it ideal for painting, quilting, crafting and more.

This high quality cotton fabric roll is ideal for making your own curtains, bags, cushions and craft projects. It can be used to make bedspreads and pillow covers, soft furnishings for a chair or sofa. A roll of 100% cotton fabric, manufactured by a leading cotton clothing manufacturer.

Get a variety of projects started with this cotton fabric from the trusted name of Organize It All. Because it’s cotton and comes in rolls, you can easily cut it to whatever size works best for your project. Ideal for crafts, sewing, quilting, and more!

Cotton fabric is a soft, versatile material that is comfortable to wear and machine washable. Use it for baby clothing, bedding, curtains and more. A beautiful piece of fabric in white, perfect for creating a tunic top or dress.

Best White Cotton Fabric Roll

The perfectly soft and smooth White Cotton Fabric Roll is ideal for crafts, quilting and more. This lightweight fabric is composed of 100% cotton and can be easily cut, sewn and stitched by hand or machine. With a variety of uses, you are sure to enjoy this versatile roll of fabric for years to come!

Increase your fabric inventory with this White Cotton Fabric Roll. The 1/2-inch width is the perfect size for crafting projects, such as quilting and sewing, and can be cut to any length desired. Use the soft, cotton fabric to create something special! White Cotton Fabric Roll. Ideal for making clothes, bedding and many more.

This white cotton fabric roll is perfect for creating your own custom home decor and craft projects. Great for drapes, bedding, chair cushions, curtains and much more. This is a high quality cotton fabric roll that is perfect for all your sewing needs. This cotton has been preshrunk and will not shrink when washed.

A versatile and timeless fabric, this cotton fabric roll is perfect for crafting or quilting projects. White cotton fabric rolls are the perfect choice for many sewing projects, including bedding, window treatments and clothing.

Our White Cotton Fabric Roll is a versatile and digestible fabric for quilting, sewing, and crafting. It is made of 100% cotton that has been finely woven to be soft, strong and durable. The versatile nature of this fabric allows it to be used as a quilt backing or as batting for crafts. With this roll, you’ll find many uses for your large scale crafting projects!

Add a touch of white to your designs and craft projects with this solid cotton fabric roll. This 100% cotton fabric features a smooth, medium weight weave that’s ideal for fashion and accessory design. Use it to create a variety of garments and more.

Our cotton fabric roll is a versatile and economical choice for large projects like duvet covers, curtains, large pillows, and many others. The design features a woven pattern in white that makes it great for decorating your home, rather than just crafting.

This premium quality, soft and comfortable fabric roll is perfect for any bedroom setting. It has a timeless white color, which can blend in well to any style of furnishing. And it’s easy to install as it simply rolls out onto the floor.

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