Our Black Cotton Fabric is composed of cut, stitched and woven pieces of fabric resulting in a lightweight, breathable fabric. The black color is made from an acid dyeing process. This can be used for a variety of projects such as shirts, dresses and blouses.

This black cotton fabric is a durable, medium weight fabric which works well for home decor and apparel. It has a brushed finish and a tight weave that makes it smooth to the touch yet strong enough to hold its shape, pattern and feel after washing.

This black cotton fabric is a perfect choice for wardrobe, craft and other projects. It’s sturdy and durable, making it perfect for outdoor projects like backpacks and pillows.

Made from 100% Cotton, this Fabric has a soft and smooth feel that makes it ideal for clothing such as shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts and home furnishings such as curtains.

Made from textured cotton, this simple yet sophisticated fabric will create a beautiful and inviting space for any bedroom. Whether used for a bedspread, curtains or pillows, this durable fabric can be painted, stenciled or otherwise decorated to fit any style personality.

This soft, medium weight 100% cotton fabric has a beautiful drape, perfect for tops and dresses. It also offers comfortable stretch to keep its shape after washing. Perfect for any project that calls for a more substantial fabric than our lightweight cottons, but still needs stretch.

It features beautiful patterns and soft, even texture. Perfect for creating your own clothes and accessories, likedresses, skirts, tops and more! Black Cotton Fabric is suitable for making summer clothing, dresses and pants. The fabric has high quality and it is made of 100% cotton.

This cotton fabric is sold by the yard and is 100% Cotton, 44/45 inches wide. It is great for sewing or quilting projects like curtains, tablecloths, placemats and more. Black Cotton Fabric is a luxurious cloth used in clothing and interior design. It comes in many forms, such as cotton denim and chambray.

Black cotton fabric is a versatile material, suitable for many different applications. Cotton is an absorbent, breathable fabric that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. A high quality black cotton fabric will provide good value for money over time, as it can be used in a variety of ways.

Best Black Cotton Fabric

Our cotton is a durable and versatile fabric, which is easy to maintain, durable and its lustre remains unaffected even after multiple washings. It has crease resistance nature so no ironing or pressing required. It comes in a variety of vibrant colours that would add style quotient to your wardrobe

The Black Cotton Fabric is great for making bags, clothing and garments. Made of 100% cotton, this fabric is durable and easy to work with. A smooth and sturdy 100% cotton fabric with a fine looped construction is easy to sew, popular for apparel.

This Black Cotton Fabric is our premier fabric, excellent for making dresses and skirts. It has a beautiful matte finish, a light to heavy weight (depending on desired thickness), and comes in numerous colors. This medium density cotton fabric is perfect for beginners who are looking to make their first dress.

Black Cotton Fabric is now available in the best cotton fabric store. This black colour of cotton fabric is made up of 100% cotton and has a high count of yarns in each meter of the fabric, which makes it durable and easy to wash as well.

Cotton Fabric is the most common type of fabric that is available to sew on. It can be found in a variety of colors, textures, and weights. Cotton fabric can be used for nearly any project including quilting, crafting, home decorating and much more.

Black cotton fabric. Black cotton fabric for your next garment or quilt project. This fabric is intended for bedding, tablecloths and other home decor items. This stretchable fabric is perfect for quilting, apparel and crafts.

Black cotton fabric is the perfect choice for everyday use. It is durable, versatile, and machine washable and dryable with like colors to help preserve the color. Black cotton fabric is a medium-weight, plain weave fabric made with cotton fibers. It’s extremely durable and has a soft hand feel.

This fabric has a high thread count and is used in everything from clothing to decorative pillows. A light weight, versatile fabric that is available in a variety of colors and weights. It is strong and durable, but soft enough for frequent touch.

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