Wide Leg Paper Bag Trousers

Wide leg paper bag trouser
Paper bag trousers for pretty ladies

It’s simply a pant or trouser that starts above the belly button or from under the breast down to your toes with a rope or belt attached to the waist.

Wide leg paper bag trousers are among the most trendy pants in 2020. These trousers are one of the most comfortable pants you can ever think of. Not only that, paper bag trousers are flattering especially when they are high waist.  Paper bag trousers come with an attached belt that  pulls in the waist. The belt or rope makes it easy to achieve a a slimmer waist look.

Best Wide Leg Paper Bag Trousers

The best paper bag trouser is made from Linen, wool and cotton.  This is because the three fabrics are comfortable, easy to wash and light weighted.

Paper Bag Outfit Idea

The trick is to  a paper bag pant with a top you can tuck in.  A white T-Shirt is lovely on a black wide leg paper bag trouser. Floral, animal print and other button down tops can also make a huge style statement on a paper bag pant. A heel or flat can go with the outfit.

Where to Buy Wide Leg Paper Bag Trousers

You dont  have to break a bank to get a wide leg paper bag trouser. Shop our quality and affordable paper bag trouser on buyandslay. We deliver fast to our customers in Nigeria and around the world.

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