Our White Bridal Satin Fabric is the perfect fabric for bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses, and wedding party attire. This polyester satin finished fabric has a subtle sheen that would work well in high-end costumes, curtains, and more.

This beautiful White Bridal Satin Fabric features an elegant sheen and lustre which is perfect for creating a magnificent bridal gown, wedding dress or evening gown. This fabric is made out of 100% polyester, a durable fabric that is suitable for machine wash and dry.

The white bridal satin fabric is the perfect combination of elegance, luxury and style that makes this one of the most popular bridal fabrics. This crisp, smooth fabric will give your wedding dress an effortless beautiful look and feel.

The White Bridal Satin Fabric is a charming, attractive and upscale material for weddings, parties or other special events. It is also great for in apparel and home décor.

White Bridal Satin Fabric is a 100% polyester satin with a smooth, silky touch. It has excellent drape and a beautiful sheen. This fabric is used to make daywear and evening wear dresses, tablecloth, bags and many other kinds of items. Our fabrics are made of high quality polyester fibers that help them stay lustrous after multiple washes

White Bridal Satin Fabric: This is a high quality, soft and smooth satin fabric with a gloss finish. These fabrics are great for bridal gowns, prom dresses, and blouses. They are also used in making corsets, evening gowns, shirtings and more.

White wedding satin fabric is great for many applications. It can be used for dress ups and also used in the creation of wearables, apparel, accessories and decorative accents. This high quality fabric is perfect for making wedding gowns, dresses or any special occasion clothes. The length of fabric on the bolt is 96″ long.

White Bridal Satin Fabric is a high-quality, lightweight fabric that has a satin sheen and wonderful body. It’s created from 100% polyester and is easy to work with because it’s always wrinkle-free and does not fade when exposed to different lighting conditions.

White Bridal Satin Fabric is a soft, thin and silky fabric with a luxurious feel and smooth surface. A beautiful soft satin, perfect for any kind of lingerie, camisoles, slip dresses and many more.

Made of 100% polyester, this dress fabric is durable and flawless. With a metallics include gold, silver and rose gold metallic colors, you can create a luxurious look on your special day. This fabric is available in roll length of 3 yards with 15 yard minimum purchase.

The description of our product is white satin fabric. It comes in various colors and with a variety of trim packages to help you make the most important day of your life even more special. The lightweight satin fabric is commonly used for wedding gowns, evening wear and prom dresses. It is available in a wide range of colors and prints including plain white satin that can be dyed any color you choose!

Where to Buy White Bridal Satin Fabric

This White Bridal Satin Fabric offers a luxuriously smooth, soft and sheer fabric. The fabric makes a great choice for your special day dress up, bridal gowns, wedding gowns and other special occasion clothing.

Our White Bridal Satin Fabric is a premium, high-quality fabric for use in all sorts of projects. Made from 100% polyester, this white, satiny material has a smooth surface that looks and feels like real silk. It is easy to cut and sew, and has a long lifespan: over 500 hours of continuous wear without fading, peeling or tearing. You can use it to create elegant, flowy bridal gowns; full skirts; flirty cocktail dresses; stylish evening wear.

This White bridal satin fabric is a lightweight, satin fabric with a slight pearlescent sheen to it. This fabric works well to create elegant evening wear and especially bridal gowns. It could also be used in less formal attire such as a skirt or dress

Our white bridal satin is an excellent choice for creating elegant wedding couture.Our silk fabric is durable, flexible and it has a classic feel that will make your evening dresses stand out. Designed using high quality raw materials. Materials: 100% Polyester. They can be dyed any color.

This elegant bridal satin fabric is made from high quality fibers and woven into a soft, shinny fabric that looks great anywhere. It can be used for gowns, drapes, pillows and more.

White Bridal Satin Fabric is a popular satin fabric that offers a lustrous sheen and elegant sheen. It’s commonly used as a gown fabric, wedding dresses, and bridal gowns.

White bridal satin fabric is a semi-gloss fabric with amazing sheen for use in high-end bridal wear, evening gowns and stage costumes. It also works extremely well when a slight shimmer is desired in formal wear such as tuxedo jackets or dresses.

This is a high quality, white Bridal Satin Fabric which is made up of 100% pure viscose fiber. This fabric is extremely soft and lustrous. It drapes beautifully, has a silky sheen, and washes well.

High Quality Bridal Satin Fabric For Your Wedding Dress. This soft and smooth fabric has a luxurious drape and feel to it. It is ideal for evening dresses, bridal gowns, elegant prom dresses, and all other special occasion dresses.

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