Where to Buy Crepe Fabric in Lagos

Buyandslay is the the best fabric store where you can can buy crepe fabrics in Lagos Nigeria. We have both patterned and plain crepes in store.

Crepe fabric is a type of stretchy fabric that can be made from natural or synthetic fibers. Crepe is used in making drapery outfits such as suits, gowns and wedding dresses, although it is also popular when making formal wear such as skirts and blouses.

How Much is Crepe Material Per Yard?

On Buyandslay, crepe material is sold at the rate of 1200 -2000 per yard depending on the quality. We have different textures of crepe in store. Crepe fabrics can be light or thick.
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Uses of Crepe fabric

Crepe is a four-season fabric, Crepe is often used in formal wear such as gowns, 2 piece, skirts, and so on.These fabric is suitable for both evening and summer.

Another area where crepe fabric shines is in accessories. Crepe coats, scarves and shawls offer warmth that is not too heavy. Interior design accessories such as curtains and living room pillows also use this fabric.

Historically, however, it is known as a mourning fabric because traditionally, Crepe fabric was worn by women in times of mourning in many Western cultures. However, this practice has largely fallen out of fashion.

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