Buy the best Flower Crepe Material in Lagos Nigeria for unforgettable dinner dresses, office wears, neach wears or scarves. These fabrics are beautiful, durable and comfortable on the skin. Buyandslay crepe fabrics are pleasant and will add charm to both men and women.
Composition: 100% Polyester
Lenght: 60cm.

In the past, crepe fabric was worn by ladies, but currently, this practice has largely gone out of fashion. Crepe is now worn by men and women. Other cultures around the world use different types of crepe fabric for clothing, and in some cases, traditional crepe fabric is still used that has been woven the same way for thousands of years.

Nowadays, crepe is most commonly used in high fashion and other types of decorative apparel design. Crepe fabric has long since lost its immediate association with mourning attire, which has allowed the use of this textile to expand outside of its traditional uses. Often mixed with other fabric types and weaves, crepe has a unique light, textured profile that makes it highly useful in flowing, airy garments.

Polyester crepe may be more long lasting in some ways, but remember that most polyester fabrics are highly flammable while many natural fibers, especially wool, are flame-resistant. Crepe garments made from silk and wool are also far more likely to be comfortable, Note that it’s even possible to make crepe from luxurious Alpaca wool and other ultra-soft wool varieties.

Vintage Crepe Fabric in Lagos Nigeria

Shop the best vintage crepe fabrics in lagos Nigeria. Buyandslay is the best place to buy vintage plain and floral crepe fabrics in lagos Nigeria.

Vintage Crepe fabric is made from silk or wool cloth which threads are strongly twisted in opposite directions or specifically interlaced. Created of different fibres, it is commonly known for crispy texture and outstanding durability. Crepe weave is applied for a large group of textiles used for various clothing.

Vintage Silk crepe fabric is a popular option for beach wears or bridal dresses, comfy summer skirts, scarves and shawls, whereas its wool versions are stretchy or double faced which make stylish heavier suits and coats.

Buy Plain Crepe Material in Lagos Nigeria

If you are looking for plain crepe material in Nigeria. Click the whatsapp link provided to chat with us. our prices ranges from NGN 1500-2000 per yard. For all your vintage outfits, 2piece clothing, corporate and casual wears, buyandslay plain crepe is durable enough for your clothing. Call us or Whatsapp 07026688108.

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