Sequins Fabric is a woven fabric treated with a chemical coating to prevent the sequins from falling off. This finish allows for easy washing, as well as for glitter to be brushed out after dry cleaning. This fabric can be used for apparel and costumes, decorative home furnishings and upholstery.

Sequins Fabric is a lightweight, semi-sheer, soft fabric that features sequins all over. Perfect for holiday crafting, children’s clothing and home decor, these tiny stars can be sewn or glued onto many different fabrics.

Sequins cotton fabric is made up of small round sequins on the fabric. The quality of sequin is the same as that of the gold and silver threads used in embroidery and other needlework. In contrast to these threads, the sequins give a better sheen and sparkle.

This stretch sequin fabric is ideal for dance and other clothing items. It features a beautiful, shimmering surface with a soft, smooth feel. Fabric with sequins is a popular and spectacular fabric. It’s a great addition to your clothing, home decor, and apparel.

Sequins Fabric is a lightweight, soft and versatile fabric. Its fine-grain texture contains tiny sequins that catch light and create depth in your garments, home furnishings and accessories. Perfect for dresses, tops, skirts and more!

Sequins Fabric is the perfect product for creating unique sewing projects. The fabric is durable, with a smooth finish and interlocking, sturdy fabric that allows for easy sewing. The sequins themselves are lightweight and won’t fall off easily.

Our sequins fabric features a vibrant, shiny appearance and can be used for any apparel or decorative project. With a glittering shine, this fabric has an opaque white state and a highly reflective surface that creates an eye-catching effect when placed on light or dark colored garments, such as shirts and blouses. Made from 100 percent polyester fibers, this fabric is resistant to tears, pilling and stretching while retaining its shape through washings. This fabric is easy to work with and ideal for beginners, though it may not be suitable for children’s products due to the small size of the beads

Soft and comfortable to wear, our sequins fabric is perfect for making unique dresses, shirts, jackets and even coats Sequins fabric adds a shine and sparkle to any craft project. This thin, glittery plastic is perfect for use in collages and other projects that require a light coating of sparkle.

Sequins Fabric is made to coordinate with your wedding dress or special event dress. Sequins are hand set into the fabric in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sequins fabrics are typically used for evening wear such as gowns, prom dresses, party outfits, and wedding dresses.

Best Sequins Fabric in Nigeria

Sequins Fabric is a very popular fabric choice, not just for fashion designers and clothing manufacturers, but for interior designers as well. The fabric has a glistening effect wherever it is used, which makes it great for window dressing and upholstery. When combined with other fabrics such as satin or tulle, sequins rapidly make any surface appear more glamorous and festive!

Our sequins fabric is made of our premium synthetic fiber. The vibrant colors, outstanding durability and versatility makes this the perfect fabric for all your garment-making needs. Available in a wide range of colors so you can choose the one that best represents you.

This fabric is not only beautiful and sparkly, but is thick and durable, making it perfect for your next craft project. This fabric also features a non-stretch plain woven base that provides the necessary foundation for sequin application, giving you the opportunity to create detailed surfaces using a variety of techniques

This fabric is perfect for costumes, prom dresses and clothing. The sequins are arranged in a parallel fashion so that they can be sewn to a garment without any difficulty.

It is available in many different colors and textures, for example, if you want your clothes to be shiny and have small glittering pieces on them then you can choose a sequin fabric that has these characteristics. The main purpose of this type of fabric is to make things more fancy so it can be used to make clothes or even bags that will catch everyone’s attention.

Our sequins fabric is made through a unique, patented process that yields a lightweight, highly durable fabric ideal for clothing and home decor. Available in an array of patterns and colors, our sequins fabric is perfect for any project.

Perfect for a variety of projects and occasions, these sequin fabrics are the perfect embellishment for your latest DIY mani. Add them to clothing, accessories, and more to create an eye-catching look. From pendants to bedazzle your wedding gowns, or just add them to some plain seamless underwear as a touch of glitter and shine.

This fabric is made with sequins to create a dazzling effect. Ideal for a variety of projects, including home decor and apparel. This fabric is perfect for any project where you want to add a little something more. The sequins are attached to the fabric by hand, so each one is unique and will vary slightly.

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