Cashmere Fabric in Lagos

It is possible to purchase fabric materials such as cashmere in a variety of stores in Nigeria, but the only difficulty is in locating the one that has premium cashmere fabrics. From the various classifications of cashmere and senator materials displayed here varies in price accordingly.

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Nigerian Materials for Sale

Nigerian Material for Sale There are lots of lovely Fabrics you can get in in Nigeria. Everyone likes to get fabrics at affordable prices. On buyandslay, we have fabrics you can get as low as NGN500 per yard. Clink on the links below to see the available fabrics in our collection. 1. Cashmere Fabric: this

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Red Satin Fabric Wholesale

Red Satin Fabric Wholesale The red satin fabric is one of the best satin fabrics you need for your bridal train, prewedding outfit, baby shower and so son. Red satin fabric is a major fabric staple all the year round, mostly used in February, the valentine month. Red satin fabrics have been around for some

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Bridal satin fabric wholesale

Bridal Satin Fabric Wholesale

What is Bridal Satin Fabric ? Bridal satin fabric is a silky fabric that has been around for a long time. It’s one of the well known fabrics in the world. It’s called bridal because it fits into wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and also used in decorations. Quality of Bridal Satin Fabric The quality of

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White Bridal Satin Fabric

NGN 1500 (1 yard)  OR $3.87

Fabric:  Bridal Satin

Design: Plain

L: 60  CM
Colours: All Colours

Single and Bulk order

Whatsapp now on :+2347026688108 for inquiry

Email: buynslay@gmail.com

Delivery Within Nigeria: 3-5 Working days 

Shipping to other countries 1 -2weeks 

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Brocade Fabric in Nigeria

Price of Brocade Fabric in Nigeria Brocade fabric can be easily purchased via the Internet. Many online fabric shops offer a huge selection of cloths in a wide range of colors, patterns, and compositions. Brocade fabric price in Nigeria starts from NGN 1500 to NGN 7000 Per yard, while Prices are assigned from the quality

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Canvas Material in Lagos

Please click the link below to chat with the best Canvas fabric supplier in Lagos Nigeria. https://wa.me/2347026688108?text= What Is Canvas? Traditionally, canvas is made from cotton, with linen being an option. Durable, sturdy, and heavy duty are all characteristics of canvas fabric. Fabrics made from cotton and synthetics can be made water-resistant or even waterproof,

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Nigerian Fabric Store Near Me

Nigerian Fabric Store Near Me Buyandslay online fashion store is located in Lagos Nigeria. All you need to do is to : 1. Click on this link to chat on whatsapp https://wa.me/2347026688108?text= 2  Call our hotline: +2347026688108 for immediate response 3. Send an Email to buynslay@gmail.com or Info@buynslay.com Buyandslay Fabric Collection Buyandslay fabric store is

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