Where to Buy Silk in Lagos

A guide on how you can get any silk fabric of your choice in Nigeria.
Below are descriptions of all the silk fabrics available in the store.

Please Click  the link on each fabric to place an order. Delivery 2 to 3 working days in Lagos, 2 to 5 days outside Lagos, 7 to 14 days outside Nigeria.

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1. Charmeuse silk (Satin Silk)

This silk fabric has a smooth glossy surface and a fades back. Charmeuse silk is one of the popular silk fabrics in Nigeria.

What is Charmeuse Silk used for ?:

This fabric is used for bridal outfits, tops, skirts, gowns, underwear’s, gowns, suits and so on.

2.   Duchess Silk satin


Duchess silk Satin

3. Charmeuse silk (Satin Silk)

4. Silk Satin Fabrics


Indian Raw Silk Indian George with Net Blouse

Raw silk fabric is made from cocoon silk fiber. This fiber is coated with a protective silk gum.  This gives the fabric a layered feature because the silk gum is not removed.

Raw silk fabric is used in making the popular George fabrics Nigerians use for weddings. These fabrics are adorned with beads, embroidery and stones to make them attractive to buyers.

On buyandslay, we have lovely designs of raw silk for your weddings and other engagement.

Medium quality embroidered Nigerian Indian Raw Silk George Wrapper with blouse


Medium quality embroidered Nigerian Indian Raw Silk George Wrapper with Net Blouse


 Chiffon Silk Fabric

Chiffon silk fabric is a transparent Matt soft material used in making dresses, tops, skirts, palazzos, shirts, maxi dresses and so on.

On buyandslay we have chiffon fabrics in different colors. They come in plain and beautiful designs.

Plain Chiffon silk

Polka Dot Chiffon Silk


Silk gauze fabric
Silk Guaze fabric

This is a sheer silk fabric lighter than organza and chiffon. It is mostly used to line other fabrics. It can be handled easily. Below is our price for silk gauze fabric.

 Silk Organza Fabric

This is a light weight transparent fabric with a loose weave. Organza fabric has a strong texture and also durable. The fine yarns that make this fabric makes it see through. This fabric creases easily.

 Silk Taffeta Fabric

Taffeta is a plain weave silk fabric with a crisp texture . It has a fine  crosswise rib pattern and is reversible. It can be soft or stiff according to its make and has a rustle.

SIlk taffeta fabric is a plain or designed fabric with a crisp texture. Most taffeta fabrics are glossy and reversible. Taffeta fabric is stiff and light.

 Mulberry Silk Fabric

Mulberry silk fabric
Mulberry silk fabric

 Cotton Silk Fabric

Cotton silk fabric
Cotton silk fabric


1.Charmeuse silk (Satin Silk)

2  Silk Satin Fabrics

4. Heavily beaded Indian Raw silk George fabrics

5. High quality raw silk Indian George Wrapper with Net Blouse

3. Plain Chiffon silk

4 Polka Dot Chiffon Silk

5. Silk Gauze Fabric

6. Silk Organza Fabric

7.Silk Taffeta Fabric

8. Mulberry Silk Fabric

9. Cotton Silk Fabric

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