Price of Brocade Fabric in Nigeria

Brocade fabric can be easily purchased via the Internet. Many online fabric shops offer a huge selection of cloths in a wide range of colors, patterns, and compositions. Brocade fabric price in Nigeria starts from NGN 1500 to NGN 7000 Per yard, while Prices are assigned from the quality of the fabric.

Obtaining samples gives you the opportunity to sample the fabric, measure its thickness, and see the colors without them being distorted by the screen.

Our collection of brocade fabrics includes golden, silver, metallic, solid colors, as well as lamé and tweed brocades. Materials of this high quality are made in Europe 

Brocade Fabric Style

The brocade fabric is popularly used to make dress for special occasions and Brocade fabrics are a type of shuttle-woven fabric often made with metallic threads. Due to their decorative appearance, these fabrics are often found on evening gowns. Originally this fabric was made of silk, but today it can be found in various other fibers as well.

Regal fabrics like brocade are easily identifiable by their look. An additional weft produces the illusion of embossing or embroidery, but it does not actually emboss or embroider. It is not reversible because brocades have floating yarns on the backside. Although sequins and beads can also be added to such fabrics, the fabrics are opulent even without them.

Difference Between Brocade and Jacquard.

Jacquards and brocades are both produced on jacquard looms (or on a dobby loom with a jacquard head). Developed in the 19th century, the device allowed intricate patterns to be woven with minimal effort.

All brocades can be categorised as jacquards. However, it doesn’t work the other way around! Fabrics produced with jacquard looms are not always brocades, because they are capable of producing various other types of fabrics.

How Much is Brocade Fabric in Nigeria

Brocade fabric price on buyandslay is at the rate of NGN 1500 to NGN 8000 Per yard. Prices are assigned from the quality of the fabric.

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