7 Star Cashmere Fabric Price in Nigeria

When it comes to the price, the grade of cashmere fabric is important as well. Although low-grade cashmere is cheap, high-grade cashmere wool is very pricey. The finer the grade, the shorter the fibers when it comes to cashmere-wool.

7 Star Cashmere can remain beautiful and gorgeous for a long time without fading away.
If you are thinking about designing a decent traditional outfit for a wedding, church outfit or for work, 7 star cashmere will make for the perfect decision. 7 star Cashmere yarn is bound or woven into a selection of masses ideal for a wide range of garments.

Grade A cashmere wool is extremely expensive, and some kinds are more expensive than others. Once you touch grade A cashmere you will never wonder why it costs so much.

The prices are displayed on the table below;

High quality Cashmere- NGN 20000 per yard (7Star)

High quality Cashmere- NGN 22000 (8Star)

High quality Cashmere NGN 19000 Per yard ( 5 Star)

High quality Cashmere NGN 28000 Per yard ( 3 Star)

Medium Quality Wool fabric NGN 4000 Per yard

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