Which Colour to Wear on Which Day Astrology

Your style is as unique as your personality. And while we all have our own preferences when it comes to clothing, there are some days when we just can’t get out of bed without knowing what we’re going to wear. If you’re looking for a little help deciding whether you should wear green today or black and white, read on! We’ve compiled this list of the best colours for each day of the week, so you’ll never be caught off guard again. Today we’re talking about color. The way you dress, the way you style your hair, and the makeup on your face are all ways that you can express yourself and show the world how you want to be seen. But did you know that there are also colors that work better on certain days? Today we’re going to talk about which day is best for wearing certain colors!

Which Colour to Wear on Which Day Astrology

Color is an important part of our lives. We wear it, we paint our homes in it, and we decorate our walls with it. We even use colors to describe moods and feelings! But what about all those colors? The almost infinite variety that can be found in nature? How do they affect us on a daily basis? Are there certain colors that are better for certain days?

Well, today we’re going to answer all those questions and more. We’ll tell you which colors are best for each day of the week—and why! And we’ll also give you some hints on how to use them effectively in your own life so that your wardrobe can help you live out your highest potential every day of the week!

Today, we’ll be talking about the color purple.

Purple is a color that is often associated with royalty, so if you’re looking to make a statement in the office, this is your day to do it!

Hmm … what to wear? Deciding what to don each morning can be an arduous battle, even—or maybe especially—when your closets are busting at the seams. Relief is in sight: Jyotish, or Vedic astrology, offers a daily color theory for pacifying the planets that can be a helpful tool in the midst of a wardrobe crisis. Looking good while cultivating good fortune—what’s not to love?

Translated as the “science of light,” Jyotish is one of the six auxiliary disciplines used to support traditional Vedic rituals. Originating in India, Jyotish explains planetary patterns that occurred at the exact time and location of your birth, with the goal of giving individuals more information on how their life will unfold. The birth chart forecasts strengths and weaknesses, with the intention of supporting us to reach our maximum potential. And nothing is a done deal: No matter what your chart tells you, there are numerous rituals and traditions that can be implemented to placate debilitated planets.

According to Jyotish, each day of the week has a corresponding planet. While some day/planet pairings are rather obvious (for example, Sunday is ruled by the sun), other days require cracking the ancient texts. Here are the planets, colors, and gems that correspond with each day of the week. Getting dressed is about to become both auspicious and streamlined!


Ruler: Sun

Color: Red

Stone: Ruby, Red Spinel, Bloodstone

Qualities: In Jyotish, the sun is believed to be a reflection of the soul. Due to this soul connection, Sundays are the best day to dedicate to spiritual pursuits. Sun Salutations on a Sunday morning are a beautiful way to greet the day and honor the paternal sun. In Vedic culture, paying homage to the sun is considered a boon for health and a boost to positive energy.

What to Wear: Bring in more of the sun’s energy by wearing red on Sundays. Any and all garments count, whether you want to dress up like a firecracker, simply wear red socks, or get out your ruby slippers.


Ruler: Moon

Color: White

Stone: Pearl, Conch, Moonstone

Qualities: With her maternal pull, the moon fosters our emotional body. Mondays are best for honoring your yin, or feminine, energy. Opt to decrease stress and activity levels on Mondays to satisfy the moon. Since the moon is the planet of community and communication, “manic Mondays” are meant for connecting. Go out with friends and paint the town … white.

What to Wear: Moon-day fashion includes wearing white and digging out the old family pearls.


Ruler: Mars

Color: Red

Stone: Red Coral, Carnelian

Qualities: The fiery planet Mars gives us our zest and energy. Due to its feisty side, Mars is traditionally considered a malefic planet (having an unfavorable influence). Jyotish advises avoiding Tuesdays for travel, weddings, conception, or negotiations. But, because aggression is rampant on Mars days, this is a great time to pursue athletic endeavors and competitions. Mars is thought of as the engineer, so this is also a good day for mathematics or research. Honor and right intention are highly important themes to consider on Tuesdays.

What to Wear: Similar to Sundays, Tuesdays also require blazing reds. Red coral is recommended as the stone to appease Mars. If you tend to have a preponderance of pitta (fire) dosha in your constitution, a necklace made of red coral can help soothe it.


Ruler: Mercury

Color: Green

Stones: Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline, Peridot

Qualities: The cerebral planet Mercury is known for lightning-fast intellect, merriment, and childlike energy. This planet rules communication, education, and commerce. Wednesdays is a day to tend the mind and care for the self.

What to Wear: Mercury is represented by the color green, so wear something green on Wednesdays, be it a piece of jewelry with an emerald stone or your favorite pair of Chuck Taylors.


Ruler: Jupiter

Color: Yellow

Stone: Yellow Sapphire, Amber, Topaz, Citrine

Qualities: Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, rules Thursday. This is the planet of goodness and generosity; thus, acts of service and donating your time are considered auspicious on Thursdays. Like the Moon, Jupiter is a social planet, and Thursdays are best spent in the company of loved ones.

What to Wear: Hoping to bring about more abundance and luck in your life? Find something yellow to wear on Thursdays. I have an amber ring that I use as my default Jupiter day accessory.


Ruler: Venus

Color: Pinks, White, Light Purples

Stone: Diamond, White Sapphire

Qualities: Lovely Venus is the planet of the arts, so this is the best day to explore all aspects of the arts. Get creative and tap into your inner rock star. Pleasing Venus could look like making music, dancing, or drawing. Fridays are also perfect for romance, as Venus is a divinely feminine planet, deeply connected to love.

What to Wear: Similar to Mondays, Venus and the Moon are both represented by whites. Often, I will slip some pinks or light purples into my ensemble on Fridays.

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Ruler: Saturn

Color: Black, Dark Blue

Stones: Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst

Qualities: Heavy and languid Saturn rules Saturdays, which makes it a less-than-ideal day for material or social enterprises. Often thought to bring about losses and strife, this planet can be our greatest teacher. At the commencement of the week, Saturn invites you to reflect on purifying your mind and getting ready for a new cycle. This is a perfect day to retreat in nature and explore meditation. According to Jyotish, the mountains exude the positive aspects of Saturn energy, making Saturdays ideal for forest bathing and getting down and dirty with Mother Nature.

What to wear: Saturn is represented by dark colors, namely black and dark blue. Get out the metropolitan garb, as Saturn is certainly a planet to keep on your good side

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Which Colour to Wear on Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is a religious holiday that is celebrated in India. It marks the transition from the sun’s southernmost position to its northernmost, and is considered a time of great celebration.

The color of makar sankranti is red, which symbolizes fruitfulness, prosperity and good fortune. Because of this association with good luck, it’s common for people to wear red clothes on this day.

Makar Sankranti is a festival that marks the transition from winter to spring. It’s celebrated in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, but you might be surprised to learn that it’s also celebrated in countries as far away as Nigeria and Ghana!

The festival takes place on January 14 or 15th each year, depending on where you live in the world. It’s a day when people dress in yellow or orange clothing to celebrate the coming of warmer weather. But why is makar sankranti called “makar”? And what does it have to do with colors?

Makar is a Sanskrit word that means “fish.” The fishy connection has nothing to do with the festival itself—it comes from an ancient myth about why people celebrate this time of year. According to legend, long ago a king named Vikramaditya was traveling over the mountains in his kingdom when he saw a flock of birds flying overhead. He sent some men out to find out what had happened; they returned with news that a large group of fish had fallen from the sky! The king was so pleased by this sign that he declared it would be celebrated as Makar Sankranti for all time.

Makar Sankranti is around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll wear.

The colors associated with Makar Sankranti are red, white, yellow and green. Red symbolizes the sun, white symbolizes purity and peace, yellow represents light and knowledge, while green stands for nature and fertility. These colors are associated with different parts of life: red is associated with love and passion; white is linked to purity and peace; yellow is linked to intelligence; while green is linked to fertility.

This year, we’re celebrating Makar Sankranti with a new blog series about the colors you might want to wear on the special occasion.

We’ve got our eye on you, orange! We know you’re a powerful color that evokes both warmth and energy. But can you pull off the traditional yellow? Or are you more of an aqua kind of gal?

We’ll be talking all about how to use color to your advantage in this series—so stay tuned!

Makar Sankranti is a festival that celebrates the sun’s transition from one season to the next. It has been celebrated for centuries in many regions of India, and it’s also celebrated in other parts of South Asia.

The festival is typically celebrated on January 14th or 15th, but if you’re planning on celebrating it this year, we have some advice for you!

Makar Sankranti is the most important festival of India. It is the harvest festival that marks the end of winter and beginning of spring. People wear new clothes, decorate their homes with flowers and lights, light up lamps and candles, and celebrate the arrival of spring.

Makar Sankranti also marks the transition from one season to another. The festival has a lot of significance attached to it as it is believed that on this day Lord Vishnu descends to earth in a form of Sun God and blesses his devotees with prosperity and abundance. The festival also marks the end of Lord Rama’s exile period after 14 years.

color black

One of the most important features of this festival is to wear the color black that is otherwise thought of as taboo to wear on auspicious occasions. Since Makar Sankranti marks the last day of the solstice, it is thought to be the coldest day of winter.

Why you should wear black on Makar Sankranti
A festival celebrated as per the solar calendar, Makar Sankranti, is widely celebrated across India. On this occasion, the shifting of the sun is determined which symbolizes the comeback of longer days and therefore this festival marks the end of winter. Several devotees offer prayers to the sun for a much better crop harvest and prosperity in fortune. One of the most important features of this festival is to wear the color black that is otherwise thought of as taboo to wear on auspicious occasions. Since Makar Sankranti marks the last day of the solstice, it is thought to be the coldest day of winter. Black as a color will lure heat in contrast to the other colors; therefore keeping you warm on a cold winter day. So, look your ethnic best this Makar Sankranti with some trending outfits curated below.
Draped in heritage

Saris are the most versatile outfit one can choose and black is the ultimate pick. Whether it is a kanjeevaram brocade saree or a chiffon one, sarees help make a statement like no other. On Sakranti, you can ace the x-ray floral look or abstract designs gorgeously in a saree that is hassle-free yet stylish through and through. Experiment with different blouses and drapes to find the right
Sari style pleated skirt
malaika arora
Fusion drapes are taking the fashion world by a tremendous storm. Fusion styles are not only easy to flaunt but sustainable enough to wear and carry for any occasion anytime and anywhere. Saree-style pleated skirt with a black turtleneck crop top blouse and a long beige jacket-style shrug. Pixel and geometrical designs will channels major boho-chic vibes by adding a versatile look with a statement silver necklace and matching earrings.
Dhoti style fusion
Dhoti style saree fusion is currently in seasonal trend, as it gives you a natural look with effortless handling of the attire. It is easy to drape. you can add glitter to your fashion statement with a sequin blouse and perfect golden belt.
Kurta with a twist
The outfit features a long front slit jacket with a Chinese collar and loose fit trousers to go with it that is beautifully embroidered with traditional motifs. Add a hint of colour with an emerald earrings and an emerald ring to spice up the statement to your attire.
Sharara suit up
Sharara suit featured with delicate gotta-patti work has been on top list for festive outfits lately. It can be simply paired with flared sharara pants. To enhance your look add on big jhumka earrings and keep the rest of the look minimal.
Sari is the ideal ageless Indian ethnic clothing and has been worn by Indian women for centuries. This outfit has not only lasted the test of time, but it has also become one of the most stylish in recent years. Because saris are such versatile clothing, they have always been open to new ideas and modern influences, resulting in the creation of trendy and stylish fashion designer saris that are appropriate for both traditional and formal occasions and celebrations. These saris make a stylish fashion statement. A woman dressed in a beautiful sari appears to be divine and of a separate style. A sari’s charm is what makes it so attractive and eye-catching.
But it becomes extensively troubling to wear a sari during the winter season, yet some women adore the sari so much that they refuse to give it up. If you are a sari-loving lady, we have some fantastic suggestions and ideas that will help you rapidly enhance your sari appearances with simplicity. This winter season style your saris like a diva using these simple and easy tips without feeling cold or nervous.

Style your sari with a long overcoat
Pair up a lengthy overcoat in an evergreen shade, such as black, off white, brown, or the colour that best fits your sari for producing a beautiful and fashionable impression. The reason for this is that both the sari and the overcoat create the illusion of length, making you appear taller rather than obese. So, drape your sari, pin it up, and finish it off with an attractive topcoat. To add more elegance to your outfit, you can also use a belt to cinch in your waist or add a simple brooch to go with it.

Opt for T-shirts over blouse
Another great way to escape the winter blues while wearing a sari is to go for a more casual look by replacing the blouse with a full-sleeved T-shirt. Drape your sari, do the plates, then put on your thermals and a solid t-shirt that complements your sari. Finally, make large plates on the pallu and add a traditional Kamar-band or a fashionable belt to instantly enhance your appearance.
Drape a sari with an Anarkali kurta
You can pair your sari with a solid neutral Anarkali kurta, which may appear to be an unusual combo. Wear your kurta over the layers when you’ve finished draping and plating your sari, then loosely suspend the pallu and take it over the shoulder. This would look incredibly stylish and distinctive, and you would undoubtedly attract a lot of attention. If you want to take this style to the next level, add oxidised jewellery and an artistically wrapped scarf around your head. Anarkalis with a front open can also be worn over a sari for a unique aesthetic.

Style your sari with an ethnic, denim or leather jacket or blazer
Wear your sari with ethnic jackets of your choice. If you’re cold, just drape your sari normally and wear a skin-coloured thermal underneath. Then, before putting your pallu put on your ethnic jacket and plate the palla, taking it from over the chest to the shoulder and pinning it to the jacket. To amp up your style, button up the jacket and add some stylish jewellery. Surely this outfit will keep you warm and comfy while also making you seem stylish. Also, for a casual supper or lunch with friends, wear your sari with a denim jacket, and for a more edgy vibe, you can add a leather jacket to your ensemble.

Style it all with a high neck blouse
This approach, however, would only work in mild winters or if you aren’t too cold. The idea is to get a high-neck blouse made and instruct the tailor to leave at least an inch of space underneath it so you can wear a lightweight thermal or skin-tight sweater and voilà! You’ll be ready to go in the cold and turn heads with your exceptional fashion sense. With your sari, you can also wear a beautiful pashmina shawl or a silk dupatta as a second pallu. You can also wear a cape to complete your ensemble. Shawls and silk dupattas are traditional ways to dress up a sari in the winter.
With inputs from Nidhi Yadav Co-Founder of Aks Clothings.
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