It’s that season again! The holidays are upon us, and with them comes the annual onslaught of parties and social events. Whether you’re looking for the perfect dress for a holiday party or want to know what to wear to your cousin’s wedding in January, we’ve got you covered. This time of year is especially stressful for those of us who have to wear suits or dresses to work every day. It can be hard to find something that’s appropriate but also comfortable enough for a long day at the office. We’ve decided to make it easier on you by putting together a list of our favorite picks for this season’s most popular events:

What to Wear to an Afternoon Winter Wedding

You’re invited to an afternoon winter wedding!

It’s the time of year when you’re wondering what to wear. You want to look nice, but you also want to stay warm. We’ve got your back with our guide on what to wear to an afternoon winter wedding.

We’ll cover everything from your dress to your shoes, and even down to your accessories. We have plenty of options for all body types and styles, so no matter who you are or what you’re into, there’s something here for you.

If you’re planning to attend an afternoon winter wedding this holiday season, you’re probably wondering what to wear.

You’ve got a few options here:

  • A long skirt in a deep red or green (or black) paired with a simple white blouse. This is an elegant look that doesn’t overwhelm the groom’s family, but still looks nice enough on its own. The skirt should fall just above your knees, and the blouse should be plain and fitted. Add some simple jewelry—perhaps a pair of dangly earrings or a necklace with a pendant—and your outfit is complete.
  • A long wool coat in one of the wedding colors (red or green) with bare legs and shoes that match your purse or handbag. You can also wear boots if it’s cold out! This outfit is perfect for people who want to dress up without feeling too fancy because they won’t have any accessories to worry about aside from their purse/handbag if they need something else besides that on their person at any given time (like keys).
  • A dressy outfit with pants underneath it instead of leggings/tights underneath so that your legs don’t show through when you sit down at

Weddings are a time to celebrate love, family, and friendship. They’re also a time to get dressed up in your favorite outfit (or maybe even a brand new one!) and feel fabulous. But it can be hard to know what’s appropriate for the setting of the wedding itself. What should you wear for an afternoon winter wedding?

We’ve got your answer! Here are some tips on what to wear for an afternoon winter wedding so that you look great and stay warm throughout the ceremony.

While you might want to wear a slinky mini dress or an off-the-shoulder gown, consider how the weather might affect your fashion choices. A cozy wrap or shawl can easily winterize a look while keeping you warm, so consider investing in a coverup for all of your winter events

Not sure what to wear to a winter wedding? These weather-appropriate picks are seasonal and stylish.
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With so many seasonal dresses in stores and online, it can be overwhelming to choose what to wear to a winter wedding. As the temperature cools down, it’s important to look for an outfit that’s both stylish and weather-appropriate. Given the time of year, winter wedding guest attire often includes dark hues, rich fabrics and longer sleeves. But there are other things to consider when choosing a winter wedding guest dress, like the formality of the affair, your budget and your taste. No matter your personal style or that of the wedding—from black tie to dressy casual —we’ve taken the guesswork out of deciding what to wear to a winter wedding. Here, we’ve rounded up the best winter wedding guest dresses on the market, as well as our top tips for narrowing down your outfit search.

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding
Before you start shopping, it’s important to know the etiquette behind what to wear to a winter wedding. Winter wedding outfits should be fit for the occasion—the weather and the dress code of the event should both help dictate what you wear. An upscale evening winter wedding will require a formal outfit, while a casual look is acceptable for a less formal daytime event.

When browsing winter wedding guest dresses, don’t forget to shop practically. While you might want to wear a slinky mini dress or an off-the-shoulder gown, consider how the weather might affect your fashion choices. A cozy wrap or shawl can easily winterize a look while keeping you warm, so consider investing in a coverup for all of your winter events. Fabric and color are also two important components of your winter wedding guest outfit. Deep jewel tones and rich fabrics like velvet and satin are great choices for weddings in cooler months. And when it comes to length, more fabric may help you stay warm, but don’t count out sleeveless outfits altogether. If you love to spend time on the dance floor or mingling with other guests, you might be more comfortable in a short-sleeve or sleeveless option.

To help you find a great winter wedding guest outfit, we’ve rounded up our favorite styles on the market. Keep reading to find our favorite winter wedding guest dresses, from formal gowns to casual frocks and trendy jumpsuits.

In this article:

Not sure what to wear to a wedding with this particular dress code? Below, find our favorite formal winter wedding guest dresses, which range in style, silhouette, length and color. The only thing you have to do is choose the winter wedding outfit that feels totally you. A budget-savvy idea for getting an upscale formal gown is renting one from Rent the Runway. Or, check out affordable retailers like ASOS, Lulus or Nordstrom. Browse the best formal winter wedding guest dresses, and snag yours right on the spot.

Lulus Maxi Dress
If you’re searching for a winter wedding guest dress that can be repurposed in your closet, look no further. This versatile maxi boasts a plunging neckline that meets a flattering banded waistline, which cascades into a loose A-line skirt with a sultry slit. We love this deep green hue for a winter wedding, but it comes in 13 other wedding-worthy shades too. Trust us, you’ll want to snag this stunner before it sells out.

It’s always important to dress appropriately as a wedding guest, and in many cases, it all comes down to being able to decipher the event’s dress code based on the invitation or whether it’s an daytime or evening reception. However, when you’re attending a winter wedding, you also have to contend with cold weather, snow, and ice. Given the season, you may have to tweak your usual wedding attire to include heavier fabrics, richer colors, and clothing styles that provide a little more coverage for added warmth.

Following General Dress CodesDownload Article
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Consider the dress code. Before deciding how the season will affect your clothing choices, you should make sure that you understand the wedding’s dress code. Consult the invitation, which will usually make it clear how guests are expected to dress. That way, you won’t dress too formally or casually for the event.[1]
If the invitation says “White Tie”, the wedding has an extremely formal dress code. Women should wear floor length evening gowns with long gloves, while men are expected to wear a tuxedo with long tails, a white vest, and a black bowtie.
If the invitation says “Black Tie”, women can wear a floor length evening gown or a dressy cocktail dress. Men should wear a traditional tux with a cummerbund and bow tie.
If the invitation says “Formal” or “Black Tie Optional,” women can wear a floor length dress, a formal cocktail style dress, or dressy separates. Men can wear a traditional tuxedo or a dark suit, white shirt, and tie.
If the invitation says “Dressy Casual” or “Semiformal,” women should wear a cocktail dress or a dressy skirt and top. Men should wear a suit.
If the invitation says “Festive Attire,” you can have a little more fun with your outfit. Women can wear a cocktail dress in a bold color and pair it with fun accessories, such as a cute hat. Men should wear a suit, but pair it with a fun tie in a bold color or pattern.
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Follow a deep, rich color palette. While you can certainly wear any color that you like no matter what the season, a winter wedding is the perfect opportunity to wear rich, dark colors that fit the season. Black and navy appropriate for winter weddings, but so are jewel tones, such as sapphire, ruby, garnet, emerald, citrine, or amethyst. [2]
Metallic tones such as gold, silver, and bronze, also work well for winter weddings.
Pro tip from wedding planner, Karen Brown: “If you’re attending a winter wedding, dress in warm colors like burgundy, brown, purple, gray, and green.”
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Choose textured fabrics. While lightweight fabrics such as chiffon and linen are ideal for spring and summer, they’re not the best option for winter weddings. Instead, opt for weighty, textured fabrics that will not only keep you warm but add visual interest to your outfit too.[3]
Fabrics such as velvet, brocade, cashmere, and wool are all good options for a winter wedding.

Choosing an Outfit for a WomanDownload Article
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Opt for a longer skirt or dress. Even if the dress code for the wedding doesn’t call for extremely formal wear, you may want to opt for a longer dress or skirt to help stay warm. That doesn’t mean you have to choose a floor length option, though – a midi dress or skirt, which usually hits at mid-calf, can be a stylish option.[4]
Tea length dresses and skirts, which are usually slightly longer than midi styles but not floor length, are also a good option for winter weddings.
If you’re not sure about wearing a midi or tea length dress or skirt, consider wearing a high-low style. They’re usually longer in the back and shorter in the front, so you’ll get some added warmth while not committing to a longer length all the way around.
Image titled Dress As a Winter Wedding Guest Step 5
Pair tights with a shorter dress. If you want to wear a shorter dress that ends at the knees or above, your legs may be a little cold at the ceremony and reception. That doesn’t mean you have to ditch the dress — just swap your bare legs or sheer hosiery for a pair of opaque tights that will help keep you a little warmer.[5]
Err on the side of caution by choosing tights in a neutral color such as black or gray. Wearing a color that coordinates with your dress can sometimes like a little too costume-y.
Depending on what type of dress or skirt that you’re wearing, you may want to opt for a textured pair of tights. For example, you can complement a simple sheath dress with a pair of tights with a lacy texture. If you’re wearing a dress with a bold pattern or texture, it’s best to wear smooth tights.
Image titled Dress As a Winter Wedding Guest Step 6
Consider wearing pants. It may not seem traditional, but pants can actually be an elegant option for a winter wedding. Just opt for a tailored pair that have an elegant look, and pair them with a statement top.[6]
For a winter wedding, pants in a dark color, such as black, are an ideal option. However, you can also go for a sophisticated, stylish look by choosing a pair in winter white or cream.
If you’re wearing pants to a winter wedding, wear them with a bold sequin top or elegant satin blouse to ensure that you look dressy enough.
In addition to pants, you can wear an elegant tailored jumpsuit to a winter wedding.
Image titled Dress As a Winter Wedding Guest Step 7
Add a blazer over a short sleeve dress. If you have an ideal dress to wear to a winter wedding but you’re worried that you’ll be cold in its short sleeves, layer a blazer over it. A sophisticated velvet or brocade blazer can keep you warm and add style to your look.[7]
If you’re wearing a simple, solid colored dress, consider pairing it with a blazer in floral pattern that features rich jewel tones to give your outfit some more flair.
Image titled Dress As a Winter Wedding Guest Step 8
Choose stable shoes. At a winter wedding, you may have to deal with icy sidewalks or snowy parking lots — which can be difficult to navigate in stiletto heels. Instead of skyscraper pumps, opt for shoes that are easier to walk in, such as velvet wedges or peep toe kitten heels.[8]
Ballet flats that are embellished with rhinestones or covered in satin are also a good option for winter weddings.
If you’re concerned about your feet being cold, pair your dress, skirt, or tailored pants with stylish ankle boots for added warmth.
Selecting Clothing for a ManDownload Article
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Opt for a wool suit. When in doubt, your best bet for a winter wedding is a classic trim-fit wool suit. You’ll be warmer than if you wear a basic cotton suit and have a more stylish look in a slim-fitting option. Add a tie for a more dressed up look, or pair it with a simple button-down for a more casual wedding.[9]
A cashmere suit is another option for a winter wedding. The fabric will keep your warm, and has a slight sheen that might make it too much for the office but will look appropriate at a special event such as a wedding.
Image titled Dress As a Winter Wedding Guest Step 10
Dress in layers. If you’re worried about being cold at the ceremony and/or reception, dressing in layers can help keep your warm. You can wear a zip-up sweater over your shirt and tie but under jacket to ward off the chill. Choosing a zippered style makes it easier to remove if you get too warm.[10]
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Incorporate patterns. At a winter wedding, you can add flair to your look by incorporating patterns. You might wear a striped shirt with a solid suit or add a elegant plaid pocket square to the pocket of a solid jacket. Wearing a patterned tie can also help spice up your outfit.[11]
You can mix patterns, but be careful to keep your outfit from looking too busy. For example, if you’re wearing a striped shirt, you might pair it with a suit with a subtle herringbone pattern but not a noticeable plaid pattern.
Image titled Dress As a Winter Wedding Guest Step 12
Choose dress boots instead of shoes. Dress shoes can work well for a winter wedding, but your feet may get cold. Instead, consider swapping your usual dress shoes for a pair of dress boots. They’ll keep your feet warmer without taking anything away from your finished look. [12]
For example, you can find wingtip boots. They’ll look just like dress shoes with your suit or pants, but they’ll provide extra warmth.

What to Wear to an all Day Wedding

We’ve all been there—you’re going to an all-day wedding, and you’re not sure what to wear. You don’t want to be too casual, but you also don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. It’s a delicate balance!

To help you find the sweet spot between looking good and feeling comfortable, we’ve put together this guide for what to wear to an all-day wedding.

If you’re planning to attend an all-day wedding, you might be wondering what to wear. It can be hard to know what is appropriate, particularly when it comes to formal attire. In this guide, we’ll help you understand how to dress for an all-day wedding based on the time of day and the event itself.

Weddings are one of the most special days in a person’s life. From the moment you say “I do,” it’s your day, and you’re entitled to make it as memorable as possible. One way to do that is by choosing your wedding attire carefully.

The dress code for an all-day wedding tends to be dressy, but not too formal. You want to look elegant and sophisticated—not like you just stepped off a runway! Here are some tips on what to wear:

For the daytime wedding, think dressy or semi-formal attire. This is the time to wear a nice colorful dress or suit. Wear pumps or dressy flats. If this is for a summer or late spring wedding, you may wear nice sandals but never flip flops, unless it’s an ultra-casual beach wedding.

Daytime Wedding Dress For Guests
After the excitement of receiving a wedding invitation, all kinds of wedding etiquette questions may pop into your mind, with one of them being what to wear. There are several factors to consider, including whether it’s a daytime wedding or held in the evening.

First of all, you need to keep in mind what time of day the wedding will be held. Typically, an evening wedding is more formal, while a daytime wedding is semi-formal or casual.

Whether you’re going to a morning or afternoon wedding, you’ll want to look your best without being over or under-dressed. you’ll want to wear something between formal and casual. The key to knowing where in that range your attire should fall depends on a number of things.

Factors to Consider
Some of the things you need to consider are location, style and attitude of the couple, and preference if it is stated on the invitation. Unfortunately, that’s not always clear.

You want to look your best (without outshining the bride(s) and/or groom(s), of course), so you need to spend some time choosing the right outfit. In general, if you are attending a church wedding, there is an assumed dress code to the church service versus a destination wedding on the beach in Bermuda. At either wedding, these tips will be helpful when you are deciding what to wear.

If you’re unsure of how to dress based on the information in the wedding invitation, it’s okay to ask the bride(s), groom(s), or someone else in the bridal party. They’ll appreciate the fact that you care enough to bring it up.

Feminine Daytime Wedding Attire
For the daytime wedding, think dressy or semi-formal attire. This is the time to wear a nice colorful dress or suit. Wear pumps or dressy flats. If this is for a summer or late spring wedding, you may wear nice sandals but never flip flops, unless it’s an ultra-casual beach wedding. If the wedding is outdoors, don’t forget to bring a shawl, sweater, jacket, or wrap to keep your shoulders warm.

Masculine Daytime Wedding Attire
A daytime wedding means you may wear your suit with a bright tie and perhaps a color-coordinated shirt that matches or complements your jacket. If the wedding is less dressy or on the beach, a nice pair of trousers and sport coat are fine, unless the invitation states otherwise. Put your best foot forward, figuratively and literally. Psst, don’t forget the shoes. Make sure you wear dress shoes that are polished and shined.

More Tips on Wedding Attire
When you are dressing for daytime weddings, remember these tips:

Only the bride wears white. The wedding day is considered the bride’s time to shine, although many people now ignore many of the old-school etiquette rules. However, since you should never take the attention from the bride, it’s still a good rule to follow. Even if your favorite, most flattering dress is white or off-white, save it for another time. You never want anyone to question who is getting married, so pick another color. There is bound to be something else you can wear to show off your gorgeous hair or skin tone. However, some couples are now choosing a monochromatic wedding and requesting that all of the guests wear white. If that’s the case, go along with the bride and groom’s wishes.
Complete the look. Go ahead and accessorize to your heart’s content, but don’t make the mistake of wearing anything that is blinding (rhinestones that sparkle so much that people mistake you for a disco ball), view blocking (humongous floppy hat with a gigantic gardenia on the rim), or noisy wrist-to-elbow stacked bangles that cling and clang with every movement. Unless this is a summer wedding, please wear skin-toned hose.
Have a happy face. Like Little Orphan Annie has always said, you’re never fully dressed without a smile. Attend the wedding with a positive attitude and be prepared to have a great time. Even if you don’t approve of the wedding, you can at least be nice for the duration of the ceremony and reception. This is a celebration, not a time to express your negative thoughts or create drama.
Leave the monster-sized handbag at home. Many women carry all of their essentials everywhere they go. However, you don’t want to take up extra seating in the venue, so opt for a smaller handbag that doesn’t take up so much space. If you feel as though you really need your “stuff,” drop a clutch with your essentials into a tote. When you get to the venue, carry the clutch and leave the tote in your locked car.

What to Wear to an Afternoon Winter Wedding Male

The best outfit for an afternoon winter wedding is a suit. Whether you’re the groom or a groomsman, you should wear a suit.

If you’re the groom, you can go with a traditional black tuxedo or you can opt for something more unique and fun. A gray tuxedo will be more appropriate for an afternoon wedding in the winter than a white one would be, but if you want to stand out, go for it! If you want to wear something even more stylized and fun, look up some examples of men’s fashion from the 1920s through 1960s—they were known for their love of color, so don’t be afraid to let your own personal style shine through.

If you’re a groomsman or another member of the wedding party who isn’t wearing a suit (like the best man), it’s still important that your outfit matches that day’s theme. You can wear either dark gray trousers or black trousers with a dark gray jacket (or other neutral color). The collar of your shirt should match the color of your tie (if there is one) and not stand out too much from it; if there’s no tie, then choose something subtle and tasteful like white or light blue.

When you’re going to an afternoon wedding, it can be hard to know what to wear. You want to look your best, but you also don’t want to overdress. The solution? A suit in a dark color that’s not black.

This is the perfect occasion for a light gray or charcoal-colored suit—it’ll keep you warm while still looking sharp and professional. If you’re feeling extra fancy, try pairing your suit with a tie (and maybe even a pocket square!) in a complementary color like burgundy or dark blue.

If you’re attending a wedding in the afternoon and it’s going to be cold outside, you’ll want to dress appropriately.

A good rule of thumb is to keep things simple and warm.

If you’re a guy, you can wear a button-down shirt and slacks if the ceremony is inside, or a suit if it’s outside. If the ceremony is inside, but there will be an outdoor reception afterwards, you can wear a sweater or jacket over your button-down shirt.

If it’s an outdoor ceremony followed by an indoor reception, try wearing an outer layer that’s waterproof. This will help protect against rain (or snow!) during the outdoor ceremony and save you from having to change into something dry for the reception.

For either scenario, make sure your pants aren’t too long! If they drag on the ground or get wet from snow or rain, it can ruin them—and potentially ruin other people’s shoes too!

Want to look your best at a winter wedding? Here’s what you need to know.

Suits are always a good choice for an afternoon wedding, but if it’s snowy or icy out, you may want to consider a tuxedo instead of a suit jacket. This will keep you warmer and more comfortable throughout the ceremony.

A tie is always appropriate for an afternoon wedding, but when it comes to color, you should go with something earthy—browns or greens are best. Avoid bright colors like reds and blues, which tend to stand out in photos and make the groom look less dapper than he deserves! (And no ties with polka dots on them!)

Black dress shoes are fine for an afternoon wedding—they’ll match whatever color your suit is made of (as long as it’s not too bright). Brown shoes may be too much of an attention-grabber in photos; they’re better suited for evening events!

For an afternoon winter wedding, a man should wear a suit and tie.

The suit should be black or dark gray, with a white shirt and black tie.

It is acceptable to wear dress shoes or boots, but it is not recommended that you wear sneakers or sandals.

When you’re invited to an afternoon winter wedding, it’s important to know what to wear.

This is especially true if you’re not sure whether the ceremony will be indoors or outdoors. If it’s indoors, a suit and tie are appropriate; if it’s outdoors, dress for the weather by wearing a coat and boots.

If you’re attending an afternoon winter wedding, the first thing to consider is your attire. A winter wedding can be a great excuse to wear something dressier than you would typically wear for an afternoon affair, but it’s important to still make sure that your outfit is appropriate for the occasion.

For men, we recommend sticking with dark colors and avoiding patterns when possible. The goal is to look classic and masculine, so stick with solid black or navy blue suits that aren’t too formal but aren’t too casual either (think more casual than a blazer but not as relaxed as a cardigan). Make sure that your tie matches your suit! Add a pocket square for some extra flair.

When it comes to shirts, stick with white or light blue shirts that are not too bright of an hue (avoid pinks or purples). You can also try wearing a button-down shirt instead of a t-shirt if you really want some patterning in your outfit without being over-the-top about it. Dark jeans are another good option here—they’ll keep things looking classy without being too formal since they’re not dress slacks or anything like that!

In the winter, it’s tough to know how to dress. You don’t want to wear your heavy winter coat and scarf, but you don’t want to look under-dressed either. If you’re attending an afternoon wedding in the winter season, here are some tips for what to wear:

1) Wear a suit that’s not too light. Nothing screams “I’m trying too hard” like wearing a bright red suit when everyone else is in dark colors.

2) Make sure the suit fits well! This goes without saying, but it’s worth mentioning because there are so many men out there who think they can get away with wearing a baggier suit. Not only does this make them look sloppy, but it also makes them look smaller than they actually are.

3) Don’t go overboard with accessories like watches and jewelry—just stick with one or two pieces at most!

For an afternoon winter wedding, men can dress in a suit and tie. A dress shirt with a tie and matching suit pants is a classic look that will work well at any event. If you choose to wear your suit jacket, make sure it has lapels that are wide enough to be seen by the wedding party members. Men can also wear a vest over their shirt if they want to add some flair to their outfit.

If you’re headed to an afternoon winter wedding, you’ll want to dress in layers.

The first layer should be a good pair of trousers and a nice shirt that can be easily removed when the time comes. You might also consider a vest or blazer if you think it will be cold enough for it.

The second layer should be a jacket—either a sport coat or a peacoat will do.

The final layer is more optional: you can go with a scarf, necktie, or even just a nice hat if you want. But don’t forget your gloves!

We know you’re going to look great, but when it’s time to dress for an afternoon winter wedding, there are some tips and tricks you should follow.

Wear a black suit. Black is the best option because it won’t clash with the bride’s white or ivory dress.

If you want to be bold, try a black tie or bow tie instead of a white one.

Make sure your jacket has plenty of pockets—they’ll come in handy if you need to keep your hands warm or store something during the ceremony.

Consider wearing suspenders instead of belt loops if you want to add some color or pattern to your outfit.

For a winter wedding, you don’t want to wear a black suit. Instead, opt for a gray or navy blue suit. This will keep you warm and not look too dark in the cold weather.

You can also add some color with your tie. Try something like burgundy or gold, which will add a touch of warmth to your outfit.

You can also add some color with your pocket square or tie bar. Try something like burgundy or gold, which will add a touch of warmth to your outfit.

You can also go for a more casual look by wearing khakis with brown leather shoes and a white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up above your elbows so it looks like you just rolled out of bed and put on clothes as quickly as possible (but still looked good doing it).

When it comes to the winter season, you might be thinking that you don’t have many options for what to wear—and maybe you’re right! If you’re looking for a stylish outfit that will keep you warm and still look great at a winter wedding, then this article is for you. Read on for some tips on what to wear to an afternoon winter wedding.

Dress for the weather: If it’s going to be cold outside and you’ll be outside for most of the day, make sure that your outfit isn’t too heavy or bulky. That means no wool coats or anything with lots of layers—they’ll only make you sweat more in the cold weather! Instead, try wearing something lightweight like a sweater or blazer over a collared shirt and khakis/jeans combo. Or if it’s going to be really cold outside, try wearing something long like a trench coat over jeans and boots!

There are many different types of weddings, and each one comes with its own set of rules. Some weddings require formalwear, while others are more casual. The bride will likely have a dress code in mind for her guests, but it’s always good to check.

If you’re planning on attending an afternoon winter wedding, here’s what you should wear:

Accessories are key: You can always add accessories no matter what kind of outfit you’re wearing—even if it’s warm enough not to need gloves or scarves (which should be reserved only for people who are actually going somewhere where it

The wedding is in a few hours, and you’re still not sure what to wear. You don’t want to be too formal, but you also want to look nice. The best bet would be to go with one of our [product name] suits. This suit has a hint of class without being too stuffy or boring, so you’ll stand out from the crowd without looking like you’re trying too hard. It’s available in a variety of colors, so whether you want something more traditional or something that’s on-trend right now, we’ve got the right suit for you!

Men’s Winter Wedding Attire

When the weather turns cold, it can be hard to know what to wear to an afternoon winter wedding. If you’re attending a formal event on a crisp day in December or January, you’ll want to stick with a suit that is both warm and stylish. Here are some tips for picking out the perfect outfit for your event:

1) Make sure the suit is made of wool or cashmere—these fabrics will keep you warm without making you sweat.

2) Choose a three-piece suit instead of a two-piece one; it’ll be more comfortable in the winter weather and will keep you looking sharp all day long.

3) Stick with classic colors like dark gray or navy blue; these will look great against any background (from snow-covered hillsides to candlelit banquet halls).

When you’re invited to an afternoon winter wedding, you might be wondering what to wear. You don’t want to show up overdressed, but you also don’t want to be underdressed. This can be a difficult balance to strike. The good news is that there are many options available for men who want to look great without breaking the bank or spending a lot of time getting ready.

Here are some suggestions for what to wear if you are attending an afternoon winter wedding:

1) A dark suit – A dark suit is always appropriate and will never go out of style. Choose a color that works well with your skin tone and hair color, such as charcoal gray or navy blue. If possible, try on different suits before deciding on one because they all fit differently depending on the brand and style (some are better suited for tall people than others). Also make sure that the jacket fits properly around your shoulders so it doesn’t look too tight or too loose when buttoned up; this is especially important if you plan on wearing it with no undershirt underneath!

The best thing to wear to an afternoon winter wedding is a suit.

You want something that will stand out, but not too much. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard.

A dark blue or black suit will do the trick. It’s classic and timeless, so you can wear it for years to come without looking dated.

The wedding season is upon us, and it’s time to get your wardrobe in line. Here are some tips for what to wear to an afternoon winter wedding.

If you’re invited to a daytime wedding, you’ll want to show up looking sharp and ready for the festivities. This is not the time for a suit, but you don’t want to go too casual either. A nice pair of slacks and a button-down shirt will do the trick. If it’s cold out, consider adding a scarf or vest (but don’t tuck your shirt into your pants—it’s not formal). And if there’s snow on the ground, consider wearing boots instead of dress shoes—you don’t want to slip on your way down the aisle!

A dark suit and tie are the best bet for the groom.

Something that looks great at night, but still feels appropriate for daytime. You want to look like a gentleman, not a party animal.

If your wedding is outside, you can go with a lighter color or patterned shirt instead of white.

A solid-colored tie is recommended for daytime weddings; if you’re going to do stripes, make sure they’re thin enough to not be overwhelming.

The key to looking good and staying comfortable when it’s cold is layering.

If you’re going to an afternoon winter wedding, the first thing you’ll want to consider is the temperature of the venue. If it’s a warm room, you can get away with just a light sweater and slacks. But if it’s an outdoor event, or if it’s cold inside, you’ll want to layer up a bit more.

When choosing your outfit, think about what kind of sweater you’d like to wear: V-neck or crew neck? Cardigan or pullover? Do you want a vest or jacket? For pants, think about whether you’d prefer khakis or dress pants. The idea here is to find pieces that are both warm and stylish so that you look put together but not overdressed for the occasion. You can always add accessories like scarves or hats for extra warmth if necessary!

The winter wedding season is upon us, and with it comes a whole new set of challenges for the stylish man.

What to wear to an afternoon winter wedding? It’s not as simple as it sounds. Here are some tips:

Don’t wear black. Black can be too formal for an afternoon event and will make you look like you’re attending a funeral rather than celebrating your friend or family member’s marriage.

Avoid white suits in general—they’re just too formal and can make you look like a waiter (no matter how well-fitted they are).

Leave the sunglasses at home if possible—if you’re indoors all day, your eyes will probably be sensitive to light anyway; take them off before you enter the venue so that no one mistakes you for a celebrity who showed up uninvited!

Stick with neutral colors—you want people to notice your tie or pocket square more than anything else! If your outfit is too busy, it won’t get noticed at all!

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