What to wear on your feet in the snow

Winter is here.

And you know what that means, right? It’s time to pull out the boots and sweaters, and it’s time to get ready for snow! If you’re anything like me, this means you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside over the next few months. And if you’re anything like me, this also means that your feet are going to be freezing cold all day long. So what are some ways we can keep our feet warm during winter weather?

Let’s talk about what to wear on your feet in the snow!

We all know that winter is coming. But if you live in a place where it snows, then you know that winter is already here. And when it comes to staying warm and looking cute, we’ve got you covered with these tips on what to wear on your feet in the snow.

What to wear on your feet in the snow

Whether you’re a snow-loving winter sports enthusiast or just trying to make it from point A to point B without getting frostbite, there are some basic rules for what to wear on your feet in the snow. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips and tricks for staying warm and comfortable in the coldest months of the year!

Winter is here, and you know what that means: snow. And more snow. And more than enough snow to make you want to put on some comfy slippers, grab a blanket, and just curl up with a good book for the rest of the winter.

But here’s the thing: if you’re going to be getting around in the snow, then your shoes are going to get wet. And if your shoes get wet, then pretty soon your feet get cold. And when your feet get cold, well… it’s not pretty!

So what can you do about it? Well for starters, we recommend wearing a pair of water-resistant boots! They’ll keep moisture away from your feet so they stay warm and dry all day long (or at least until you come inside).

Your feet will sweat even though it is cold outside, so you need to wear socks that will wick the sweat away from the skin. Don’t wear cotton socks or socks with cotton padding, as cotton soaks up the sweat and holds it. You want to choose wool, polypropylene, CoolMax, or other technical fabric walking socks.

5 tips to keep your feet warm during winter

5 tips to keep your feet warm during winter

Whether you face cold landscapes on your way to work or you love being outdoors during wintertime, cold temperatures can cause serious discomfort. There’s nothing worse than wearing a scarf, a hat, gloves and many layers of clothes and still feeling the cold creeping into your toes. So how do you keep your feet warm and protected during wintertime? Here are some handy tips. 

1. Pick the right socks

Let’s start with the basics: socks. Many people think that wearing layering or thick socks is the best solution for dealing with cold feet. But they actually create pressure on your feet and cut off blood circulation to your toes. So in order to keep your feet warm and dry, you need socks that are breathable, moisture-wicking and thin or medium-thick.


That being said, the material that your socks are made from is something to think about. Our advice? Don’t wear cotton socks. They might feel comfy, but they actually make your feet colder and cause frostbitten toes. They have little to none insulation value (especially when they get wet) and they absorb and hold moisture. So opt for woollen socks instead! Wool is one of the warmest materials that you can find and both repels and absorbs water. Bonus: they aren’t too bulky so they fit with almost any shoes.

Extra tip: always carry an extra pair of socks with you in case your feet get wet during a cold rainy day.

2. Wear appropriate boots 


Your shoes provide the outer layer of protection against moisture and play a huge role in how your feet maintain (or don’t maintain) warmth. This means you should wear breathable, waterproof boots that allow your feet perspiration to escape. So ditch the heels, fancy dress shoes or loose trainers and put on a good pair of warm winter boots with thick soles.

Also, make sure to check them regularly for little holes and/or tears to prevent water from getting in. Found a hole? Immediately repair it.

3. Wear warm innersoles

Did you know that you lose heat faster by simply standing on cold surfaces than having cold air around your feet? If your feet are still cold after you have tried the two suggestions we mentioned above, you may try woollen innersoles. Adding thicker or additional innersoles into your boots will not only add an additional layer between the shoes and your feet, but will also give you an extra comfort and reduce unpleasant odors. You can easily get them in your nearest MISTER MINIT shop.

4. Stay active to boost circulation


If you start to feel the cold creeping into your toes, take a walk, get running or do jumping jacks. Physical activity increases the blood flow to your extremities and eventually boosts your body temperature. Plus it gives you more energy and a better mood. What more  benefits do you need?

5. Dry boots between wears

You’ve read it a couple times already: wet feet lead to cold feet. So when you get home, immediately remove your boots and leave them to dry by using scrunched up newspaper  until you wear them again. After all your feet will get cold much faster if there’s moisture left in your shoes. But whatever you do, don’t leave them by a heat source or they’ll start to cringe!

Extra tip: did your boots get dirty during the day? Clean them immediately to avoid lasting scuffs and stains or spray them beforehand with a suitable shoe protector. The protector  will not only make them stain-repellent, but also waterproof for a couple of months. You can find one in your nearest MISTER MINIT shop. Better to prevent than to cure, right?

How to keep your feet warm at home

Keep your feet warm

  1. Avoid having bare feet. Always wear socks, slippers or shoes in the house.
  2. Keep toes toasty in bed. If your feet get cold in the night then go to bed wearing socks.
  3. Keep your socks and feet dry. Wear dry waterproof shoes when you go out.
  4. Put your feet up. …
  5. Opt for woolly socks. …
  6. Keep moving.

How to keep your hands and feet warm

Our bodies react to being cold by re-directing our blood supply to our vital organs, and away from our extremities.

So to keep our hands and feet warm, it’s important to keep our whole body warm.

  • Keep your body warm
  • Keep your hands warm
  • Keep your feet warm

Keep your body warm

  1. Layer. Several thin layers of clothing will keep you warmer than one thick layer, as the layers trap warm air between them.
  2. Wear a hat. Most heat is lost through your head so always wear a hat when you go out.
  3. Get cosy in bed. Use a hot-water bottle, wheat bag or an electric blanket to warm the bed, but never use a hot-water bottle and an electric blanket together.
  4. Keep active. This generates heat to help keep your body, hands and feet warm.
  5. Sit pretty. If you’re sitting down, a shawl or blanket will provide a lot of warmth.

Keep your hands warm

  1. Wear gloves. Gloves made of wool, leather or synthetic material with insulating properties are best for keeping your hands warm. But it can get quite wet over winter and when your gloves get wet they transfer heat from your hands to the air, so it’s very important to have a pair of waterproof gloves as well.
  2. Pull your sleeves down. Minimise any gaps between your gloves and clothing so cold air can’t get in.
  3. Get the right fit. Warm air needs to be able to circulate round your fingers so it’s important to make sure your gloves aren’t too tight.
  4. Get a wiggle on! If your fingers or toes feel cold, wiggle them to stimulate blood flow.

Keep your feet warm

  1. Avoid having bare feet. Always wear socks, slippers or shoes in the house.
  2. Keep toes toasty in bed. If your feet get cold in the night then go to bed wearing socks.
  3. Keep your socks and feet dry. Wear dry waterproof shoes when you go out.
  4. Put your feet up. Hot air rises, so keep your feet up on a stool when sitting down, as floor level is likely to be the coolest part of a room.
  5. Opt for woolly socks. Wear woolly socks or socks containing an insulating material in the winter, and cotton socks in the summer as cotton provides better ventilation to keep your feet cool.
  6. Keep moving. Move your legs around to keep blood circulating to your feet.

How to Keep Your Feet Warm, According to a Podiatrist

Tehrene Firman
December 8, 2019
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how to keep feet warm
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Photo: Getty Images/Moyo Studio
Technically, winter doesn’t arrive until December 21. But let’s be real—it’s already in full-force. And with the freezing temps and snowy days comes a constant battle to keep your feet warm.
If you struggle with keeping your feet warm, you can do a handful of different things to ensure your toes stay cozy until it’s time to bust out your favorite pair of sandals again. I don’t know about you, but going to bed with icy digits every night that scare you awake every five minutes is no way to live.

With a few swaps, some upgrades, and a little help from technology, these are the best ways to fight off agonizingly cold feet.

How to keep your feet warm like a pro

  1. Invest in super-warm boots
    Don’t skimp out on getting quality winter boots. While the warmest options might not be as cute as your black booties, they’re key in keeping your feet cozy. Miguel Cunha, DPM, New York City-based podiatrist and founder of Gotham Footcare, says to make sure your boots and shoes have a thick sole, like Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boot ($90), which has more than 1,900 ratings and 4.4/5 stars. They’re waterproof, are insulated, and can keep your feet warm in freezing temps. For even better results, Dr. Cunha says you can also add an insole to keep your feet further from the ground. “More heat is lost from your feet simply by standing on cold surfaces through conduction,” he says.
  2. Use toe warmers
    Toe socks might not be a thing anymore (#neverforget), but toe warmers are. And despite sounding odd, they’re incredible. If your toes get cold quickly during outdoor activities, these all-natural packets from L.L.Bean ($30 for 18 pairs) fit snug into the toe box of your boots to provide over six hours of warmth.
  3. Get heated slippers
    Who needs a heating pad when you have heated slippers? While there are slippers you can plug into your wall, you can also go the cordless, electricity-free route by popping some right in the microwave neck wrap-style. This pick from Terra-Warm ($32) is the perfect pair for keeping your toes toasty as you’re lounging around the house.

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  1. Heat up your shoes before wearing them
    If you’re all for planning ahead, start heating up your shoes before heading out for the day. “Place your shoes over or near a heating source—like a radiator or heat floor vents—for an hour or so before leaving to warm them up,” Dr. Cunha says. “This will also dry out your shoes from any moisture that may have built in the liner. Even better if you remove the liner and leave it out to dry the night before.” Your toes will be nice and cozy warm all the way to work.
  2. Stock up on quality socks
    Typical thin socks aren’t going to cut it if you have constantly cold feet. “Wear wool socks, as they’re the warmest material. If needed double, or triple layer in this order: light-weight wicking sock, light-weight wool socks, and then thick wool socks,” Dr. Cunha says. “Just make sure you have enough wiggle room in your boots to allow enough space for the extra layers.” You can also go high-tech with heated socks. Dr. Cunha recommends this option from QILOVE ($39), which uses rechargeable batteries to keep your feet super-warm in sub-zero temps.

If you tend to “run cold,” there’s a reason for that. And if your hands and feet are always cold, it could be the sign of a more serious condition that primarily affects women.

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