When you’re going on a polar express, you need to be prepared for the cold. That means you’ll need to pack the right clothes and accessories. Find out What to wear on polar express, what to wear on the polar express train ride and tips for polar express train ride. This is a guide to help you dress for the occasion. When you’re about to take a once-in-a-lifetime train ride, the last thing you want to worry about is what to wear. The Polar Express is an experience like no other—you’ll get to ride in style on a train through the snow-covered woods, singing Christmas carols with friends and family. But if you’re not dressed for the occasion, you might end up wishing you had brought a warmer coat! So what should you wear on the Polar Express? We’ve got some tips for what will keep you warm and cozy during your trip:

What to Wear on Polar Express

The Polar Express is a beloved holiday movie that has been thrilling audiences for over 20 years.

The story follows a young boy who receives a ticket to board the train to the North Pole in order to see Santa Claus.

While most people see this as a fantasy tale, there are some who believe it is based on an actual event. A train did leave Barrow, Alaska, every year in December and travel through Canada and down through Maine. The train was then packed with children who received gifts from Santa Claus himself!

The plot of the movie involves how these children are told what they need to do in order to receive their gift from him. They must be good all year long and do their chores without complaint or help from their parents or siblings. After they’ve been good all year long, they will receive gifts from Santa’s elves in return for having been so well behaved throughout the year.

The Polar Express is a beautiful story about love, friendship, and family. It’s also a great excuse to get dressed up and go to the movies!

But what should you wear? We’ll tell you!

What should I wear for THE POLAR EXPRESS™? We encourage our guests, young and old to wear pyjamas just as in the book with a dressing gown for good measure also.

In the story, a boy takes a train journey to the North Pole to rekindle his belief in Santa and since the book’s publication, dozens of Polar Express trains have popped up across the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom, offering families the opportunity to recreate the magical Polar Express experience through readings of the story, music from the ​movie soundtrack, cups of cocoa, and Santa encounters.

How to Find a Polar Express Experience
Many of these trains operate on historic railways—like the Adirondack Scenic Railroad in Utica, New York or the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad in Peninsula, Ohio—that brim with charm and travel along scenic routes. The revenue from these special holiday trains benefits historic railroads, most of which are not for profit, by helping them raise money to preserve their historic trains.

Since each railway is independently owned and operated, things change from year to year. For a complete and updated list of Polar Express experiences, check the Rail Events Incorporated website for locations.

How to Make the Most of the Experience
Before you go, read the book and watch the movie so that the details will be more meaningful during your Polar Express experience. All of the trains encourage kids to wear their pajamas, just like the boy in the story, and they won’t be chilly as the trains are heated. Many trains offer a variety of seating classes with more expensive options including additional perks. (Check to see exactly what is included at each fare level.)

Consider what time of day you travel. Younger kids may do better on earlier trains, but the last train ride of the evening is arguably the most atmospheric when it’s darker outside, the train cars seem cozier, and you can see the holiday lights better.

Reserve Tickets in Advance
These Christmas trains are wildly popular and sell out quickly. With well over a half a million pajama-clad passengers climbing aboard each season, some trains sell out before the end of summer, especially those that run only on weekends and select dates. Book early to secure a specific date or time.

What Does It Cost to Ride a Polar Express Train?
Costs for the train rides vary from railroad to railroad. For a family of four with two adults and two kids, count on spending anywhere from $100 to three times that, depending on the seating class you choose and whether you spring for upgrades. Many trains offer a variety of upgrades and packages that often include a copy of the book or a souvenir mug, or seats in the dining car to enjoy your hot cocoa at a table.

What if I told you that you actually can ride The Polar Express Train! There are a few train stations around the US that offer a Polar Express Train Ride experience. And let me tell you, it’s magical! For my readers in Texas, we actually have 2 locations, one in Palestine and a second in Lubbock. However, for those of you not in Texas, there are locations in California, Colorado, New York and several other states. Find one near you!

Polar Express Train Ride

We were in East Texas this weekend for a family baptism and were pretty close to Palestine. I jumped at the chance to finally take the boys on The Polar Express Train. I really think they were the perfect ages. They are barely 5 and newly 6 so the experience was absolutely magical for them and very memorable. The entire ride they were transfixed. I couldn’t stop smiling watching how happy and amazed they were!

Polar Express Train Ride

We had a cold snap at the beginning of the weekend. It was crisp and cold outside which really made it feel authentic. We took the 6:30 ride and arrived at the depot about 45 minutes early. The train whistle greeted us as we hopped out of the car. Since we arrived at dusk it was just light enough to see the steam rising into the sky and we got a pretty good look at the passengers cars. By the time we boarded (around 6:15) it was really dark and perfect for a nighttime ride!

Polar Express Train Ride

The Polar Express Train Ride has three different classes of tickets for the ride: Standard Class, Lone Star Class and Diamond Class. Every ticket come with cookies and hot cocoa and a visit from Santa. Standard Class has traditional bench seating. The Lone Star and Diamond Classes have climate controlled cars with seating in fours and a table in the middle. For these two classes, each rider can also take home a souvenir Polar Express Mug. The Diamond Class has domed windows and it’s in an upper car so you get a premium view of The North Pole.

Polar Express Train Ride

Once the train takes off, there are fun attendants like you see in The Polar Express Movie. Some walk through the car and do a little Hot Chocolate dance while others hand out the cookies and hot cocoa. My boys thought it was so cool that they were dancing just like in the movie. Obviously it’s not as elaborate as the movie but it’s still very cute.

Polar Express Train Ride

During this time, a hobo walks through the Polar Express Train and tries to steal Golden Tickets. Have your kids hold theirs tight! And don’t let them trade it away for his hat or scarf. The conductor also comes through and punches tickets. It’s not the cool message punches like they have in the book but my boys enjoyed it nonetheless.

Polar Express Train Ride

Then they play the audio book of The Polar Express, the version with Liam Neeson narrating. If you bring your book with you, you can follow along. If you forgot yours, the attendants have the huge classroom size books and they walk through the aisles as the story reads.

Polar Express Train Ride

Shortly after the story ends you arrive at The North Pole. It obviously not as elaborate as the book. My boys thought it was The North Pole’s train station and that Santa’s workshop and village lay beyond the station. There was a big tree and Santa was there waving. He had reindeer and elves with him. The train stops for a minute or two so you can get a good look and some pictures but you remain on board.

Polar Express Train Ride

Santa hops on board as the train is leaving the North Pole. He makes his way through the cars and stops to ask the kids what they would like for Christmas. If your kids can tell him quickly what they want and don’t chit chat, he may have time for a quick photo with you. He gives each child a shiny, silver bell, just like in the book.

Polar Express Train Ride

The Polar Express Train returns to the same station where you departed. All in all it’s about an hour long journey. We had a fantastic time but I thought I’d share a few tips!


Wear your PJs! In the Polar Express book, all the children were in their pajamas on the train. Make sure yours are wearing theirs too! Use this as an excuse to get the cutest, most festive PJs you can find. My boys wore these from Hanna Andersson. You’ll also see many adults in PJs. I’d say about half the adults are in PJs and the others in regular clothes.
Wear tennis shoes! You can bring slippers and change once you get in the train car but I would wear tennis shoes to walk around the depot and board the train. It’s rocky near the tracks and the stairs can be a bit steep and slick, depending on your car. Be safe and wear real shoes.
Be there at least 30 minutes early! The Polar Express Train departs at the stated time and begins boarding about 15 minutes before departure. Parking for us was about a 5 minute walk. Add in time to collect your tickets and look around. I would recommend about 45 minutes to give yourself enough time. For depots other than Palestine, call ahead to see what they recommend.
Bring a blanket! For the Palestine train, the standard class does not have climate controlled cars. If it’s a chilly night, you might want to bring a blanket to wrap up in. That’s a little more photo friendly than winter coats and would keep everyone warm.
Bring your Polar Express book with you! If you bring your book, you can read along on the train ride. You can also ask Santa to sign it when he passes through the car.
Pick a side! For our ride, the North Pole was on the South side – the opposite side from where we were sitting. The train stopped at the North Pole and my kids were able to see Santa and his elves just fine. However, when you reserve your tickets you might see if you can request the North Pole side of the train.
Polar Express Train Ride

We had the best time and I know this will be one of those priceless experiences that the boys will remember for years to come. If you are looking for something magical to do this Christmas, look into the Polar Express Train ride. I know you will love it as much as we did.

Polar Express Train Ride

*Disclosure: Although The Polar Express Train hosted our family for this ride, the thoughts and opinions in this post are 100% mine.

Tips for Polar Express Train Ride

  1. Bring a camera! You’ll want to capture all of the beautiful scenery and fun on this journey.
  2. Dress warmly! It can get chilly in the caboose, so don’t forget your scarf, gloves, hat, and mittens.
  3. Bring snacks! The food on board is delicious, but you might not want to eat everything you’re offered—you’ll want to save room for dessert!
  4. The conductor will give you a bell—ring it when you need something from him or her!
  5. Make sure you’re back in time to catch the Polar Express train home—it leaves at midnight!

What to Wear on Pontoon Boat

If you’ve ever been on a pontoon boat, then you know that there are some pretty strict rules about what to wear. This can be a little daunting for someone who’s never been on a pontoon before, but don’t worry—we’re here to help.

First things first: when you get onto the boat, make sure you’re wearing shoes that can get wet. There are going to be times when you’re walking around in water, so it’s best to have something that won’t get ruined if your foot gets wet (or even better, if it will stay dry). That said, if the water is really cold and your feet are freezing, you might want to bring some socks with you on those super-chilly days.

Next up: pants! While most boats do provide shorts for guests, it’s always good to have some pants just in case they don’t have any shorts that fit well enough or look good enough for you. You’ll also want some long-sleeved shirts and jackets—especially if it’s chilly outside or raining/snowing heavily.

And finally: sunglasses! Sun protection is important no matter where you go—even on a boat!

We all know that when you’re on a boat, you want to look good. But we also know that it can be hard to find the right clothes for your water-bound adventures.

So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pontoon boat outfits and put them into a handy guide for you to use!

What to Wear on a Boat: Style and Practical Tips for Men and Women
Whether you’re renting a boat for a day of fishing or for a day of partying, you’ll want to know what to wear on a boat to ensure comfort and practicality. If you’re assuming that a day out on the boat means a simple bathing suit and messy hair, we wouldn’t say you’re wrong.

However, you can dress for a boat trip and remain stylish while keeping it practical. You won’t want to wear your favorite formal suit or dress, but there are a few ways to show off your fashion sense while looking like a true captain or boating expert!

If you’re ready to indulge in some offshore fun but aren’t sure how to dress for the boat, then you’ll want to continue reading below. Here are a few boating outfit tips to impress everyone!

Boat Fashion for Women
Other than your bathing suit and sunblock, there are a few boating outfit necessities to consider for your next boating adventure. Pick out your favorite bathing suit, and then be sure to keep these tips in mind.

  1. T-Shirt Dress Cover-Up
    The t-shirt dress is a newer style and provides style along with comfort. Sliding into a t-shirt dress over your bathing suit is a wonderful way to keep the style going while still fitting the practical side. A great color to choose for wearing on the boat would be a white t-shirt dress.

You’ll stand out amazingly against the blue waters. If you’re looking to bump up the sophistication aspect of it, be sure to choose a button-up t-shirt dress.

  1. Flowy Sundress
    We know how great sundresses are for the summertime. They’re stylish and keep you nice and cool during the hotter months. Sundresses also work well as bathing suit cover-ups to wear on the boat.

Sundresses also come in styles longer than that of a t-shirt dress, so if you’re looking to show a little less when covered up, then a flowy sundress might be a great option for you. Sundresses also come in a variety of colors and patterns, so finding one that pairs well with a boat should be a breeze!

Look for sundresses with natural colors or sealife patterns!

  1. Sun Hat and Sun Shades
    If you’re spending the day out on the open waters on a boat, then you need to protect yourself from the sun. Sunblock should be your first line of defense, and a sun hat and some sunshades should be your next.

It won’t be much fun if you can’t open your eyes to see anything. When you’re out in the middle of the ocean, the sun becomes even more powerful, so be sure to pick out a stylish sun hat and some stylish shades to match it.

Sun hats can be small or large. The choice is yours! We recommend matching your sun hat with a pair of oval-shaped sunglasses for a chic look.

  1. Non-Slip Sandals
    Non-slip sandals are another must when spending the day on a boat. We know that fashion is a necessity for you, but don’t risk your safety by wearing a pair of ordinary sandals. When traveling via-boat, things will get wet.

If fishing is a planned activity, then prepare for even wetter and sometimes slimy floors. Do some research and be sure to find a pair of boating sandals. There are plenty of options available, and you’re sure to find something fashionable!

Boat Fashion for Men
Swimtrunks aren’t the only necessities for men either while planning a boating outfit! A fun day of fishing or a fun day of partying and relaxing can all be done in style. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Captain Snapback Cap
    If you’re the captain of the boat (or a captain in training), you need a captain snapback cap! This cap is going to keep you protected from the sun while impressing everyone who passes by.

Find a cap with adjustable straps for your convenience. You don’t want to be stuck with a too loose or too tight hat all day. Caps with mesh in the back are also ideal as they’re light and help keep you cool.

  1. Nylon Long Sleeve Shirt
    A nylon long sleeve shirt is another wonderful clothing item to wear while out on the boat. This long sleeve shirt will keep you protected from the sun and high winds as well. They’re a necessity when planning to spend a day on the water while traveling at high speeds, but they don’t compromise style.

They’re also cool and soft for added comfort.

  1. Bermuda Shorts
    Bermuda shorts are the perfect pairing to a long sleeve nylon shirt. Bermuda shorts are fashionable but practical for boating activities. These shorts will also help keep you cool while under the sun.

We suggest going with a white or off-white color.

  1. Non-Slip Boating Shoes
    Again, non-slip boating shoes are essential. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on how you plan to spend your day. You can choose from a few non-slip flip flops to actual boating shoes.

The choice is yours and what looks best will depend on your outfit. Closed-toe boating shoes are a great item to pair with your Bermuda shorts!

Learn What to Wear on a Boat for Your Next Adventure!
If you’re ready to start planning your next boating adventure, then keep these tips in mind to ensure you know what to wear on a boat!

When you have your outfit picked out, and you’re ready to cruise the seas, click here to inquire about a membership and boat rentals!
what to wear on a boat ride
There are many things that you have to prepare when going boating. One of them is clothes and some may think that it’s unnecessary. But to enjoy the time you spend on a boat, you have to be in comfortable garments.

So, what to wear on a boat ride? Women can be in swimwear but it’s also not off for women to be in dresses, leggings, pants, and jumpsuits. Men can stick with floral shirts but there are plenty of other varieties to choose from.

Nevertheless, boat outfits are not only for comfort; you need to consider the time of the year that you go boating. The specifics are found in this article so keep reading

You may go through colorful shorts for a casual boat ride. Select the color that you like but avoid those that are loose-fitting because they can be filled with water and air and swell outwards. The best choice is linen shorts as they’re comfortable and breathable. Linen dries easily as well.

You may rule out getting a skirt because they might billow but skirts can be an outfit for sailing if you pick one made of linen, neoprene, or nylon. These materials are easy to dry. They’re light so you’ll be comfortable. A skirt with pockets is a good choice as it allows you to carry some accessories.

Apart from valuing comfort in boating clothes for ladies, you have to choose a shirt that can protect your skin from the sun. It gets colder and windy in the early morning and during sunset. Then, it’s hot throughout the day. Hence, you need a sweatshirt to be protected from the various temperatures and weather.

Don’t wear a shirt that is too tight as it compromises comfort. A light-colored shirt is not ideal either as it gives way for the sun rays. It’s not practical to wear lacy tops or else, you’ll be sorry for it. You can wear a shirt dress cover-up if you plan on wearing a swimsuit. It’s best to choose a white one so you stand out on the waters.

  1. For Men
    The much-needed relaxation on the boat can come with comfortable clothes for men.

The best shirt for men when out boating is a nylon shirt with long sleeves. It protects against UV rays in summer and high winds. It also prepares you for when a boat runs at a high speed. You don’t have to worry about style as it doesn’t look bad. It’s light and cool so you won’t feel uncomfortable.

Bermuda shorts pair wonderfully with a nylon shirt. They’re a practical choice as they keep you cool under the sun.

You Can Be Fashionable on a Boat!
There are more outfit ideas than the ones mentioned above. Everyone can be fashionable on a boat without letting go of comfort.

Despite the wide range of female clothing, you’ll find the most suitable ones to wear on a pontoon boat where the party is held or on a boat cruise. They’re summarized here so selection won’t take a lot of time and effort.

  1. For Women
    Casual midi dress or skater dress with scoop neck
    This is what you have to wear on a yacht day trip or when you take ferries or boats during the day. Pick this if you want to dress in easily and look cute at the same time. You’re with fashion, especially if you choose a casual dress with a vibrant pattern and distinct texture.

I made this recommendation as it suits any body type. Also, you’ll be comfortable in it as it’s not too tight. It’s the most practical and applicable among boat cruise outfits for ladies.

Flowing maxi dress
You don’t have to worry about a party outfit as there’s an array of maxi dresses you can choose from. Feeling good about your looks at a boat party will allow you to enjoy a night on a yacht or boat.

An all-white dress can make you stand out as you exude oceanic appeal. It’s also great to go for a maxi dress with a long slit for taking photos. Wearing a maxi dress with a low neck can make you look stunning like a goddess.

Aside from white and blue, which are the colors that represent the ocean, it’s not bad if you choose bright colors like rose pink. There’s no doubt that you’ll be lovely in it. With maxi dresses, a boat ride at night or partying will be much better than what you expect.

When you go on a boat cruise, a jumpsuit can boost the vacation vibe. Petites should have the flared ones so they won’t look stout. Wearing a pair of wedges can help with establishing a taller frame.

  1. For Men
    A pair of comfortable pants will not ruin your night at a boat or yacht party. To reach this goal, you have to wear pants made of linen or starchy cotton twill. Adding a rope-tie belt intensifies elegance. If you’re not into the materials that were mentioned, you can wear just casual white pants.

It’s not a must for guys to cover their legs at a boat ride party. You can wear shorts without eliminating style. To be fashionable onboard, you have to wear shorts that are above the knee. You have to avoid wearing the baggy ones as they ruin the proportion of your outfit combination.

Pair your shorts with a linen shirt that can be in white, neutral taupe, or a vibrant pastel hue. Other colors that go well with light-colored shorts are tangerine, aqua, and canary yellow.

Other Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories You Can Wear on a Boat Ride
There are more things that you can match with your boat attire to look fabulous.

  1. Coat or jacket
    There’s no harm in putting on a coat over an elegant dress when you go boating at night in fall or winter. A puffy jacket is also great when wearing tights, leggings, or jeggings. You need to put on the right clothing to protect yourself from the cold or chilly wind. How can you enjoy it if you shiver the whole trip?

Men can also put on a jacket when going sailing. However, they should avoid the one that is structured and too heavy. The most appropriate jacket is airy as it carries a nautical vibe. Moreover, it’s best if it’s unlined and lightly tailored in sand or navy color. Peaked lapels and buttons with gold or pale color can amplify the style.

  1. Hat or cap
    A hat for women doesn’t only protect the skin but it’s also somehow an affirmation that you’re on vacation. Straw hats with some sequins or in different colors will match your outfit for sure.

You can buy an affordable one as there’s a tendency that it will be blown by the wind. Both man and woman who are the boat’s captain can wear snapback caps. Buy an adjustable one so it can surely fit your head.

  1. Footwear
    Non-slip sandals or shoes are great for both genders. Espadrilles and flip-flops are also great as long as it matches your outfit. Converse, Vans, and Toms are wonderful options too.

As you can notice, these kinds of footwear are not only comfortable but can also prevent you from slipping on the wet boat floor. The right footwear is necessary on a casual boat trip.

  1. Sunglasses
    Everyone can put these on as they’re not only for eye protection but also for radiating the summer and sea feels. They surely match any sailing outfits. They’re perfect for parties on a yacht or boat. Get polarized sunglasses to ensure you get the protection you need against the glaring sun.
  2. Accessories
    Women can wear dainty accessories that go with a nautical theme such as hoops, bracelets, and several midi rings. Men can add silk neckerchiefs to their outfits. Statement colors and paisley prints can make a stylish, neutral ensemble. A belt also makes a difference and you can play with it by choosing colors like orange, brick red, or turquoise.

Finalizing Important Details
When choosing what to wear on a boat ride, know that it’s not impossible to have an ensemble of comfort and fashion. However, comfort comes first when you join a casual boating day.

When attending a party held on a boat or yacht, you’re free to show your fashionable side. Among these concerns, you have to see to it that you’re protected from UV rays, cold, chilly, and high winds. What you wear is important to ensure you will enjoy the boat ride!

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