Earth Day is one of the longest-running environmental events in the world. Each year, more than 1 billion people participate in Earth Day, making it one of the largest civic observances in history. It’s a day to think about taking care of our planet and the animals living on it, from the smallest animal on land to the biggest whale that swims in our oceans. Earth Day is a good time to celebrate the planet and everything that goes with it. The color green is synonymous with Earth Day, so it’s obvious that you should go green on April 22nd. Make a statement with your clothing and accessories by wearing any shade of green from dark forest green to lime green!

So, what color should you choose to wear this Earth Day?

The public is encouraged to “Wear Green and Go Green” in territorial solidarity for Earth Day 2015, Wednesday, April 22.

Environmental Officer of the Conservation and Fisheries Department, Mrs. Cynara Benjamin-Duncan, said that the department is once again trying to increase awareness of eco-friendly habits by encouraging persons to wear green and “be greener.”

Mrs Benjamin-Duncan said, “In observance of Earth Day this year under the theme:  ‘It’s our Turn to Lead,’ the Department wishes to convey the importance of the earth’s natural environment and encourages persons to become more proactive, and join in a move that is capable of propelling the Territory towards 100 percent sustainability.”

The Environmental Officer urged persons to participate in the day’s activities by dressing in the colour green. She said the aim is for persons to make adjustments in their routine to produce less waste and create better habits for a better earth.

Mrs. Benjamin-Duncan added that there are many environmental challenges facing the globe, including assiduous issues resulting from climate change, and in previous assessments climate change has already begun to affect the wider parts of the world and the Virgin Islands. 

“Our Earth was created to assist our sustenance and we should do all we can to, put in mitigation measures and take care of it,” she said.

The Department of Conservation and Fisheries is also inviting all churches, organisations, civic groups and or interested individuals to join in a coastal clean-up effort along the Sir Francis Drive in the area of Slaney on April 22 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

An “Eco Walk” has been scheduled for Saturday, April 25. The walk will be led by the department’s staff and will start at the Market Square in Road Town at 5:00 a.m. Participants will walk through a special route to Sea Cow’s Bay and back to Road Town.

Persons can exercise, enjoy and learn about the Virgin Islands’ ecosystems as well as experience many aspects of the Virgin Islands history and local culture.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, and is now observed annually on April 22. The day is coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and activities are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

The Department of Conservation and Fisheries supports Earth Day and the promotion of green initiatives and lifestyle changes to combat pollution and the effects of climate change.

Fashion isn’t always the most sustainable of industries. While old trends get recycled every few decades (hello, 70s spring throwback), we build its survival on the idea that keeping current involves switching up aspects (if not a hefty portion) of our wardrobe every few months. If clothing swaps and consignment stores reigned supreme, that wouldn’t be a problem “ but unfortunately, many of our old, unwanted clothes still end up in landfills.

We’re not here to preach, and the good news is, many in the industry seem to be changing their tune, like Emma Watson, whose sustainable joint collection with Alberta Ferretti, Pure Threads, launched last month. Pure Threads isn’t available in Canada yet (and at thousands of dollars per dress, it’s not exactly in the average Canuck’s price range), but we’ve rounded up five fantastic “ and eco-friendly! “ labels to check out this Earth Day.

Salts Organic Clothing

Salts makes a point of manufacturing in local Canadian communities to cut down on their transportation footprint. They make their clothing from organic materials like bamboo, cotton, hemp and soy cloth. Salts also supports the Surfrider Foundation, which fights to protect oceans and beaches.
Try their Sea Dress, $138.

Salts Organic Clothing dress

Not Just Pretty Modern Organic Clothing

Everything Not Just Pretty manufactures is made from recycled materials or organic fibres and promises no itchy scratchy fabrics with saggy bottoms. They boast a wide variety of designers and are a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization of companies that donate one per cent of their sales to environmental organizations across the globe.
We love their Alexis LaMontagna Half Pleat Skirt, $141.

Not Just Pretty Modern Organic Clothing skirt

MahaDevi Design

MahaDevi’s products are made locally and with alternative natural fibres. The creator started out by touring festivals in vegetable-oil powered vehicles and selling dancewear. The line now sells a broad range of clothing for women, men and babies, as well as lines made with specific materials like hemp and merino wool. MahaDevi also sells eco-fabrics for anyone looking to make their own clothes.
Check out their Waterfall Tank, $52.

MahaDevi Design waterfall tank


LivEco sells fair-trade organic clothing across North America. In addition to clothing, they also make sustainable toys and crafts, eco-friendly electronics and pet supplies. LivEco also has a Natural Family Care line that provides skin care products made with eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients.
Try sporting their Kenzi Twist Shrug, $127.

LivEco shrug

Ecocentrik apparel

All of Ecocentrik’s clothing is made from organic and reclaimed fabrics under fair labour conditions. They donate two per cent of all sales to Equiterre, the Animal Rescue Network and Young Adult Cancer Canada. Ecocentrik has a wide variety of clothing for women and men, but their accessories are to-die-for as well (check out their seriously cute button rings and Rachel F. belts).
We also love their Fringe Skirt, $69.

Ecocentrik skirt

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