The coat is the most important item of clothing that an NFL player wears on the sidelines. It is a source of pride, and it can make or break a team’s season. The coat must be able to withstand the conditions of an NFL game without getting stained or torn, and it must be stylish enough to make players look good after they’ve been sweating for three hours in 100-degree weather.

The coat is usually made from wool or cashmere. The wool/cashmere blend is preferred because it absorbs moisture better than pure wool does, and also doesn’t wrinkle as much as pure cashmere does. It also has a texture that makes it easy to grip when the player is running back into action after spending time on the sidelines during a timeout.

It’s important for players to have coats that fit them well—not too tight or too loose—because this will affect their performance when they’re out there on the field. If a player feels constricted by their coat, they may be distracted by how uncomfortable it makes them feel while they’re trying to focus on what’s happening in front of them instead of worrying about whether or not their coat fits right at all times during each play.”

There are several different jackets that football players are known for wearing. The large jackets worn by NFL players in cold weather games are called sideline capes. The jackets worn by football players in high school are called letterman jackets.

Quarterbacks and wide receivers may also wear protective equipment referred to as flak jackets.

Sideline Capes

If you are wondering what jackets professional football players wear you are likely wondering about sideline capes.

When late in the season playing in an outdoor game you will often see NFL players wearing these sideline capes.

These capes are more like oversized jackets that fit over top of a player’s equipment. Since these jackets fit on top of the shoulder pads they are incredibly large.

The purpose of these sideline capes is to keep the player’s body heat within the cape so the player does not get cold on the sideline.

Staying warm is incredibly important for football players especially those that use their hands. Players like quarterbacks and wide receivers will play noticeably worse when their hands are cold.

For this reason, many of these sideline capes are going to feature pockets as well.

Looking at these jackets on television many fans believe that they are heated. Unfortunately, there is no heating in these jackets, they simply keep a player’s body heat within the jacket.

Some of the sideline capes are going to be lined with fleece while others will just be a nylon shell that protects you from the wind and the rain.

Oftentimes these sideline capes will also feature a large enough hole that players can slip this cape on while still wearing their helmet.

For this reason, wearing this sort of jacket while not playing football is not going to fit very well. These jackets are designed for players wearing football equipment making them quite large.

If you were to wear one of these shells without shoulder pads and helmet on it will likely be way too big.

Letterman Jackets

Another jacket commonly associated with football players is the letterman jacket. A letterman jacket is most commonly used in high school football.

Players will not wear this jacket during the game but will instead where it casually off the field.

For many years a letterman jacket was synonymous with being a football player.

In the hallways of a high school, you could often pick out which students were football players based on who wore letterman jackets.They are not as popular as they once were but are still often associated with high school football teams.

The flak jacket

The last type of jacket that is associated with football players is the flak jacket. This piece of equipment is most commonly worn by quarterbacks and wide receivers.

A flak jacket in football is worn around the ribcage so that players are not injured when hit in this area. The soft padding around the ribs softens the blows when players are tackled.

Oftentimes this jacket is worn when a player already has a preexisting injury.

For example, if a player has a cracked rib it is likely he would wear a flack jacket in order to keep his ribs protected throughout a game.

A flak jacket is not going to provide full protection from injuries but it can certainly make things less painful.

That is all on football player jackets if you want to learn more see our guides to football players wearing jocks or if you can use batting gloves as receiving gloves in football.

New York Jets v New England Patriots


Tom Brady on Sunday led his New England Patriots to yet another playoff victory, dispatching the Los Angeles Chargers in a 41-28 divisional round beatdown. But more importantly, the quarterback once again donned his hilariously large sideline coat, much to the joy of the enormous jacket’s many fans on social media.

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Brady’s giant coat has gotten attention before. The 41-year-old quarterback just last year found himself swallowed up in a similarly gigantic sideline parka. But impossibly, the new coat seems even larger than the ones he’s worn before, leading some to posit an “inflategate” conspiracy.

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Brady has made headlines for a number of his fashion choices, including the long hair he flaunted several years back. But the gargantuan coat he wears to stay warm on the sidelines just might wind up becoming one of his defining looks, joining the ranks of other huge garments like Kanye West’s big boxy “I Love It” outfit, David Byrne’s giant suit from Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense tour, and Lenny Kravitz’ absurd scarf.


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Of course, unlike Pharrell’s preposterous Grammy hat, the sideline coats worn by Brady and other NFL players serve a pragmatic purpose — to keep athletes warm between drives. The coats are always large, as they need to fit over players’ shoulder pads.

But Brady’s coats seem even bigger than average, which begs the question: Is Brady, known for his eccentric efforts to get any edge he can, wearing a particularly large coat for a reason?

We tried to get answers about Brady’s big huge coat, but neither the Patriots nor TB12, Brady’s fitness and wellness organization, immediately responded to our requests for comment. So for now, all this remains a mystery — one as big as the coat itself.

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