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What is T-Shirt Branding?

T-shirt branding is a form of marketing that uses T-shirts as the medium. The shirt is branded with the company’s name and logo, and then given away to potential customers. T-shirt branding can be used by businesses in any industry, though it is most commonly seen in the clothing industry.

Companies use t-shirts as a way to promote themselves by giving them away at trade shows or events. People who receive these shirts are often more likely to wear them around than other promotional materials like pens or hats, which means they will advertise for your business for free every time they wear it.

The process of ordering and receiving t-shirts differs based on the number of shirts you want printed and where you plan to distribute them. If you are trying to promote a new product line, it might be best to order several thousand shirts at once so you can give some away at events while still having enough left over for regular sales channels like retail stores or online shops.

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