Socks for dress shoes are a simple accessory that can add a touch of flair to your look. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can match them to your suit or tie.

Socks should be worn with dress shoes, but they’re not necessary if you’re wearing loafers or sneakers. The exception is if you’re planning on wearing shorts — it’s perfectly acceptable to wear socks with these shoes.

Dress socks come in many different materials, including cotton, wool and synthetic blends. Cotton socks are breathable and comfortable, but they tend to shrink when washed and may not wear well over time. Wool is warm in winter months but can be uncomfortable during warmer weather. Synthetic blends offer the best of both worlds: they’re comfortable like cotton and durable like wool.

Socks For Dress Shoes – Black & White Stripe Dress Socks.

Socks For Dress Shoes

Sneakers For Dress

Sneakers are probably the most versatile type of footwear. They can be worn with a wide variety of outfits and they have the ability to make any outfit look more stylish. Sneakers are perfect for casual outings, but they can also be worn in more formal settings as well.

The key is not to wear sneakers that are too casual or too dressy. You want your sneakers to look good with whatever outfit you’re wearing, but you don’t need to go overboard either.

When it comes to dressing up, there are certain guidelines you should follow when choosing sneakers for your next event. Here are some tips on how to find the best dress shoes for men:

Sneakers For Dress

Slip Dress With Sneakers

Slip Dress With Sneakers

Slip Dress With Sneakers

It’s not often that you see a dress that looks as good with sneakers as it does with stilettos, but this is one of those times. The slip dress is the perfect silhouette for summer and can easily be dressed up or down. Here, the wearer wore hers with some classic white sneakers. It’s a great alternative to wearing your favorite pair of heels all day long, especially if you’re going somewhere that requires more walking than usual. The sneakers are also a great way to avoid getting your shoes dirty at outdoor events or festivals like Coachella, where there’s plenty of dust and dirt on the ground.

Slip Dress With Sneakers

When you think of a dress, you probably picture an elegant garment that’s meant to be worn with heels and jewelry. But there are actually lots of dresses that you can wear with sneakers. In fact, some are even better suited to this style than heels!

Dresses You Can Wear With Sneakers

Flowing dresses look great when paired with sneakers because they’re so easy to move around in. This means that if you’re going out for a casual night on the town, it’s not difficult to dance or walk around in these types of garments. They also don’t require any special accessorizing other than maybe a necklace or earrings and are often one-piece outfits so there isn’t much fuss involved at all.

Skirts are another great option for dressing up your sneakers because they’re light and comfortable enough to wear throughout the day without getting hot or sweaty from being too warm. They also have a bit more shape than pants do so if you want something that won’t cling too tightly to your legs, skirts are a good choice.

Tops can also look great when paired with sneakers as long as they aren’t too tight fitting around the waistline. One thing to keep in mind is that this type of outfit

Dresses You Can Wear With Sneakers

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While jeans are the ride-or-die go-to, dresses automatically look way more considered, giving some sartorial oomph to your day and making even the mundane feel special. But what if you’re headed to brunch and it’s a hike? Or you have to make it across town via 2.5 modes of public transportation? What if you’re just going to the grocery store, but dammit you want to wear a dress? Utilitarian isn’t a word normally associated with dresses (or skirts)—they can have a prissy reputation for sure—but that’s where sneakers come in. The high-low mix of pairing a dress with sneaks is fresh, unexpected, and ultra attention-grabbing. It’s like a second life for your favorite lady-ish looks. Cop some new styling ideas below.

Wear Sneakers at Work


We’re taking back the uniform with an updated version of school-girl staples—and this time you won’t land in detention for blowing the dress code. If you’ve done your homework, you know that the most interesting outfits score an A+ for the mix, however subtle: Worn-in sneakers offset a preppy button-down shirt and kicky A-line skirt (as short as you want), and a pair of sheer, patterned anklet socks is like finishing school for your look.

Wear Sneakers at Work


A stylish shirtdress is what we like to call an instant look; throw one on and you’re pretty much good to go. All that’s left is the shoes. When you’re working with a multi-colored frock, pick one shade and bring it to life on your feet with a pair of Chuck Taylors, which come in a rainbow-worthy range.

Wear Sneakers at Work


With its throwback vibes (who didn’t own one back in the day?), we predict that this will be the year of the skort (skirt + shorts, if somehow you missed out on this most major of fashion moments). An ultra-short skort gives you ample chance to show off some leg—and a pair of classics. Anything low-slung and low-profile is the play: Puma Suedes, Vans Old-Skools, or Keds.

Wear Sneakers at Work


Tone down the formal feel of a floor-grazing maxidress with a sneaker in a similar shade. The result? A mix that’s dramatic, but still laid back.PUMASuede ClassicSold out!PUMASuede ClassicSold out!PUMASuede ClassicSold out!PUMASuede ClassicSold out!

Wear Sneakers at Work


Midi-length dresses and high-top sneakers were made to be BFFs. A pair of Chucks (Vans Sk8-His would work too) give some much-needed edge to an otherwise modest look—a great way to update those oversize thrift-store shifts you just can’t stop buying. A cool jacket—jean, suede, leather—helps too.

Wear Sneakers at Work


Rather than letting your shoes be an afterthought, start there and let them shape your outfit. Taking color inspo from a pair of Adidas Superstars results in a graphic black-and-white getup mixing patterns (stars and stripes) and materials.


A body-hugging silhouette, high hemline, and off-the-shoulder sleeves would be too “too” with a pair of heels—at least for daytime hangs. But high-top Vans lend a cool feel that’s relaxed and sooo SoCal it’s board-worthy.


A genius hack for elongating your legs and keeping comfortable? Go for a leg-baring mini and low-cut pair of sneakers like these Vans Authentics that hits below your ankle. Together, the two make your stems look extra lengthy.


A simple dress that’s nipped at the waist creates a figure-flattering silhouette, while its single shade ensures that all eyes will be on your footwear. Make sure they’re up to the attention by opting for a chunky, substantial pair—New Balances, Sauconys, Reeboks.

Wear Sneakers at Work


Layering keeps a look interesting from your head (think a simple slip dress over a vintage T, under your favorite jean jacket) to your toes (folded socks and a classic pair of high-top Chucks).

Wear Sneakers at Work


The introduction of sneakers can bring an out-of-bounds outfit back down to earth, like a monochrome look built around one super hue—like stoplight red. The trick here is playing with texture: a short skirt in a pattern and a graphic tee keep things interesting.

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