Shoes for Both Casual and Formal

In the world of fashion, when we talk about shoes for both casual and formal, we are actually also talking about shoes we can wear everyday and anytime on anything. That’s right! Think about it, you are either casually dressed or formally dressed. But when it comes to buying shoes, you sometimes just want to look for shoes for both formal and jeans. Simply put, what you want without stashing all the shoes in the world is to own one or more pair of versatile shoes all types of outfits can go with. You just want for yourself a shoe that will appear among the list of types of formal shoes and also types of casual shoes at the same time.


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Brogues are actually really dressy shoes and they are recognised by their “broguing”. The more perforations on your brogues, the least likely it is to be worn with something formal. Putting into mind the type, (Oxford shoes or Derby Shoes) a style savvy dresser can use brogues on a casual outfit apart from the formal one. Please, be aware that this choice of dressing would raise the casual outfit to become what we call, ‘corporate casual’. In other words, the outfit would not become hundred percent casual.

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On our list of types of shoes that suit both casual and formal wear, the number two piece on this queue is the Classic Sneakers. In order to be safe, you can acquire this in either plain black or just white. The art of sneakers wearing (never mind our title on this one) has evolved and we see people pairing their suits or dresses with sneakers in a bit to make a statement.

Please, in your quest to match sneakers with your outfit, avoid the path that leads to sport shoes because that’s also another kind of sneakers although the wrong one in this case. These should never be worn as dressy shoes.

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If we are going to talk about types of shoes that are versatile, we would be missing a great point if we don’t mention the Loafers. Oh yes! Be it jeans, suits, flannel or even fancy shorts, the loafers is good to go. Depending on the type, (the slipper, the penny, the tassel, the kiltie, the Belgian, the horse bit and the basket loafers) the loafers is not a discriminatory pair of shoes.

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The third kind of shoes we recommend as something worthy to be on the list of shoes for both casual and former is Dress Boots. If one is fashion savvy, they would find it pretty easy and convenient to pair these shoes with either jeans or even flannel as the case may require. Never miss the fact that these particular pair of shoes is good when we are talking about types of formal shoes or even types of casual shoes.

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Nearly every man has these shoes or has had one in the past in fact. Chelsea boots are quite fashionable, convenient on the feet and practical too. It is always a good idea to combine your Chelsea boots with a suit (preferably a leather suit). As for it being one of the types of casual shoes, this is not something one should contest.

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Just in case you are wondering why the term, ‘monk’ is attached to the name of these shoes, it is because this was the kind of shoes that monks used to wear. However, today, they are dress shoes. Call it suits, jeans or even chinos, the Double Monk Straps is the answer. The only caveat with this shoes is that it is better worn with either a dress shirt or polo and one should avoid a t-shirt on it altogether as these are really dressy shoes.

Every man needs to know the different types of men’s dress shoes that is suitable shoes for both casual and formal wears.

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