Lace Materials and their Prices

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  • On buyandslay store, we have a variety of fashionable and colorful lace fabrics for women. Lace fabrics makes women elegant and classy. We have laces that are suitable for asoebi and individual use.

What is Lace Fabric?

Lace fabrics are woven patterned fabrics made with machines and hand work by looping, braiding or twisting a thread. Lace material is woven from cotton or silk. Lace fabric is defined by its unique eyelets or perforations between the weaves.

History of Lace Fabric

The origin of lace fabric could be traced to the the Late 15th century when threads used in weaving lace was made from linen and silk. In the 17th century lace became more popular which boosted the European economy. Lace fabrics are worn by men. Women and children.

Buyandslay Lace Materials and their Prices


Corded Lace Material.

This is a high quality lace fabric made with heavy cording.

price NGN 3000 per yard

Beaded   Lace:
This type of lace is embroidered with beads and sequins.

NGN 30000 for 5 yards

Guipure lace

This is a sheer lace fabric that requires lining or an inner. It is used for both traditional and English outfits. Women use it for blouse and wrapper. It can also be used to make lovely dress for both women and children.

NGN 2000 per yard

NGN 9000 for 4 yards

Tulle Lace

NGN 25000 for 5 yards

This type of lace is transparent delicate and beautiful. It’s used for wedding gowns and decorations. It comes in bold and tiny flower designs. Tulle is feminine. It accentuates the curves of women. Although it’s delicate. Tulle lace is a must have for women in 2021.

Dry Lace

NGN 12000 for five yards

Dry lace is one of the latest lace materials in Nigeria. It’s mostly used by the yorubas. It is used for IRO and Buba, Caftan, blouse and wrapper and trendy outfits for young women. Dry lace is similar to paper lace.

French Lace

NGN 45000 for 5 yards

French lace is originated from France. It’s an exquisite lace used all over the world for weddings be it traditional or white weddings. It’s popularly used in Nigeria to make skirts and blouses, gowns, asoebi and so on. French lace is available in different shades and design. The choice is yours.

Swiss Lace

Perforated Voile Lace

NGN 35000 for 5 yards

Where to Buy Lace Fabrics in Lagos Nigeria

Buyandslay store is a trusted online store you can get your trendy lace fabrics in Nigeria. Our lace fabrics are unique, affordable and classy. We have affordable lace fabrics you can use for asoebi. The bride is not left out. We have curated different types of lace fabrics you can use for your second dress.

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