The best womens jeans to wear with cowboy boots are the ones that are a good fit and don’t look like they’re trying too hard.

The best jeans for a country music festival or any other outdoor event should be comfortable, durable, and stylish enough to go with your boots. You’ll also want them to be long enough to cover up your boots when you sit down on them (and hopefully not give you too much trouble if you need to kneel).

  1. Levi’s 501 Original Fit Jean: The classic cut-off jean is made of 100% cotton denim and comes in several colors and washes for more variety than ever before.
  2. Levi’s 501 Shrink-To-Fit Jean: If you’re looking for a dark wash jean that will shrink down to your exact size, this is the one for you! Just be aware that it does take about two weeks for these jeans to shrink down completely after washing them in hot water.
  3. Levi’s 511 Slim Jean: The slim-fitting 511 jean offers the same great fit as its predecessor but with the added benefit of stretchy fabric that moves with you while still giving you plenty of room in all the right places.

Best Womens Jeans To Wear With Cowboy Boots

How to Style Your Women’s Cowboy Boots

Women’s cowboy boots just may be the most versatile footwear a girl can have in her closet. While you can never go wrong with a great pair of boots and your favorite boot cut jeans, the possibilities for styling up cowboy boots are almost endless. In addition, boots are simultaneously casual, dressy, functional, and sporty. Very few footwear items can claim all that. To show different ways you can wear your cowboy boots, we asked some bloggers to give us examples of how they like to wear their boots. As you can see, wearing cowboy boots is hardly limited to boot cut pants. In fact, jeans aren’t even a requirement when deciding on what to wear with your boots. From shorts to skirts to dresses, boots can go with anything. So whether you need a functional outfit for the saddle, a professional look for the office, or something a little more flirty for going out, one well selected pair of cowboy boots can be combined with other apparel in almost any way to fit your specific style needs and current lifestyle. Below is just a small sampling of what to do with cowboy boots and, no doubt, you have some ideas of your own. We’re always looking for fresh ideas, so feel free to contact us or hop on over to the Langston’s Western Wear Facebook page and show us how you style your cowboy boots. Please note: Langston’s is not affiliated with any blogger included here or their site. We do not endorse, nor are we responsible for any any content on the sites linked to from this page. The opinions expressed on their pages are that of their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Langston’s Western Wear. In addition, their inclusion on this page does not constitute a formal endorsement or sponsorship on behalf of any party or product.

Cowboy Boots and Skinny Jeans

Style Your Cowboy With Skinny Jeans

Today’s women’s cowboy boots are more intricate and detailed than ever. From high fashion boots to daily wear, you can find boots with intricate stitching, bright colors, and beautiful inlay designs. This is why skinny jeans have become such a popular item to wear with cowboy boots. Not just a fad, skinny jeans have become a regular part of a woman’s denim rotation. Thankfully, the reemergence of skinny jeans has coincided with the rise of detailed boot making. The best part is that you can tuck them into the shaft to show off your boots with little to no scrunching up of the jeans. Raquel from Horses and Heels shows us exactly how it’s done. She’s paired some amazing Corral Boots with skinny jeans and a peasant blouse. A great look for any time of the year. Right in line with today’s looks, Raquel chose some colored skinny jeans. If you want the look, check out the colored Booty Up skinny jeans from Wrangler. Be sure to check out Horses and Heels for even more ideas on what to wear with your new boots.

With Boot Cut Jeans

Style Your Cowboy With Boot Cut Jeans

It’s a classic. Cowboy boots with boot cut jeans will never go out of style and, as Blair from Wild and Precious shows us, you just can’t go wrong with the look. It is at once both traditional and fashion forward. In fact, Blair’s whole outfit shows just how versatile boots can be. She could just as easily fit in at the ranch as she could at work or a party. When matching boots with boot cut jeans you will need to pay attention to some details. You definitely want to buy your jeans a bit longer than you would buy them for flats or sneakers. Many people buy them extra long and scrunch or “stack” the jeans at the bottom over the boots. However, if you don’t want to be stepping on the hem, get them about two inches longer than your regular inseam and you should look great. You should also note that not all boot cut jeans have a distinctive flare or bell to them. Boot cut, in general, simply means the leg opening is wider than the knee. How much wider the opening is can vary widely. So, if you want a belled look, be sure to look for “flare” jeans. On the other hand, there are a lot of jeans that will comfortably fit over boots without much, if any, noticeable flare.

Cowboy Boots and Denim Shorts

Style Your Cowboy With Denim Cut Offs

Recently, Kathleen of Jeremy and Kathleen was on a mission to put more cowboy in her urban existence. We at Langston’s Western Wear were happy to help enable her on her mission. She picked up some cowboy boots from us and went down to Cowboy’s club to see some live bull riding and do a little line dancing. As it was the beginning of summer, Kathleen matched her boots with a good ole American classic, denim cut off shorts. To complete the “straight outta Hazard county” look she tied off a classic western plaid shirt. This look can hardly be beat for doing a little honky tonkin’, especially when the temperatures start to rise. It’s cute, it’s fun, and her Ariat Boots look fantastic, proving that you CAN wear your boots all summer long. Be sure to read more about Kathleen’s Urban Cowgirl summer nightat Jeremy and Kathleen.

With Your Favorite Dress

Wear Cowboy Boots with your Favorite Dress

If you find yourself always trying to get another wear out of your favorite dress and haven’t tried it with your boots, try it and we bet you’ll be wearing that dress again tomorrow. Yet another way to really show off a boot’s detail, wearing boots with a dress can really give it a completely different style. The best part is that it works both ways. You can often dress up a casual dress with boots and dress down a more formal dress with the very same boots. It’s like they’re magic. Pam, fromOutside Voice gives us a great example. Her traditionally styled Dan Post Boots are a natural fit with her blue dress. It’s hard to imagine a situation where this wouldn’t work, except maybe the infamous black tie affair. She may not be hopping into the saddle wearing this, but, as you can tell, she fits in whether she’s out in the field or back in her neighborhood. Score another one for the versatility of cowboy boots.

Cowboy Boots and a Skirt

Cowboy Boots and a Skirt

People have been wearing cowboy boots with skirts probably since the first day a woman put on cowboy boots. However, that doesn’t mean the look is no longer fresh. Carly from Thirty Something Fashion put on a skirt with her stunning red Corral Boots. The result is an example of how easily cowboy boots can go just about any skirt, even one that may not first strike you as a “wear this with boots ” type skirt. This is also another pairing that gives you a great opportunity to put the latest style of boots on display, but don’t think it has to always be a striking boot to go with a skirt. Sometimes a simple traditional brown or black pair of boots can bring a lot of extra character to a skirt outfit. So, don’t feel like you have to go big just because you’re wearing a skirt. It’s also good to think about the height of the shaft (upper part of the boot) is in relation to the hem of your skirt. We try to not get caught up in rules around here, but usually you’re going to want to leave some space between the top of the boot and the hem or bring the hem all the way down to at least where the shaft meets the vamp, or lower part of the boot.

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