Best Shoes For Hostess

When you’re working as a hostess, you need to be prepared for anything.

You’re the first contact with every person who walks into your restaurant, and they’ll judge everything from your hair to your shoes. You can’t afford to look sloppy or unprepared—you need to be ready for anything.

And that means investing in shoes that will protect your feet and keep them comfortable for hours on end. But what do you look for when choosing shoes for work? What are some of the best options? We’ve got all the answers here!

Best Shoes For Hostess

4 Best Flight Attendant Shoes (As Recommended By Flight Attendants)

If you’re a flight attendant, then you know how tiring it can be to be on your feet all day.

Those long walks through the airport and long shifts mean that you need a pair of shoes that are first and foremost comfortable, but are also built to last, and shoes that look cute are also a plus.

Of course, any pair of shoes you buy must also conform to your airline’s appearance standards, too.

4 Best Shoes for Flight Attendants

Best Overall: Clarks Emslie Lulin Pump Shoes

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Clarks Emslie Lulin Pump

Best OverallThe Clarks Emslie Lulin Pump are the shoes flight attendants recommend the most.

The Clarks Emslie Lulin Pump Shoes are the most recommended shoes by flight attendants for flight attendants.

They’re very comfortable, look good with the uniform, and are built to last.

Suitable for even those ultra long haul flights, the shoes are also easy to adjust with their simple hook-and-loop closure, making them suitable for all foot widths.

Also Great: Dansko Fawna Shoes

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Dansko Fawna

Also GreatThe Dansko Fawn are also widely recommended by flight attendants around the world.

The Dansko Fawna Shoes are another great pair of shows that flight attendants often recommend to others.

This is down to the shoes providing excellent comfort while also looking cute.

These shoes allow for quick adjustment, provide the perfect amount of support, are spacious, and are smartly designed with their removable footbed with memory foam and built-in arch support.

Best Boots: Dream Pairs Chunky Heel Knee High and Up Boots

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Dream Pairs Knee High Boots

Best BootsThe Dream Pairs Knee High Boots will have no problem keeping your feet warm and comfortable.

If you want to keep your feet warm in those colder months, the Dream Pairs Chunky Heel Knee High and Up Boots are a great choice.

What makes them a great choice is that they will meet uniform standards while easily keeping your feet warm and comfortable.

They are also surprisingly lightweight for a pair of boots, and the chunky heels ensure that you are provided with all the support you need.

Best for Men: ECCO Helsinki Oxford Shoes

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ECCO Helsinki Oxford Shoes

Best for MenThe ECCO Helsinki Oxford Shoes are comfortable, look great, and will last for years.

The ECCO Helsinki Oxford Shoes may not be the cheapest pair of shoes, but when you’re on your feet all day, it becomes well worth paying a little more.

Smart-looking, durable, and comfortable – there is a lot to love about the ECCO Helsinki Oxford shoes.

It’s no surprise that they are favored by many male flight attendants all around the world.

Made of 100% leather, the Helsinki Oxford will hold up very well under everyday wear for a long time.

The shoes’ moisture-wicking lining designed to let your feet breathe is also very welcome.

Shoe Requirements for Flight Attendants

Female Flight Attendant Shoe Requirements

While it can vary by airline, flight attendants are generally only allowed to wear certain types of shoes that match a certain style.

Shoes that are and aren’t permitted to be worn also vary by whether a flight attendant is in uniform but not on the plane, and when a flight attendant is inflight.

The following shoe requirements for flight attendants come from United’s Appearance Standards.

While generally all airlines will follow very similar standards, each airline will have their own uniform appearance standards.

Shoes (Not Inflight)

  • Must be plain (no adornment), business-style, black smooth leather, leather-look, or patent-leather pump-style shoes, with a closed toe, heel and sides.
  • Mary Jane pump style with one strap fastened with a small buckle or button are permitted.
  • Heel height and width (pump and Mary-Jane style) must not exceed 3 inches measured from the inside of the heel. Heel height must be at least 1 inch and be a separate heel.
  • Hard sole, plain (no adornment), black flat-heeled (heel height at least ¼ inch) shoes are acceptable with the uniform pants. Skid-resistant sole is preferred. Loafers/tie shoes may be worn only with the pants.
  • Athletic style shoes, mules, wedges and clogs are not permitted.

Inflight Shoes

  • Heel height must be at least ¼ inch.
  • Must be plain (no adornment), business-style, black smooth leather, leather-look, or patent-leather with a closed toe, heel and sides.
  • Mary Jane style with one strap fastened with a small buckle or button are permitted.
  • Athletic style shoes, mules, wedges and boots are not permitted.


Many airlines allow their flight attendants to wear boots to and from the aircraft during cold or inclement weather.

  • Heel height should not exceed 3 inches.
  • When worn with the dress or skirt, boots may not extend above the knee.
  • Laces, straps, buckles and buttons are not permitted.
  • Ugg style and rain boots are not permitted.

Male Flight Attendant Shoe Requirements

For male flight attendants, the requirements are simpler, regardless if the shoes are worn at the airport or inflight.


  • Must be plain, black smooth leather (no patent leather) business-style shoes.
  • ƒSkid-resistant bottom with heel not to exceed ¾ inch is preferred.
  • ƒWing tips and loafers are acceptable (black tassels, kilties or one strap and buckle are acceptable).
  • ƒIf shoes have laces, they are to be black.
  • ƒAthletic shoes are not permitted.
  • ƒShoes with any kind of weave design are not permitted.


  • Must be plain black smooth leather (no patent leather), ankle boots are acceptable.
  • ƒ Heel height may be up to ¾ inch from inside of heel.
  • Cowboy boots are not permitted.
  • ƒ Skid-resistant bottom is preferred.

What to Look For When Buying Flight Attendant Shoes

  • Comfort

Considering that flight attendants can work very long shifts, it’s recommended that any shoes worn are comfortable at all times.

This includes those long walks through the airport, as well as inflight.

So it can be a good idea to purchase different pair of shoes that are better suited for each.

  • Material

Some airlines allow their flight attendants to wear shoes that are made from synthetic materials as long as they look like leather.

In our opinion, you should always pay that little extra to buy a leather pair of shoes, though, as they are more durable, better mold to the shape of your feet, and are more comfortable.

  • Skid Resistant

Skid resistant shoes feature softer outsoles that provide a better level of friction and resistance compared to other shoes.

Due to a flight attendant’s working environment, they are the recommended choice.

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