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I’m [your name]. I’m a blogger who loves to talk about all things fashion and beauty. I also love talking about what to wear on the weekend, because I know how hard it can be to put yourself together when you’re short on time and energy.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration for your weekend outfits, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re like most people, you probably spend most of your time at work. The weekend is a welcome reprieve from the routine of the week, but it can be hard to know what to wear when there’s so much freedom to choose.

Here are some tips for dressing appropriately for the weekend without looking like you’re heading into work:

What to wear on the weekend

The weekend is here! And it’s time to get ready for the fun stuff.

But what do you wear?

We all want to look good and feel great, even when we’re just hanging around the house. But it’s hard to know how to do that when you’re rushing out the door in a rush or feeling like you can’t be bothered with what you put on.

That’s where [website name] comes in. We’ve got everything you need to know about how to dress up your wardrobe for every day of the week—including how you can make your weekend outfits stand out without looking overdone.

It’s Friday!

You’ve made it through the week, and you deserve a weekend of relaxation. But what should you wear? It can be hard to know what to wear on a weekend day when you’re not sure if you’ll be going out for dinner or staying in for Netflix. That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of our favorite outfits for every situation this weekend: from something to wear if you’re running errands, to an outfit that’s perfect for brunch with friends, and everything in between.

6 Casual-Cool Outfits to Wear This Weekend

  • sherpa / leggings / sweater / boots. What is this? …
  • sweater / leggings / shacket / boots.
  • joggers / slippers / blue-light glasses / sweater.
  • pants / bodysuit / sneakers / puffer. What is this? …
  • long coat / leggings / sweatshirt / boots.
  • jeans / sweatshirt / sneakers / moto jacket.

6 Casual-Cool Outfits to Wear This Weekend

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Well, it’s officially happened here in Chicago—today we all innocently woke up, groggy and unsuspecting, to snow on the ground. Our commutes to work consisted of getting hit in the face by mounds of slush and our feet being soaked to the bone by the time we stepped into the threshold of our office.


17 Books to Read Before They Hit the Screen

trust us: you’re going to want to read these!


All of this to say: it feels like fall has gone out the door, and we are officially into survival mode—packing on cozy layers of sherpa and cashmere and wool before we dare step foot out the door. If it isn’t going to make me feel like I’m wrapped in a warm hug, I no longer want to wear it.

It’s the first weekend of November, and whether your weekend will consist of 60-something days and the crisp feels of fall, or you too are damned by the Midwest, I can guess you’re down to get dirty with all-things soft, cozy, and chic. Here’s what to wear to all of your casual weekend plans:


sherpa / leggings / sweater / boots


sweater / leggings / shacket / boots


joggers / slippers / blue-light glasses / sweater


pants / bodysuit / sneakers / puffer


long coat / leggings / sweatshirt / boots


jeans / sweatshirt / sneakers / moto jacket\

How to Dress for the Weekend

Q: During the workweek, I dress like a grown-up, but when Saturday comes, I revert to slobbish collegiate habits. How can I look good on days off but still be totally comfortable?

By Adam Glassman

Adam Glassman

Photo: Mark Von Holden/Getty Images Entertainment

A: Not by reaching automatically for worn-out pink sweatpants! I know: After five days in pencil skirts and pumps, you want to collapse into elastic waists and running shoes. But a few no-fail, no-brainer weekend outfits—that aren’t too businesslike or too schlumpy—will serve you better. Don’t go the oversize route. Body-skimming shapes are always more attractive than baggy.

Also, avoid black, with its formal connotations. Pastels are much better (but not head to toe—too Easter Bunny); so are pale neutrals like khaki, sand, and dusty rose.

Buying a whole separate Saturday-to-Sunday wardrobe isn’t necessary. I say stock up on basics—dark jeans, nicely fitting khakis or corduroys, cute cotton sweaters, stylish T-shirts, a casual jacket. Then mix them with more office-y pieces, either current staples or former weekday standbys recycled for weekend use. With flat shoes and less-polished accessories, even pinstripes can look casual. In short, make an effort. Next time you bump into an ex at the supermarket, you’ll be glad you did.

What to wear on throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday is a day to share your favorite photos from the past.

This is a great time for businesses to show off their brand’s history, too. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some ideas:

-Show off your company’s first product or service—with a little bit of context about what it was like at the time and why it’s still relevant today.

-Share old photos of employees, or even yourself! They can be funny or serious, but they should always show something about who you are and what you do.

Throwback Thursday is a fun way to share photos from the past. You can show off your childhood, post a photo of when you first got a job or moved into your first apartment, or even post pictures from your wedding day.

When you’re ready to post your throwback Thursday photo, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • What is the tone of the post? Is it going to be serious or more light-hearted?
  • What are the colors in your photo? Does it have any other elements (like textures or patterns) that might help convey a message about you?
  • Is this an opportunity for you to share something new and exciting with your followers, or is it just a fun way to reminisce?

Spirit Week Day 4: Throwback Thursday Styles

Juniors Abbey Janiga, Haley Adams, and Taylor Lech brighten the day in their neon 80s outfits.

Ever miss 70’s bell bottoms or 90’s chokers? Good news! Each class represented their favorite decade on Thursday, Oct. 3, with the freshman rocking their 90’s ripped jeans and plaid skirts. The sophomores were on cruisin’ in 50’s leather pants and T-birds jackets. Juniors exploded with color with their neon fishnets and off the shoulder scoop neck shirts. Seniors embodied flower power with their bandanas and bohemian skirts.

Sophomores are in first with 1,426 spirit points followed by seniors with 1,251 points. Juniors are close behind with 1,220 points and the freshman are in last with 1,086 spirit points. Friday Oct. 4, is class color day and another chance to earn more spirit points!

“It was really fun dressing up and seeing everyone’s outfits,” said junior Leila Hendrix. “I definitely want to do it again and maybe be 70’s next time.”

Maya Porter and Ruby Hunsaker, Juniors dress up like they are striaght out of the 80s.

Carina Funk, Lindsay Ahn and Erika Strobel rock and roll their school spirit.

Grace Schofield, Pooja Challala and Abby Doyle go all out on decades day.

Juniors Abby Janiga, Haley Adams and Taylor Lech brighten the day in their neon 80s outfits.

Meher Bhohi, Jaya Tuggle and Andrea Silva, Seniors spread peace and love with their 70’s decade day outfits.

Throwback Thursday

Example of a Throwback Thursday photo: A woman in a knit dress with flared sleeves works at an early-model Servus desktop computer in the 1970s
Example of a Throwback Thursday photo | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Throwback Thursday, or TBT, is a social media trend where users share funny, happy, or interesting memories weekly on Thursdays. The theme day gained traction on Instagram in 2011 and also became popular on Twitter and Facebook.

Social media users generally post nostalgic photos, typically from years or decades ago, accompanied by a comment about the subject and the hashtag #tbt#throwbackthursday, or #throwback. The hashtags expose the posts to more social media users searching through the tags. In addition to posting photos, people also share links to music and memories from past social media posts using apps like Timehop.

TBT has become so popular that users post on days other than Thursday with the #tbt or #throwback hashtag. They have also come up with Flashback Friday (#flashbackfriday and #fbf). The trend has even inspired dress-up days and gatherings where participants wear retro clothing, accessories, and hairstyles.

  • Throwback Thursday ideas: cute baby photos, goofy childhood poses, silly pets, old friends, obsolete technology, outdated home decor, weird holiday traditions, cringe-worthy pop culture trends, embarrassing fashion, regrettable hairstyles, past vacations, famous people you’ve met, songs that were cool back in the day but are hilarious today, ridiculous movies, TV shows, and commercials

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