Silk Bath Robe

Our classic bath robe is crafted from the finest quality mulberry silk.

Soft and luxurious, the silk bathrobe from our exclusive Regal Collection.

This breathable and lightweight robe is made from 100% silk, making it super soft and comfortable to wear in the shower or bath.

Our silk robes are perfect for lounging around at home. Wear this robe whenever you need to feel relaxed and at ease with its lightweight silk fabric. The floral print makes it perfect to use specifically before bed, or when receiving guests in the living room.

Soft, lightweight and warm, these robes are made of 100% pure silk. Perfect for lounging around the house in style.

Our silk bath robe is a classic accessory that provides a luxurious feel and comfortable wrap.

Our silk bath robes are incredibly luxurious and we’ve seen that customers order them over and over again. High quality!

The silk bath robe is made of 100% pure silk and is beautifully crafted. The fine fabric is soft and comfortable.

Our silk bath robes are made of 100% pure silk and designed to be both comfortable and luxurious. Each robe is handmade in our workshop, with a classic cut and soft, durable material.

Made from the finest pure natural silk, this bath robe is designed to wrap you in luxury.

Our 100% Silk Bathrobe is made of soft and lightweight silk to feel smooth on your skin. This three-quarter sleeve robe has an oversized collar and belt, making it perfect for lounging around the house.

This silk bath wrap robe has a loose, comfortable and generous cut. Designed with front ties and a belt, it can be worn open or closed.

This silk bath robe is made from a luxurious soft, lightweight and comfortable fabric.

Made from 100% pure silk, our bath robe is soft and lightweight, offering you the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The perfect gift idea for any occasion.

A luxurious silk robe is essential to any modern man’s wardrobe. The 100% mulberry silk bathrobe is stylish and ultra-comfortable, perfect for lounging in style after your morning shower or a cozy evening at home.

Our signature silk robe is crafted in China to our exacting specifications. It feels so smooth and comfortable on your skin, you won’t want to leave home without it.

In a classic yet contemporary design, this robe is trimmed with satin ties and comes in a range of colors to suit any bathroom décor.

Silk bath robe is a lightweight and comfortable robe made of 100% silk. It is super soft, breathable, and cool to wear.

This silk bath robe features a classic collar and cuffs, as well as a hidden metallic zipper along the front. The luxurious fabric provides silky soft comfort while the lightweight towel fabric is easy to care for and comfortable enough to use as a bath sheet or beach wrap.

This luxurious bath robe is made from 100% silk and features a relaxed fit, making it perfect for lounging around the house or a vacation destination.

Enjoy your morning routine in luxurious style while lounging in this sumptuously soft bathrobe. 100% silk pile is designed to be both warm and silky soft, perfect for a cozy morning.

Made from 100% silk, this robe is lightweight and breathable, providing light warmth and a luxurious feel.

This lightweight robe is crafted from 100% silk, which is known to be breathable, comfortable and soft to the touch.

The silk bath coat combines luxury with comfort. This bath robe is comfortable, breathable and water-repellent with a high-quality finish that promises to last.

The silk bath robe is the perfect blend of comfort and elegance, offering you a warm and cozy feeling after a long shower. In addition to its soft touch, it also protects your skin from all kinds of diseases and disorders.

Discover luxury on your next spa day with this lightweight, soft and breathable silk bath robe. Stylish and ultra-comfortable for the perfect pampering experience, the robe features a belt for added convenience and long sleeves to keep you warm after your bath or shower. Wear it alone or dress it up with a shrug or scarf.

Our luxurious 100% silk bath robe is the perfect addition to your evening bathroom ritual. Our robe features a full length side zipper, and silk tie belt.

Our silk bathrobes are made from 100% mulberry silk, making them both luxurious and comfortable.

This ultra-soft robe is an ideal match for your home spa. The lightweight fabric and elegant design make it a must-have for lounging around, or to wear after your bath or shower.

This silk bath robe will keep you feeling and looking great. The luxurious silk feels soft, smooth, and sensuous.

A luxurious silk bath robe that will be your everyday favorite.

Made with 100% silk, this classic robe is designed to be worn after your shower or bath. It is lightweight and breathable, perfect for the warmer months.

This is a comfortable bath robe with a length of 95 cm and material weight of 550 grams.

This robe’s classic style is timeless and elegant, but it’s also super soft, thanks to its 100% premium silk fabric.

Our company has been proud to design and produce the world’s finest silks, including our luxurious silk bath robe. Each robe is hand-crafted by expert craftsmen who have devoted their lives to mastering the art of silk spinning. Through our dedication and commitment to quality, we are able to bring affordable luxury to your home.

This silk bath robe is comfortable and easy to wear. It is made of 100% silk.

This silk bathrobe is perfect for resort rooms, hotel suites and home spa experiences. Made from 100 percent pure silk, it’s a luxurious statement piece that will have everyone asking where you got it

This silk bathrobe is soft to the touch and lightweight with a roomy, relaxed fit. It’s made from 100% mulberry silk and has a classic, mildew-resistant finish.

Pure Silk Bathrobe by Amouage is a luxury robe made from pure silk. It’s lightweight, available in a variety of colors, and has a simple design that won’t clash with your other Amouage fragrances.

This classic robe is the perfect way to cozy up after a long day. Made from silk, it feels smooth and luxurious on your skin.

For those looking to add some luxury to their bathroom, our silk bath robe fits the bill. Lightweight and luxurious, this robe is made from 100% silk, offering you the softness of cotton but with the durability of a long lasting fabric.

Stay cozy and warm after your bath or shower with this silk bath robe. Made from 100% silk, it is soft and light on the skin and features kimono sleeves for added warmth. For sizing, please refer to this chart:

Made from pure silk, this bath robe is light, airy and soft to the touch.

This beautiful silk bathrobe is a luxurious addition to your morning routine, from the moment you step out of bed to the moment you slip into bed again.

Enjoy total comfort and luxury in this soft and comfortable bath robe.

The robe is made from silk, which provides a smooth and soft sensation. The wide sleeves make it easy to wear and remove.

silk bath robe featuring a unique, lightweight and silky material that’s perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating after a long day.

The silk bathrobes are made from 100% pongee silk, which wraps you in a luxurious mix of softness and warmth.

A luxurious bath robe is a must-have for relaxation at home, whether you’re unwinding after a busy day or getting ready for bed. This super-soft silk bathrobe envelopes your body in cozy warmth, while its modern design is worthy of lounging around the house on lazy Saturday mornings.

Slip into relaxation with this smooth and supple pair of silk bathrobes. Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, these robes are strong, breathable and durable.

Your perfect bath robe is here. Our soft, lightweight, breathable terry velour robe features a shawl-collar design and a luxurious silk sateen stripe, giving your bathroom a spa-quality look and feel. Made in the USA, its tailored fit makes it easy to slip on and off, while a hidden hook at the waist ensures it stays secure while you go about your day.

Our silk robe is treated to feel as luxurious on your skin as it looks. It’s crafted from a blend of silk, cashmere and cotton that provides exceptional comfort, while the fine-textured weave offers a sophisticated look.

Our silk bath robe is made from 100% pure silk and feels softer against your skin than anything you’ve ever felt before. It’s the perfect addition to your morning routine, or a great gift for someone else.

What’s important when you’re pampering yourself? Comfort and luxury. And these gorgeous silk bathrobes offer both. With a super soft 100% Chinese silk, they are light and thin to wear yet thick enough to ensure warmth.

Our luxury bath robes are made of 100% silk that feels like butter, comfortable and soft to the touch. They are quickly becoming our most popular robes because they are so soft, but also very warm in the winter months and cool in the summer.

Our satin bathrobe is perfect for any occasion. With a lightweight, yet sturdy construction, this robe is perfect for lounging around at home or looking your best for an evening out.

The Afton Spa Robe is designed with the highest quality, pure silk that feels luxurious and smooth against your skin. The robe features elegant embroidery at the collar and a deep side slit.

Crafted from double-layer 100% silk, this robe exudes a decadent and luxe vibe that is sure to command attention. Masterfully hand-stitched with the highest quality, it’s constructed to look good, wear well, and feel even better.

Our silk bath robe is designed for optimal comfort and convenience.

The silk bathrobe is the perfect addition to any travelers wardrobe, complementing the silky smooth feel of this robe with a striking contrast in colours and patterns on your travels.

Enjoy the ultimate in sink-side luxury with a silk bathrobe from Martha Stewart. This unique robe is made from soft, breathable silk.

Enjoy the luxury of soft and silky fabric wrapped around you while you relax in this sumptuously smooth, silk robe.

Relax and unwind in our 100% silk robe. Soft, luxurious and incredibly comfortable, this piece is a must-have for any home

Our robe is made from the finest quality silk and dry clean only. It has a concealed side-seam zipper with an invisible secure button closure on the outside.

Our silk bath robe with embroidered trim is the perfect gift for a sophisticated gentleman.

The Silk Bathrobe is a sophisticated, yet functional robe with a drop-front kimono style collar and a kimono sleeve. The hidden belt allows you to cinch the robe in at your waist for a flattering fit.

A classic 100% silk robe in a clean, Modern design. Our softest bathrobe is perfect for relaxing at home or enjoying a glass of wine on your bed before bed.

Bathrobe made of silk on the outside and inside, with pocket, detachable belt and tie.

This silk robe is soft, lightweight and comfortable. It is ideal for travel as it dries quickly and packs easily.

The robe is made of 100% silk and features an adjustable tie, slits at the waist and cuffs, button closures, a clean-cut design, and mid-thigh length.

A silk bath robe is the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Our lightweight robes are made from Japanese 100% Mulberry Silk, providing unparalleled softness and longevity. They are double-sided for added warmth and durability and feature a thoughtful front pocket for you to stash your essentials.

The silk bath robe is made from 100% pure mulberry silk, it is extremely absorbent and lightweight, feels soft and comfortable to wear. It has a convenient side pocket, great for keeping things within reach on the go.

This is a fabulous silk bath robe, perfect for relaxing after a long day. It’s very soft and comfortable to wear.

In 100% silk, this bath robe is the perfect indulgence.

This elegant bathrobe is crafted from 100% silk and feels luxurious on your skin.

Being in soft, smooth, and cozy clothing is a feeling that holds us back from being miserable for those hours of after-work fatigue.

This silk bath robe is the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday or housewarming party. The soft, comfortable feel of this garment makes it the ultimate relaxation item.

This lightweight Silk Bath Robe is the ultimate luxury for your bathing experience. Made from pure silk, this robe will give you a natural and comfortable feeling.

Silk bath robe is made from the most luxurious silk that will make you feel like a princess. This robe has pockets and belt loops.

The perfect bath robe combines luxurious materials with the right design to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Made with 100% silk fabric and crafted in Italy, our silk bathrobe is the epitome of luxury.

Made of 100% silk, this robe is the perfect addition to your loungewear wardrobe. The lightweight fabric will keep you cool and dry during hot summer months, while its classic cut makes it a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

The perfect robe for to and from the shower.

silk bath robe is designed for those who want to pamper themselves with the most beautiful and luxurious things in life. This silk bathrobe represents our commitment to design, quality, and sophistication

Our Silk Bathrobe makes a luxurious addition to any bathroom. The light and airy 100% silk robe is naturally absorbent and gentle on the skin, while its natural color and soft texture provide supreme comfort.

Made from pure silk, this bath robe is a must-have for luxury during your next spa day. It’s soft and absorbent, providing you with the perfect texture of relaxation.

Our silky robe is the ultimate luxurious, lightweight and wrinkle-resistant bathrobe for men and women. Crafted from 100% silk, this robe features a center back seam, two side pockets and single sleeve pocket.

Made from pure, silky-soft crepe de chine. This bathrobe features a belted waist and long sleeves with ruffled cuffs for a light, airy style

This robe has a classic, luxurious look and feel while featuring the most technically advanced weaving technology in the industry. Designed to be lightweight, it still provides all the durability needed to withstand repeated use.

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