Original Coral Beads Price in Nigeria

Buyandslay coral beads are at the range of NGN 20000- 50000 per strand. Buyandslay sells coral beads by strands and also in sets for bride and groom in Nigeria. We ship to USA, Uk, and so may other countries. We offer beading services as well. When searching for where to buy original coral beads, Buyandslay is the best online store to get original coral beads in Nigeria.

We are the leading coral beads suppliers in Nigeria. We supply beading materials and jewelry making accessories to local and international markets. If you are looking for where to buy original red coral beads, we have some of the best red coral beads at great prices. Our customers’ satisfaction is our main concern. Our team of experts will guide you throughout your purchase process.

Kalabari Coral Beads

Are you looking for original Kalabari wedding beads? You are in the right website.

We have a wide range of original wedding beads available for sale. Our beads are made of genuine coral, which is a natural stone that has been popular for its beautiful color and texture. It is also one of the most expensive gemstones used in jewelry making.

Our prices are very affordable, making it easy for you to get your dream wedding beads at an affordable price.Shop all exclusive design Coral beaded necklace set. We can also make your designs for you. Send us your photos and we will work with the design you want.

We are the best source of Kalabari Coral Beads in Nigeria. Our beads are made from real Kalabari Coral, making them authentic and original. We have a wide range of designs to choose from and we can also work with your design to make it look like a masterpiece.

We specialize in making beaded necklaces and bracelets which can be used during weddings, parties, ceremonies and any other special occasion. We also do custom designs if you have your own design in mind. Send us a photo and we will create something beautiful just for you.

Nigerian Coral Beads Meaning

Nigerian coral beads signify royalty used mostly by the Edos, Delta and Igbo’s for traditional marriages, coronation and different cultural ceremonies.

The Benin people are known for their use of coral beads in their jewelry. These beads were used by the Benin people to beautify themselves as well as make offerings to ancestral spirits and deities.

In addition to being used as jewelry, these beads have also been used for medicinal purposes by the locals who believe that they have magical healing powers.

Coral beads are made from the organic remains of living and non-living organisms that have solidified through time to produce sedimentary rocks.

These corals occur in a variety of forms, shapes, and colors; yet, their naturalism and stylization distinguish each coral.

Where to Buy Original Coral Beads

Buyandslay is the best online store where you can get original coral beads in Nigeria. The quality of our coral Beads determines the price range. We have a wide range of jewellery made from genuine materials to choose from and we are open for your orders online 24/7.

When it comes to Original Coral Beads Price in Nigeria, we have a wide range of prices. Buyandslay sells original coral beads wholesale in Nigeria. You can also get some affordable coral beads from us..

We offer a wide range of quality products and services at the best price possible. If you are looking to buy original coral beads or any other product or service, we have them all at very affordable prices.

Original coral beads price in nigeria are at the range of NGN 20000- 50000 per strand. The quality determines the price range. Buyandslay Coral Beads Company Limited is a great online store where to get original coral beads in Nigeria with beading services

Buyandslay has the best original coral beads price in Nigeria. You can buy original coral beads at a reasonable price. Also get beading services with our expert artisans. Don’t waste time, Contact us today and order your original coral beads wholesale in Nigeria.

Coral beads are beautiful. They have been used for generations by Nigerian women. However, when it comes to original coral price in nigeria, the quality matters. Buyandslay does not offer its customers cheap fake plastics or plastic beads with look-alike design. Our price is for quality necklace and bracelet with Original set of beads that come together as a set.

How Much is Coral Beads in Nigeria?

Coral beads are a popular jewelry accessory in Nigeria. They are made from the skeletons of sea animals, and can be found in a variety of colors and shapes.

The price will depend on the size and quality of the coral bead, as well as how many kilos of material you purchase at once. Coral beads are typically sold by weight, with prices ranging between NGN 40000 and NGN 60000 per string.

Coral beads are a traditional type of jewelry that’s been around for centuries. They’re made from the calcium carbonate skeletons of sea creatures, and they can be found in a range of colors.

They are also sometimes called “African pearls.”Coral beads have been used by people in West Africa and all across the Indian Ocean for many years.

Some people even use them as an accent piece on clothing or scarves. Coral beads are often used to make necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings.

These beads can be found in Nigeria (especially Lagos and Benin) and throughout other parts of West Africa, but they may also be purchased online from international sellers like Buyandslay.

Urhobo Coral Beads

Shop all exclusive Urhbo design Coral beaded necklace set. We can also make your designs for you. Send us your photos and we will work with the design you want.

It’s time to get that perfect piece of jewelry you’ve been searching for. Our exclusive collection of coral beads necklace sets will make a statement in any outfit. With our fast shipping and excellent customer service, you’ll never need to go anywhere else again.

Yoruba Coral Beads for Sale

If you’re looking for where to buy Yoruba coral beads in Lagos, Nigeria, you’ve come to the right place.

You can find these beautiful beads at buyandslay an online store in lagos. We specialize in selling traditional beads.

Buyandslay has been selling coral beads for ages. We believe that when people wear them they are connected to their culture and heritage because they remind them of where they come from; this is why we try so hard to find authentic pieces that were made by local craftsmen who have been working in this industry for generations.

Igbo Coral Beads for Sale in Nigeria

Authentic Igbo coral beads are known to be one of the most treasured items in Africa. The beads are made from a very rare form of coral found only in the sea and they are very valuable because they have been traditionally used by the Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria as a symbol of wealth, beauty, and fertility. Because these beads have such an important cultural significance for the Igbo people, it is important to know whether you are buying genuine beads or fake ones when shopping for them.

Genuine Igbo coral beads are harvested from the ocean floor and then sold by local artisans and online stores like buyandslay who hand carve them into beautiful designs. They come in many different sizes and shapes but all of them have a smooth surface with sharp edges on one side and rounded edges on the other side. They can be used as accessories for jewelry making projects like necklaces or bracelets.

Fake Igbo coral beads often try to imitate real ones by using plastic materials instead of real coral shells but they do not have any value as authentic jewelry pieces because they cannot be passed down through generations like true Igbo coral beads can! If you want to purchase genuine Igbo

Genuine Coral Beads for Sale

We are selling genuine coral beads. These are 100% genuine and we have a wide variety of colors. You can choose from red, pink, orange and white. We can also create custom colors for you if you want something unique.

These beads are great for jewelry making and other crafts. They look beautiful when used in bracelets, necklaces and other types of jewelry items.

We sell them by strings abd in sets so you can get as many as you need without breaking your budget. This makes them ideal for those who want to make their own jewelry at home using their own creativity rather than buying something premade that does not reflect their style or personality! Please contact us today about ordering your own bag of these beautiful coral beads.

White Coral Beads in Lagos Nigeria

Coral beads are one of the most beautiful and valuable stones in the world. It is also known as “White Coral”. This bead is an organic material that comes from a marine animal called coral polyps. The white corals are used to make jewelry, necklaces and bracelets. They are mainly found in China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia and other parts of the world including Nigeria.

The value of the white corals depends on their color and size. They come in different colors ranging from white to deep brownish-red. The darker ones are more expensive than the lighter ones because they have better clarity and shine.

The best quality beads have a crystal-like appearance with sharp edges and shiny surfaces whereas lower quality ones have duller surfaces with rounded edges or dulled corners due to improper cutting during manufacturing process or exposure to excessive heat during processing steps such as annealing process which may cause some cracks along edges or corners due to thermal stress caused by rapid cooling process after heating step which causes internal stresses within crystal structure at high temperatures causing some cracking along edges or corners during cooling.

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