Several couples today have fallen in love with Moissanite, the most exciting and luxurious created gemstone. Its sleek, modern design is a surefire way to turn heads. Plus, its created, so it’s suitable for many designs. We will discuss the Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring, oval moissanite engagement rings with halo and oval moissanite engagement ring set.

Beautiful and radiant, oval moissanites can be paired with any engagement ring with this contemporary center stone style. Romantic and distinctive, the female curves of oval cut moissanites work perfectly with oval engagement ring settings.

This beautiful oval moissanite engagement ring is the perfect way to celebrate your love and commitment. The ring features a gorgeous white moissanite center stone surrounded by dazzling diamonds, making it the perfect choice for your bride-to-be.

The white color of the moissanite center stone is what makes it unique. Most moissanite stones feature a slight yellow tint, but this one has no tint at all—it’s a pure white diamond that’s just as beautiful as any other diamond you could choose.

The ring itself is made from solid 14k white gold, which means that it lasts forever without any need for repair or re-plating. The band itself is smooth and shiny, with a slight curve on the inside edge to add some dimensionality to the ring and make it more interesting than other plain bands might be.

What to Consider Before Buying Mossanite Engagement Ring

In terms of buying an engagement ring, diamonds have always been a classic and popular choice. However, they have been roiled by a number of ethical questions, along with concerns about how rough diamond mining impacts the environment.

It is always best to ensure that the Diamond you purchase is conflict-free. You may also consider using a moissanite ring if you’re concerned about the environment.

Discover everything you need to know about moissanite along with 15 beautiful options for every budget and taste.

What is Moissanite Gemestone ?

Moissanite is a mineral that has a very similar look to a diamond which comes from silicon carbide. Moissanite is one of the hardest substances known and is one of the cheapest When deciding whether or not to choose a moissanite engagement ring over a diamond one, this is a matter of personal preference. Some couples prefer a moissanite over a diamond because of its durability and affordability while others prefer a real diamond.alternatives to diamonds.

Vintage Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

Traditional and heritage values are among the most important considerations when it comes to gemstones. The fact that they are passed on to successive generations puts the focus on their quality, longevity and captivating appeal. “

A massive moissanite in the center is the source of the stone’s magnetism. Glances alone do not do it justice. After all, this jewel is like the long-lost sister of the myriad jewels found in a Queen’s chest.

Is Moissanite a Best Choice  for Engagement Rings?

Moissanite has many similar qualities to diamonds, including its look and durability. If you are deciding whether you want to choose a moissanite engagement ring over a diamond ring, this is really up to personal preference. Some couples will prefer to save money and purchase this durable but cost-friendly stone, others will like the idea of a real diamond.

Do Moissanite Rings Look Fake?

There are also differences in quality between moissanite and diamond. It would also depend on the quality of stone you buy, the colour and cut can make a big difference. Choose wisely, and you can get yourself a super sparkly, impressive and expensive-looking ring.

Is Moissanite Conflict-Free?

Because Moissanite can be produced in a laboratory as well as found naturally, it is conflict-free.

Does Moissanite Turn Yellow or Cloudy?

This ring is perfect for engagement rings because it won’t turn yellow or become cloudy over time.

What is the Cost of Moissanite Engagement Ring?

You can save up to 90% by purchasing moissanite rings. In general, moissanite rings are more affordable than diamonds, making them a good option for budget shoppers.

Oval Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

The Moissanite Oval cut is exclusive to Moissanite. It boasts the same brilliance and light reflectivity as the Brilliant Round. Perfectly symmetrical, the cutting creates a modern yet timeless look and extends fingers creating a stunning appearance.

The oval cut design has been refined and refined over the last century by master Russian jeweller, Lazare Kaplan. The shape is oval from above and below, and cone shaped from the side.

Oval moissanite engagement rings with halo

The cut grading for oval gemstones is important as they reflect sunlight, making the stone appear larger than it actually is. Whether presented either portrait or landscape, oval gemstones make ideal centrepieces for engagement rings.

Generally speaking, the longer and less circular the facets are, the more they appear longer. When the facets are elongated or bowshaped it gives the effect of the facets being over twice their real length.

An oval cut engagement ring can also be classic, chic, and elegant – like Kirsten Dunst’s engagement ring. Her gold oval cut engagement ring is set on a simple band, which gives it a slender, subtle elegance.

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