How Many Curtain Panels for 72 Window?

It depends on the size of window, but a rule of thumb is to measure the length and width of your window, then divide the width by two. That’s how many panels you need to cover your window.

The most common sizes for a curtain panel is either 30″ or 36″. This means that when you measure the width of your window, it will be half of that measurement. If you have a 72″ wide window, you should order two panels, one for each side of the window. The length of these curtains is measured by how long you want them. It’s recommended to keep them at least six inches longer than the window so they can reach all the way down to the floor without being too long.

If you want something more formal like silk or velvet curtains, then they should be ordered in custom lengths so they can be made just right for your home decorating needs.

To determine how many curtain panels you will need for a 72-inch window, use the following chart:

72-inch window with 1 panel = 72 inches wide (required width) x 43 inches long (required length)

72-inch window with 2 panels = 72 inches wide (required width) x 86 inches long (required length)

72-inch window with 3 panels = 72 inches wide (required width) x 129 inches long (required length)

How many Curtain Panels for 80 Inch Window?

To find out how many curtain panels you’ll need for an 80-inch window, measure the width of the window from left to right. Then add 15 inches to that number. That will be your total width, which includes the width of the curtain rod.

You can use this formula to determine how many panels you’ll need if you’re using a rod or other type of hanging hardware:

Total width of window + 15 inches = Number of panels needed.

How many Curtain Panels for Sliding Glass Door?

The answer to this question depends on the thickness of your curtain panel.

If you have a thin curtain panel, you can use two panels to cover a sliding glass door. The panels should hang from the top to the bottom of the door, but they don’t need to overlap.

If you have a thick curtain panel, use three or four panels for coverage. These curtains should hang from the top to the bottom of the door and overlap by 1/2″. If you use four panels, make sure they’re evenly spaced so that there are no gaps between them.

If you have a sliding glass door, you probably have curtains on it. But how many curtain panels do you need? The answer depends on the width of your sliding glass door and the length of the curtain rod.

First, measure the length of your sliding glass door. Then measure the width of your curtain rod (including finials). Finally, multiply these two numbers together. That’s how many panels you’ll need.

One curtain panel is enough to cover a sliding glass door, as long as it’s not too wide. If you’re looking for more privacy or to block out light, adding a second curtain panel might be helpful.

If your sliding glass door is more than 96 inches wide, you’ll want two panels. If it’s less than 96 inches wide, one panel should do the trick.

Finally, if your doors are really tall and you want to cover them entirely with curtains, you may need three or four panels total.

The number of panels you need for your sliding glass door depends on the size of your window, how wide you want the curtains to be, and whether or not you want room for a pleat.

It’s best to measure your window before buying any curtain panels, since it can be difficult to get a precise fit otherwise. To measure the width of your window, measure from side to side at the top and bottom of the frame, then add these two numbers together.

If you want your curtains to hang outside of your window frame but inside of the frame of the door (so they don’t jut out into your living room) then add an extra half inch or so to this measurement. This way they’ll still cover most of the glass while leaving just enough space for light from outside to come through.

For custom-made curtains with pleats in them—which look great if done well—you’ll need about four times as many panels as for plain ones (so for example if you have an 8-foot-wide sliding glass door then you’d need 32 panels).

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