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The Banarasi saree is a traditional Indian garment that originated in the city of Banaras, now known as Varanasi. The sari is traditionally worn by women of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist communities in India. It also has regional variations in different parts of the country. Banarasi sarees are one of the most popular styles of saris in India. They are named after the city of Banaras, which is now known as Varanasi and is located in Uttar Pradesh. The hand-woven silk saris are considered to be a symbol of royalty and wealth in India. They are known for their bright colors, intricate designs and sometimes even gold threads used in their weaving.

Yellow and Red Banarasi Saree

Yellow and red banarasi saree are very popular among women. It can be used in weddings, festivals and occasions. Yellow and red banarasi saree are very soft and beautiful to wear with any type of makeup. Buyandslay is one stop destination for shopify, woocommerce integration, ecommerce solutions and e-business development solutions. We have special package for online sellers like Blouse designing, Saree designing, Banarasi saree designing services at affordable prices. Even if you have no idea about what your customers want so we will design product for you according to your choice of fabric, color combinations and designs only after talking to your customers then we will make it possible for you to sell more.

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Mustard yellow banarasi saree

Mustard yellow is a shade of yellow which can be used for both casual and formal wear. This color looks good on almost everyone and most of the time, you do not even need a make-up to look good in this color. It has been used by many designers as the main color of their collection.

There are many ways to wear mustard yellow sarees. One way is by pairing it with a simple white kurta and black colored leggings or palazzos. You can also pair it with an off-white kurta and a pair of matching palazzos for a complete look.

Another option is to pair your mustard yellow saree with pink or red colored bangles, earrings and rings for an elegant look. For an everyday look, you can pair your mustard yellow saree with black leggings or palazzos along with your favorite pair of heels or flats!

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This beautiful saree is made from Banarasi silk fabric with a vibrant mustard yellow base color, which is embellished with intricate zari and stone work all over the body of the saree, making it a true piece of art. The saree comes with a matching blouse piece that has been attached prior to shipping, so you can wear your saree right out of the box.

All you need is to look at this fabric and the first thing that comes in mind is how stunning it is. A tricolor banarasi saree with a yellow background, red zari border and a pink pallu, this designer saree is bound to earn you many compliments.

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Yellow and Pink Banarasi Saree

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The bright yellow and red banarasi saree, the one that you see here is made of good quality materials and is available in various designs. This design is a blend of a beautiful combination of yellow and red all over the fabric. You can wear this attire as an evening attire or in any other occasion, it looks amazing. Also get it customized according to your size preference.

rayon saree is a light, soft and non-stretchy fabric that drapes the body beautifully. Rayon is produced by cellulose fiber derived from bamboo, cotton and wood pulp. It can be washed in cold or warm water but not in hot water. Dry cleaning dyes are used to dye this saree as it does not absorb dyes very well and colour will run so never use powdered colours to dye your rayon saree.

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Banarasi sari blouse patterns are considered to be the most popular one among all the sarees. These blouses have the combination of classic fabric that has been woven with exquisite designing and embroidery work. Gold threads are also used to give a shimmery effect on the sarees that look great when they are worn by girls with any age group. This type of banarasi saris is also sold as cotton or silk sarees with matching chunni (scarves) in different colors.

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