Women’s long tops to wear with leggings

We know this is a controversial issue, but we’re here to tell you that it can be done. And, sometimes, it’s even better than wearing jeans.

Long tops look great with leggings because they balance out the length of your legs and make them appear longer. Plus, they’re so versatile—you can wear them with sneakers or heels, and they’ll look great either way. The best part? They’re super easy to throw on when you’re running late in the morning! It’s like wearing PJs for grownups: no need for a belt or shoes!

Because these tops are so easy to dress up or down, they’re perfect for any occasion—from the office to a night out on the town. And we’ve got all kinds of styles to choose from: floral prints and soft pastels; dark colors like black and navy blue; stripes in every direction; even some with sequins that’ll catch everyone’s eye!

Leggings are lighter and thinner than skinny jeans and pants, so they’re more revealing. This means you need a few long tops to wear with leggings included in your basic wardrobe.

The best long tops to wear with leggings cover your bum and your crotch. A longer top will make you look classy and feel confident wearing leggings over 40 and beyond. Here are a few in stores right now that will transition well into fall.

Long Tops with Leggings - Black

1. Tunics

Just search tunics when you are looking for the perfect top for leggings. A simple tunic with clean lines and a single focal point, like this lace-up neckline, is modern and chic. Black on black is always slimming, and sexy too.

Long Tops with Leggings - Pink Bow Sleeve

2. Long Shirts and  Blouses

How do you make leggings look casually chic? Just add a button-front blouse or shirt.  This classic coral shirt with the feminine bows at the sleeves is a modern romantic front twist that is perfect for leggings.   Pop the collar, add some leggings, mules, and a soft, leather bag, and you have a casually chic look.

3.  Long Tees

Best Long Tops to Wear With Leggings Right Now!

4. Asymmetrical Tops

Tops with off-kilter hemlines give leggings a more creative look. This artistic print with the angled hemline is modern and sophisticated. Add a pair of leather and leather slingbacks and a great bag for a fashion-forward look.

Long Tops with Leggings - Red Sweater

5. Tunic Sweaters

Long Tops with Leggings - Stripes

6. Animal Print Tops

Leggings don’t always have to be black. Try these dark brown jeggings with a leopard top for a fall look that roars!

Best Long Tops to Wear With Leggings Right Now!

6. Maxi Tunics

A flowy maxi tunic is another fabulous top to pair with leggings. This long, sophisticated, semi-sheer tunic is a great layering piece over a tank and leggings. Wear it with black pumps for a special night out, or by day with flat, strappy sandals.

A Final Note – Tops to stay away from when wearing leggings

Short Tops That End at the Waist

Short tops never work with thin leggings. They can work with thick Ponte leggings, but mostly on twenty-somethings with rock-hard abs, legs, and behinds!  Yes, I know you may be in great shape, but a top that covers your crotch is much more elegant and sophisticated over 40. You don’t want to look like you are desperate to be a teenager.

Baggy Tops

Keep in mind that there is a difference between a full top and a baggy one. If you wear a chunky knit or long shirt with leggings, make sure it is the right size. Your head should sit properly on your shoulders, and the sleeves should not hang way down past your wrists.  A little volume can look cool, but baggy is just plain sloppy.

Here are a couple more styles of tops that work well with leggings to keep your eye open.

Leggings - White shirt with with Striped Tie

white shirt

Leggings - Blue Tunic

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