Women Pumps and Heels

What you don’t know About Women’s Pumps and Heels.

Research has shown that ladies feel more confident, sexy and pretty on heels. They also confessed that pumps brings out the confidence in them, at the same time getting all the attention they need from the opposite sex. Therefore heels makes the female body more feminine than flats or kitten heels. 

Not only does a woman seem “taller and thinnerbut “her secondary sexual characteristics are flagrantly emphasized. All heels above 7.5cm withdraws the pubis pushing out the buttocks and the Boobs. 

Women’s heels are made up of different types; the pumps, strap heels,  oxford heels, sandal heels, moccasins, wedges, ankle boots, boots, winter boots, mules, stilettos, thigh boots, and so on. pumps are just a type of heel. 

Origin of Heels

Do you know that men started wearing heels before women? It was designed for men centuries ago. Don’t be surprised  that aristocrats, soldiers, court men started wearing heels before women. This is the history of heeled shoes, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ladies wear heels today without knowing the history.

How to Walk in Heels

A popular saying by Marilyn Monroe said; “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” A lot of women admire heels and pumps but don’t know how to walk on heels. Whether you are a celebrity, a business executive or a model, we have curated helpful tips on how to walk in heels and pumps. These tips are essential for ladies because most outfits are best worn with heels.

1. Walking on heels limits your strides. For you to increase your strides you need to take an increased number of small steps to go the same distance. This is not toddler steps, at the same time, don’t try to take your usual long strides either.

2. Distance: if you intend to go an a long distance; I suggest pumps because it’s more balanced than stilettos.

3. Distractions : when you walk on heels, you need to stay focused and avoid unnecessary distractions in order to avoid tripping over.

4. There are heels peculiar to occasions. Some heels are meant for office environments, weddings , parties and so on. Choose your heels carefully to suit the occasions.

5. Discomfort: No matter how comfortable you feel on heels, get a flat for change just in case you need to go a long distance and also take care of your ankle from sprain.

The Best Heels and Pumps in 2020/2021

We are glad to put together the tips on how to walk in heels and the most trendy heels and pumps in 2021/2022.

The prediction is that in 2021, Women on heels will  feel more powerful, sexy, and confident, like women can take on the world and look good doing it. Below are heels from 2020 that will still be looked out for in 2021. You can shop any of these shoes, you deserve  the best.

These are our favorite heels and pumps for women in 2021.

The Best Heels and Pumps in 2020/2021

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