The Wirecutter Cashmere Sweater is a versatile, cozy, and stylish option for both men and women. The sweater is lightweight but warm, and it’s made from 100% cashmere—so it’s soft and comfortable.

It comes in four colors: grey, navy blue, black, and deep red. It’s machine-washable and dryer-safe by default (though you can always hand wash it if you prefer). The sleeves are long enough to cover the wrist bone without being too long or baggy.

  • Pros: The Wirecutter Cashmere Sweater is made with high-quality cashmere that’s incredibly soft. It’s also machine washable and comes in three colors (navy, red, and light blue).
  • Cons: Some reviewers have reported that this sweater runs small—so if you’re between sizes, go up a size.

Why is Cashmere Wool so Expensive?

  • Rarity Factor

Cashmere is the precious fiber in the world that could hardly be found anywhere on the planet, it only represents 0.5% of the world’s wool production. It comes from the high plateaus of the Himalayas, China, and Mongolia where these goat’s dwell. It takes six months of long winter when these goats get their undercoat.

  • Limited production

If you look at the consumption level, it takes 2-3 goats’ hair to make one scarf, so if you were to comb the wool off one cashmere goat, it will take you to wait for 4 years to get one standard-sized scarf. Cashmere fiber is collected from millions of goats who live in the different parts of Mongolia and China but, comparing the quality level, goats dwelling in the Himalayan plateaus produce diamond-like material.

  • It’s warmer than any other wool

Since it’s made from the soft undercoat hair, close to the skin, the products made from it are warmer and softer than any wool. The fiber combed (not clipped like sheep) from the neck area is used for fine knitwear, while the overall collected hair is very less (approx. 120g). This sort of wool is called cashmere at 19 microns or less. It results in producing the warmest materials that you can never find anywhere on the planet (8 times warmer than the sheep’s wool).

  • High in Demand

Among the industry experts, Cashmere is nicknamed “Soft Gold” and “Diamond Fiber” that clearly reverberates the grandiose luxury and wealth inherent in the products manufactured through this immensely material. Products made from the pure wool of cashmere goats are truly luxurious.

  • Season Specific

Every year, between the months of March to May, Kashmiri goats go through a process called ‘MOULTING’ that naturally, makes them creating a certain mixture of coarse-grained hair and fine undercoat. Since it’s a natural process, manufacturers have to wait throughout the year to receive their orders. And when it finally gets into the market gets quickly flies. Therefore, the stock is always limited and the buying process is followed by first come, first serve.

  • Intensive labor work

The look, feel and quality of cashmere garment completely depends on the processing of wool, which requires a lot of hard work from sheering the goats to separating and sorting each strand of the hair individually by hand. The process is followed by the skilled artisan that also adds to the overall cost of scarves. It consumes days even months, years to prepare a single pashmina shawl, scarves.

Best Italian Cashmere Brands

If you’re looking for an Italian cashmere sweater, for example, you can find one at Sease. Or perhaps a men’s Italian cashmere scarf to spice up your already classy outfit. These Italian luxury cashmere brands produce garments for both men and women, however, a few of them are specifically catered toward men. If you’ve been wondering where to buy cashmere in Italy, just keep on reading our list of the best Italian cashmere brands.

  • Sease

Sease is the first of the Italian cashmere brands we’ll talk about in this article. It was founded in Milan back in 2016. They actually specialize in sportswear, activewear, and urban wear, however, they also use materials like luxury cashmere Italy. There are a wide variety of products on their website made from cashmere. For example, the C-Blazer is 96% cashmere and 4% Nylon jersey fabric. This is an unstructured blazer, perfect for casual wear.

  • Massimo Alba

You might have heard about Massimo Alba before. The brand was started in 2006 by the one and only, Massimo Alba. He was already designing clothes in the mid-’80s, however, the company only came to life in 2006. It’s one of the Italian cashmere brands selling both men’s and women’s clothes as well as handkerchiefs. Today, you can buy their clothes all over the world.

  • Boglioli

Next up on our list is Bolgioli Milano. The brand was started by Mario Boglioli in the year 1974 as a men’s tailoring business. This, just like many other Italian companies are family-owned. Although since then, Boglioli is under the Phi Industrial Acquisitions company. The reason why Boglioli is so famous now is due to their signature garment-dyed jackets. Now, you can find their clothes all around the world.

  • Larioseta

Larioseta is a cashmere company made in Italy and they offer quality scarves and accessories. The company was born in 1945 in Como. As they call themselves “a leading manufacturer of quality scarves & accessories” both for women and men. Recently, Larioseta is also available for children. The only difference between Larioseta and other Italian luxury cashmere brands is that you cannot purchase the products from the website.

  • Pashmere

Let’s talk about the next cashmere company made in Italy, Pashmere. The brand was founded in 1965 by Meno Galatioto Rosso and his wife in Perugia. The Umbria region is famous for its quality craftsmanship of cashmere garments. Therefore, Pashmere soon became one of the leading Italian cashmere brands. Moreover, the company is still under the Galatioto family, currently in its third generation.

  • Linea Azzurro

Linea Azzurro has clothes for both women and men. Furthermore, there is a completely different category on the website under “100% cashmere” which includes women’s and men’s knitwear. From the women’s section, there are three different garments to choose from. Firstly, the cashmere crew neck and then two cardigans. These are soft and of course, fully made with 2 ply cashmere. Not only that, but the company is sustainably sourcing the materials.

  • Canali

You must have heard about Canali, one of the most famous Italian luxury cashmere brands. They have been around for 85 years now and specialize in menswear. The Canali family was always in the business of tailoring and it was only natural that this became their legacy for the following generations. Today, Canali is available worldwide and they sell men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories as well as having services of ‘Made to measure’.

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