Wine Colour Banarasi Dupatta

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Banarasi Art Silk Woven Dupatta In Wine Colour

Flipkart Banarasi Dupatta with Suit

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Buy Women's Art Silk Wine Banarasi Dupatta

Wine Colour Dupatta for Lehenga

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This is a banarasi silk dupatta suit for women. The dupatta is made from wine colour silk fabric with golden border. The quality of the material and workmanship is top notch, hence it is a perfect match for any party wear lehengas or outfits.

The wine colour banarasi dupatta is made up of high quality silk. It will make you look stunning and charming. It can be used in parties, functions etc.

The wine colour banarasi dupatta made of high quality silk will make you look stunning and charming. It can be used in parties or functions.

This wine-colored Banarasi dupatta is made from high quality silk. It will make you look stunning and charming, and can be used in parties and other functions.

This wine colour banarasi dupatta is a high quality silk item, fit for party and events.

The wine color banarasi dupatta is crafted from high quality silk, with a gold paisley pattern. We guarantee it will look great at any event or party.

Our wine color bnarasi dupatta is made from high quality silk. It’s beauty will make you stand out at any party or function.

It is a banarasi dupatta in wine colour made up of high quality silk. Pair it with any outfit and make a statement of your style.

A stunning and charming banarasi dupatta which is made up of high quality silk. It can be worn in any party or function.

The wine banarasi dupatta is made of pure silk. It is an elegant, stylish and glamorous piece that can be worn at parties and functions.

This banarasi dupatta is handcrafted using high quality silk. Wear it to your next party for a look that will turn heads!

This banarasi dupatta is made from soft material. It features a rich blend of colours and an elegant design. The silk fabric will keep you cool and comfortable on warm days.

Banarasi dupattas are traditionally worn as an upper garment, over sarees and lehengas. However, these days women prefer adorning a banarasi dupatta in parties and other social gatherings. Banarasi silk is believed to have magical powers when it comes to attracting love and keeping it alive. This elegant red wine colour banarasi dupatta is adorned with golden thread work on the edges of the dupatta and embroidery in golden thread on the border of the pallu. The pallu (end part) has been stitched up so that one can wear it in 3 different ways – as a tuck inside the neckline, as a tuck just above the bust line or as a bandana style that can be tied around your head. The dupatta is lightweight yet strong enough to withstand daily use. The product comes packaged in a high quality gift box which ensures safe delivery. Enjoy this silk banarasi kalamkari dupatta at home or gifting someone special!

Shopping online for dupatta online is a lot easier than you think. You can browse through dozens of websites and make the right choice. Most of them even offer free shipping on top of their already discounted prices. So go ahead, buy banarasi dupatta from Flipkart, eBay and more at affordable prices with easy payment options available..

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