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The saree is a quintessential part of the Indian wardrobe. It was traditionally worn by women in different parts of the country, each region and community having its own special style.

Have you recently heard about the Wine Color Banarasi Saree? I found the color to be amazing. If you haven’t thought of buying one, then you should definitely consider it!

Wine Stripe Katan Silk Handloom Banarasi Saree – Sacred Weaves

Wine Color Banarasi Saree

Wine color Banarasi saree is perfect for the upcoming festivals. This saree has a beautiful floral design on the border. The gold zari work throughout the saree makes it even more perfect.

This gorgeous wine color banarasi saree is a perfect pick for any occasion. The attractive design and the appealing color of this saree will make it a perfect choice for you to wear on any festive occasion.

The bright and beautiful wine color of this saree will surely enhance your beauty and make you look more attractive. The intricate craftsmanship of this banarasi saree makes it an amazing pick for you to wear on a festive occasion. It’s a must-buy product!

The Wine color sarees are the best combination of art and fashion. Wine color sarees are perfect for all parties, festivals and occasions. The wine color sarees are available with different designs, prints and styles. The wine color sarees are made up of pure cotton fabric which makes it comfortable to wear and also gives a smart look to the wearer. The wine color sarees have become popular among women because it goes well with any kind of occasion like weddings, parties and other events.

The Wine Color Banarasi Saree is a special type of saree which is worn at the time of wedding. The wine color sarees are mostly used in weddings and other special occasions. The wine color sarees are also called as Banarasi Saree because in the past, people used to wear these sarees in Banaras.

The wine color sarees are available in different varieties like printed, embroidered, chiffon etc. These days many women prefer to wear this type of saree because of its royal look and style. If you are looking for any kind of saree then you should definitely try this wine color banarasi saree because it will surely give you an amazing look during your wedding ceremony or some other important function. It is one of the most popular colors used by women these days because it can be worn with almost all types of dresses including lehengas, salwar kameezes and even western outfits like jeans etc.

Wine color banarasi saree is the most preferred color for traditional women. Wine is a very rich and royal color in which you will feel comfortable to wear it. It has a lot of varieties of shades and can be worn in all seasons. This wine colored saree will give you a different look from others. The reason behind its popularity is that wine color saree looks good on everyone and gives a classic touch to your personality.

In this article, we are going to share with you some ideas about wearing wine color Banarasi sarees, how to pair it with jewelry, accessories, make up etc… so let’s get started:

Different Colours Of Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi sarees are a popular choice for women in India. These sarees are hand woven and come in a wide range of colors and designs. Being one of the oldest weaving traditions in India, Banarasi sarees have a rich cultural history linked to them. The Banaras region is also known as Varanasi and is located on the banks of the Ganga River.

Banarasi sarees are famous for their intricate designs which include floral patterns, geometric patterns, paisleys, stripes and more. Here is a list of different colors of banarasi sarees that you can buy online:

Yellow Banarasi Saree: Yellow is one of the most popular colors in Indian culture because it symbolizes happiness and prosperity. These yellow colored Banarasi sarees are made from pure silk fabric with golden borders. They are perfect for any festive occasion or wedding ceremony as they make your look beautiful and elegant at the same time!

Orange Banaras Silk Saree: Orange is another popular color among Indian women because it symbolizes strength and courage! It can be worn with any dress code like casuals or office wear as well as during festivals like Diwali or Eid al Adha!

How to style a Banarasi saree - Quora

How To Identify Banarasi Saree

Banarasi sarees are one of the most popular Indian sarees. These sarees are made in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and are known for their intricate designs, beautiful colors and fine quality silk.

Banarasi sarees are known for their intricate designs, beautiful colors and fine quality silk. They come in a variety of styles including bridal wedding sarees, party wear, casual wear and formal wear. There are various ways to identify a banarasi saree.

The first thing you need to look at is the material used in making the saree. Banarasi sarees are made from pure silk as it gives it a soft texture and feel. Also, looking at the texture of the fabric can help you identify whether it is a banarasi or not. The texture should be smooth with no loose threads or knots on it. The design should be symmetrical and balanced with no missing patterns or motifs if any exists on the fabric.

Banarasi sarees are known for their subtle silk, intricate embroidery and exquisite drapes. A Banaras saree is a work of art, which is why it has been widely popular among women all over the country. The best way to identify a genuine Banarasi saree is by knowing some of its prominent characteristics.

Here are some tips on how to identify a genuine Banarasi saree:


Silk is used as the main fabric in most Banarasi sarees. However, there are also some other varieties made with cotton or cotton blends that have been popular in recent times. If you want to buy a genuine Banarasi saree then go for silk ones because they are more durable than other varieties. The texture of the silk should be soft and smooth with no rough edges or knots anywhere on it. The colour of your silk should also be bright and vibrant without any discolouration or fading at all, which may indicate that it has been washed too many times or has been exposed to harsh sunlight for long duration of time.


The embroidery on your saree should be intricately designed with motifs from nature such as flowers and birds etc., which will make your

Another thing to keep an eye out for is the presence of zari work on your chosen piece. Zari work is done using gold or silver threads which can be seen if light falls on them in just the right way. This technique gives each piece character

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