White Dress With Diamonds

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The White Diamond dress is an elegant and chic look for the upcoming party season. This elegant yet sexy dress features a strapless sweetheart neckline with a beautiful diamond pattern on it. The skirt is made of chiffon which gives it a flowing effect. The back of this dress is also very unique as it has a keyhole cutout which shows off your skin and highlights your curves. Overall, this is a must-have for all fashionistas!

White Diamond Party Dresses

Do you want to look like White Diamond? If yes then you are at right place, we have brought here the best collection of white diamond dresses inspired from White Diamond’s outfits in Steven Universe show. You can wear these dresses when attending parties or special occasions like concerts, dances, weddings etc. These dresses are designed by keeping in mind all the essential factors such as style, comfort level and quality so that you can enjoy wearing it all day long without any discomfort or stress.

White Dress With Diamonds

White diamond is one of the rarest diamonds in the world. It is one of the most expensive diamonds in the world. It’s a flawless diamond that has a milky white color and can be found in nature. It is also known as D color or F color. The white diamond price is determined by its cut, clarity, and carat weight. White diamonds are extremely rare and difficult to find in nature, which makes them very expensive. A white diamond is a symbol of purity, innocence and love. White diamonds are perfect for any occasion whether it is a wedding or an engagement party or any other event where you want to look beautiful wearing an elegant dress with white diamonds embedded on it

White Diamond.

White Diamond is the leader of the Great Diamond Authority and the Diamonds’ creator. She made her debut in “The Answer”.

She first appears as a silhouette in “Reunited”, when Steven asks Garnet about her. In “What’s Your Problem?”, she appears in person to Peridot, who has been discovered to be an escapee from Homeworld. When White reveals herself, she welcomes Peridot back to Homeworld and asks if she has learned anything during her time on Earth. She seems uninterested in the Crystal Gems, but orders them to be brought before her so that she can punish them for their actions against Homeworld. Later, when Steven returns to Earth after being informed by Holo-Pearl that his mother is still alive and he must return home immediately, White tries to stop him from leaving by freezing time itself until it is revealed that Steven had already left Earth’s atmosphere and was beyond White’s reach.

In “Change Your Mind”, White Diamond is seen again on Homeworld when Yellow Diamond attempts to convince Blue Diamond (via Steven) that Pink Diamond’s death was not what it seemed by showing her hologram projection of Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond’s physical form with a sword; however, this only results in

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White Diamond Dress Steven Universe Inspired

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White diamond dress steven universe

This White Diamond costume is inspired by the character in the popular Cartoon Network show Steven Universe and includes a long sleeve top with attached cape along with a flared skirt and faux gem necklace.

The white diamond dress is the perfect choice for a wedding, prom or even a fancy party. If you want to go all out, you can even wear a white diamond dress to your wedding. Some women also like to wear white diamond dresses when they are going on a date with their husband or boyfriend. They love wearing this type of dress because it makes them look classy and elegant. Wearing this type of dress will make you feel like royalty because it makes you feel like you are the most beautiful person in the room.

White Diamond Dresses for Your Wedding

You can find many types of white diamond dresses online if you are planning on getting married soon. There are also bridal shops that sell these types of dresses in their store if you don’t have time to order one online. When shopping for a white diamond dress for your wedding, make sure that it has enough room for alterations if needed and that it fits perfectly around your body type so that it doesn’t look bulky or baggy anywhere else on your body besides where there should be extra material such as around the bust area or waist area of the dress so that it looks flattering on anyone who wears it regardless of what size they are

White Diamond is a Homeworld Gem, the leader of the Great Diamond Authority and one of the main antagonists of the show.

White Diamond’s first appearance was in “The Answer”. She first appeared floating above the ground at Gem Homeworld, where she was present for the arrival of her children, Pink Diamond (Cinder) and Blue Diamond. She then revealed to Cinder that she was Pink Diamond’s replacement and had been sent to Earth as punishment for her crimes against the Diamonds. White Diamond also appears to be extremely powerful, as she can summon two other Gems with a single hand gesture.

White Diamond’s second appearance was in “Jungle Moon”. She summoned Blue Diamond’s ship to Earth after witnessing a battle between Lapis Lazuli and Peridot on Homeworld. When Homeworld soldiers came aboard her ship, she expressed disappointment in them for allowing Lapis Lazuli’s escape from their custody. She subsequently teleported back to Homeworld with Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond.

White Diamond makes her third appearance in “Reunited”, where she attends a meeting with Yellow, Blue and Pink Diamonds on Earth after Steven brings them together again. During this meeting, Yellow says that they should all start over again because it has been too

White Diamond is a Homeworld Gem, the Diamond of the Great North, and one of the leaders of the Great Diamond Authority. She first appeared in “The Answer”.

White Diamond is the leader of Blue Diamond’s court and the commander-in-chief of the Blue Zircon’s military forces. She is also responsible for overseeing Homeworld’s colonization efforts.

She makes her first appearance in “The Answer”, where she is seen presiding over Pink Diamond’s shattering in front of Steven, Pearl and Blue Zircon. In this appearance, she has no lines and only appears as a silhouette.

In “Reunited”, White Diamond appears again as one of Blue Diamond’s courtiers who are present at the meeting with Yellow Diamond to settle the dispute over Earth. She doesn’t speak during this appearance either; however, she can be seen giving orders to Blue Zircon through various hand motions while they wait for Yellow Diamond to arrive.

In “Change Your Mind”, White Diamond appears once again at Pink Diamond’s Zoo. She orders Blue Zircon to escort Steven out of the zoo because he was under Yellow Diamond’s jurisdiction; however, before she could even finish her sentence, Blue Zircon had already been shattered by White for disobeying her

White Diamond is a Homeworld Gem and the current leader of the Great Diamond Authority. She was the first Gem to be created, in an attempt to create a perfectly loyal being. However, due to her unstable gemstone and lack of guidance from her fellow Diamonds, she became corrupted.

White Diamond has a heavy accent, which makes her difficult to understand. Her voice is very deep and raspy, with a slight German accent. She is also blind in one eye due to an accident involving Pink Diamond’s shattering.

In “Your Mother And Mine”, it’s revealed that White Diamond had been responsible for Pink Diamond’s shattering itself and that Yellow Diamond had been covering up her existence as well as her own involvement in Pink’s death all this time out of fear that White would punish them both if they didn’t comply.

In “Can’t Go Back” it was revealed that White Diamond was responsible for Pink Diamond’s apparent death and subsequent replacement by Rose Quartz due to being unable to control her emotions or better yet understand them like other Gems do; as a result she viewed this as an act of betrayal on Pink’s part and thus wanted her gone permanently.

White Diamond Dress

White Diamond is the leader of the Diamonds and the main antagonist of the Steven Universe series. She first appeared in “Reunited” and has been a recurring character ever since.

White Diamond is one of the four Diamonds that make up the Great Diamond Authority, which rules over the Gem race with absolute power, alongside Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Pink Diamond. As such, White Diamond is a member of Homeworld’s aristocracy, being one of the most powerful Gems in existence. She was responsible for shattering Pink, who was her favorite Pearl at the time due to her being able to see through her eyes what she considered to be a perfect world.

According to Eyeball’s story at Pink’s trial in “The Trial”, White Diamond has been known to dislike imperfection and has been known to shatter Gems on occasion when they fail to meet her expectations. Her exact motives for doing so are unknown but it can be assumed that this is either because she doesn’t want any type of failure or because she believes that all life should conform to her standards. It is also possible that White doesn’t actually intend for these Gems to die but only wants them gone from Homeworld due to their imperfections.

White Diamond also seems very

White Diamond is a Gem and an antagonist in the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe. She is voiced by Deedee Magno Hall and was designed by Rebecca Sugar. The character’s first appearance was in “A Single Pale Rose” (S1E11).

She makes her first physical appearance in “The Trial” (S2E2), although she had a brief cameo in “Steven Floats” (S1E25) as one of many Gems that joined Stevonnie for Beach-a-Palooza.

White Diamond is the leader of Homeworld, as well as its court system. Her duties include presiding over court trials, issuing commands to subordinates, and maintaining order among other Gems. She also has authority over all other Diamonds; she can summon them using her scepter, which also functions as a weapon capable of shattering other Gems into pieces.[2] She has the power to control light and create force fields.[3] As seen in “Change Your Mind”, White Diamond can use her aura to influence others’ emotions or plant new ideas into their minds.[4]

White Diamond lives on Homeworld’s capital planet located at the center of the galaxy known only as the Citadel.[5] In addition to being the ruler of it

White Diamond is an antagonist in the Cartoon Network animated television series Steven Universe. She is a member of the Crystal Gems, but she does not share their ideals to aid and protect humanity. In fact, she wants to destroy them all in order to achieve her goal of making Earth a better place.

White Diamond has been described as being “all-powerful” by Garnet and Peridot, who both feared her immensely. She is also able to summon her own personal army of Gem soldiers known as Palanquin Riders to fight for her at any time. It is unknown if these are innate abilities or only available when summoned by White Diamond herself.

White Diamond’s symbol is a six-pointed star with five smaller triangles inside each larger one (as seen on Amethyst’s Stevonnie outfit).

Her name was revealed in “Change Your Mind”.

White Diamond is a Homeworld Gem and leader of the Great Diamond Authority. She represents benevolence and order, which she displays through her elegant and refined mannerisms. White Diamond is the most powerful of all Gems in the galaxy, being able to destroy any Gem with a single touch.

White Diamond is voiced by Kate Higgins in the English version of the show and Sayaka Ohara in the Japanese version. She appeared in “The Trial”, “Reunited”, “Legs From Here to Homeworld”, “Now We’re Only Falling Apart”, “Can’t Go Back”, “Change Your Mind”, “Together Alone” and “I Am My Mom”.

White Diamond is a member of the Great Diamond Authority and a former Homeworld Gem. She made her debut in “Change Your Mind”.


White Diamond has diamond-shaped hair, which is styled into the shape of a pentagon. Her skin is white and her eyes are blue. She wears a long, flowing white gown with a high collar and diamond designs on it. The back of her gown has large sleeves that reach down to her knees. She also wears small diamond earrings, as well as an elaborate headdress with twelve points, each containing a different gemstone design at its center: garnet (red), amethyst (purple), citrine (yellow), peridot (green), sapphire (blue), topaz (orange), ruby (red), jadeite (green) and tourmaline (black). Her eyes appear to be permanently dilated like those of Garnet’s future form[1].

White Diamond possesses standard Gem abilities such as bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability as well as living for several billions

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