White Collar For Dress

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White Collar For Dress

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White Collar For Dress

best men's dres shirts


Dress shirts are one of the items of clothing in any guy’s wardrobe that you just can’t do without. You might not have to wear a suit to work anymore, but there are the occasional formal events where you need to be looking nice. Dress shirts of today have flexibility, too. You can wear them with suits and without, with ties and without, and, given the right shirt, with tuxedos down to a cool pair of shorts.

“When you start thinking about what dress shirts really are, you often think about them under a suit or with a dressy element,” says McLeod. “In recent years, dress shirts have become part of that business casual dress: two buttons undone, rolled-up sleeves, or pairing them with jeans and sneakers for Sunday brunch. Post-COVID, I have to wonder how even more casual our dress code is going to become.”

That’s the thing with dress shirts: They’re not going away, merely evolving. Yes, a formal shirt is necessary when the situation calls for it, but you can get away with having maybe one go-to formal shirt and a few more less stuffy dress shirts instead.

McLeod recommends three basics to start: one workman’s blue French cuff, one white oxford, and one tuxedo shirt. “Those are your most essential three,” she says. “From there, you can experiment with collars, colors, and patterns.”

Of course, there are a million dress shirts and surely fewer than a million places you might need to wear one. So, we narrowed it down for you. Here are some of the best dress shirts for men, ranging in price, formality, and overall feel. Here’s how to get started.

Long-Sleeve Performance Button-Up Shirt

  • Available in tall sizes
  • Features sweat-wicking technology
  • Extremely comfortable

The past few years of being cooped up at home shaped how we dress, even as we’re all venturing back out into the world. We want clothes that 1) feature comfortable, sweat-wicking fabric like our favorite lockdown garb and 2) still look amazing. Abercrombie’s performance button-up ticks both boxes, and come in regular and tall sizes, and has built-in stretch so you can wear this at the office for hours with ease.

Wrinkle-Free Las Cases Shirt

  • Wrinkle-free fabric makes it low maintenance
  • Comfortable fit

UNTUCKit built its name as a reliable purveyor of sharp-looking dress shirts with a higher-than-usual hems that are meant to be (you guessed it) untucked. That makes them perfect to our back-to-office reality, with a slightly buttoned-down (but still polished) work dress code. This white button-up is no exception, and also comes in a wrinkle-free fabric, so you can throw this on in a rush and still look put together by the time you get to work.

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