White Cashmere Pashmina: A Cashmere Pashmina shawl is a great addition to any wardrobe. It can be used as a wrap, blanket or scarf. The cashmere pashmina shawls are very soft and warm. You will be amazed at how comfortable this garment feels for either a boy or girl!

The White Cashmere Pashmina is a versatile, lightweight scarf. It can be used in many ways, from the traditional shawl around the neck to covering your hair when it’s windy outside or even wrapping up your body on a cold night. The perfect addition to any wardrobe.

cashmere pashminas are made from the finest Mongolian cashmere. We source our cashmere from the goats of Inner Mongolia, where it is fed on mountain plants during their summer grazing. Our white cashmere pashmina shawls are known for their softness and warmth, making them an ideal accessory to keep you cozy all year round.

This pure cashmere pashmina is woven from very soft and high-quality imported pure cashmere. It’s both luxurious and comfortable, you’ll feel like you’re wrapped in a cloud.

The Cashmere Pashmina is a superbly soft and sumptuous pashmina cashmere wrap. Our pashmina cashmere wraps are the perfect year-round accessories for all occasions, from the elegant events to family gatherings. Every girl should own one!

Pashmina is a blend of the finest merino wool and cashmere, this luxury scarf is perfect for dressing up an evening look or adding a touch of luxury to an everyday outfit. The soft and warm feel makes it perfect for wearing around your neck and out to dinner. Also available in peach and pink, our cashmere pashminas are delicately hand-rolled for that signature basketweave finish

White cashmere pashmina shawls are the ultimate in luxury. Made from fine white cashmere and hand-knitted, these unique pieces are perfect for any occasion.

This white cashmere pashmina is an elegant accessory for any season and looks equally good for a day or evening out. A timeless classic, we are sure you will find the right occasion to wear it.

Cashmere pashmina shawls, wraps and ponchos are all the rage in the winter months. Easy to care for, soft and lightweight – these cashmere scarves are perfect for throwing on over your shoulder to stay warm, but also elegant enough to be worn out at night.

Pashmina is a luxurious fabric made from the finest cashmere wool. This pashmina shawl is ideal for winter weather, it can be worn in many ways such as knotted like a scarf or draped around the neck to keep you warm and stylish. We have designed pashminas in so many colors and patterns, you will find one that matches your wardrobe!

This beautiful pashmina shawl is made from the finest cashmere. It is soft, warm, and perfect for cool summer evenings. This scarf can also be worn as a sash, belt or headband.

Our beautiful 100% Cashmere wrap is light and versatile. Whether you use it to cover your shoulders at a cocktail party or use as an oversized scarf, it will be an essential complement to whatever outfit you choose.

The White Cashmere Pashmina is made of 100% cashmere, which is known for its luxurious feel and excellent insulating properties. This double-sided pashmina fabric is soft and warm against the skin, yet breathable enough to be worn on breezy summer days.

A luxurious cashmere pashmina from our Precious Objects Collection. The pure white of this pure cashmere pashmina makes it an easy choice for any occasion, whether it’s an evening out with friends or a special night out on the town with your significant other.

Style and versatility combined with a luxurious look. Our cashmere pashminas are the perfect complement to your wardrobe. Knit with a soft, supple yarn in brilliant white, this scarf adds a refined touch to any outfit.

Our Cashmere Pashmina is a luxurious accessory you can wear in any occasion. Woven from 100% pure cashmere, it’s soft and lightweight for optimal comfort and style.

White cashmere pashmina is exactly the kind of accessory you will want to include in your fall wardrobe. From special events to formal events, it will be the perfect finishing touch. Also, this soft and comfortable scarf is easy to carry with you when traveling or on an errand run.

This white cashmere pashmina is the perfect accessory to create your own signature look, or complement one of our Alexander Wang suits or blouses. Easily worn over your shoulders, around your neck, or as a scarf, its versatility is what makes it such an essential.

Quality White Cashmere Pashmina

Luxuriously soft and stylish, this white cashmere pashmina scarf is a must-have for any wardrobe. Wrap it around your neck or use it as a belt.

Discover the luxury of a cashmere pashmina scarf, made from the finest white cashmere. Wear your pashmina all year round to keep cozy and comfortable!

Embody the essence of femininity with this luxurious cashmere pashmina. Hand-knotted in Ireland, it is made from super soft and lightweight wool. It can be worn as a wrap or scarf or used as a pillow cover. You will want to purchase several for yourself and as gifts for your friends.

Cashmere is the softest and most luxurious fiber in the world. So it’s no surprise that our pashmina shawls are some of the most beloved gifts around. Made of ultra-fine cashmere, they give extra warmth without weighing you down.

These white cashmere pashmina shawls are exquisitely crafted from the finest New Zealand white cashmere, providing warmth and luxury to any ensemble.

This white cashmere pashmina shawl is made from 100% pure cashmere yarn and finished with a beautiful fringe. It’s light, soft, and luxurious, making it perfect for everyday use. Long enough to wrap twice around your neck, this versatile accessory will keep you warm without the bulkiness of a scarf or blanket.

Cashmere pashmina wrap scarf with white strand or two-tone color. The softness of cashmere, the warmth of wool and the beauty of pashmina wool combined in one perfect fashion accessory. Wrap yourself in this luxurious softness while keeping warm and looking stylish.

A beautifully soft cashmere pashmina that you can layer over your outfits or wear as an elegant wrap around your shoulders.

White cashmere is a soft and luxurious fabric, perfect for keeping you cool on even the hottest of summer days. Made from 100% cashmere, this scarf will keep you feeling comfortable with its soft, lightweight feel, and will never lose its shape or shrink after being washed.

A slip of cashmere slung over your shoulders can easily be the difference between a casual outfit, and an elevated one. Plush and luxurious, this cashmere wrap will instantly elevate your look – whether you pair it with jeans or a fancy evening dress.

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