White Banarasi Saree with Golden Border

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White Banarasi Saree

This Banarasi saree is an excellent blend of colour and design. It comes in off white colour with a golden border and is suitable for casual wear. You can wear this saree with matching accessories such as bangles, earrings, necklaces and others to compliment your look. Our finest collection of banarasi sarees are perfect for all occasions like weddings, festivals and parties.

Off white benarasi sari with golden border featuring a look that’s both elegant and classic, this sari can work for so many occasions. The combination of off-white and red works really well together, bringing out the best of both colors.

An off-white and red benarasisaree featuring a gold border with beautiful hand woven geometric designs and motifs, you will simply fall in love with. The graceful Banarasi fabric is painstakingly woven and takes up to 12 hours to complete a single saree. It is considered as the oldest and finest fabric of silk originating from India.

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The off white and red benarasi saree is a classic Indian style that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. The soft sheen of silk, combined with beautiful artisanship, make this off white and red benarasi saree an ideal option for any occasion!

We are the biggest benarasi saree manufacturer and wholesaler in india. We offer Benarasi sarees which are woven by skilled weavers in Banaras (Varanasi). The colors of these traditional Indian designer sarees are very pretty and elegant. These sarees are white, red and off-white colors, these three colors are most favorite of ladies. White benarasi saree has been worn during festivals and celebrations because it is an ancient tradition to wear white clothes on special days, especially for women.

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