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Do you have a specific project in mind that calls for fabrics? Alternatively, perhaps you would just like to look at fabrics online from the comfort of your home.

Buyandslay fabrics are available in a variety of patterns, colors, and fabrics for home decor crafts, quilts, and clothing. These include cotton, lace, linen, cashmere, curtains, bed sheets,damask, crepe, silk, organza, chinos; and so on; as well as outdoor and utility fabrics. 

When you buy fabric by the yard, you can use it to make clothes, reusable face masks, bedcovers, bridals, nightwears, duvets,  pillows, curtains, furniture upholstery; just name it, The  possibilities are truly endless.

You can find fabrics at every price point at buyandslay  that makes it an excellent place to find fabrics online in Nigeria.

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A sample fabric is a material that represents a whole lot or batch in order to assess their quality, style, design, or any other features of a fabric. Based on the samples, the buyer will give approval or make comments regarding any changes in design, style, or quality. 

Exporters and manufacturers use samples to ensure a desired style design or fit as well as high quality in the particular order.

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