What top to wear with leather pants

There are so many options for what top to wear with leather pants. Whether you’re looking for a simple top that doesn’t compete with the pants, or something more bold and contrasting, there are lots of possibilities.

If you want to keep things simple, try pairing your leather pants with a simple white tee. This way, your outfit will look clean and classic—and you won’t have to worry about whether or not the shirt is going to clash with the pants!

If you’re feeling adventurous, try pairing your leather pants with a brightly-colored blouse. It’s bold, but it’s still feminine enough that it’s still easy to wear with leather pants.

You could also try wearing a striped shirt with your leather pants—just make sure it isn’t too wide so that it overwhelms your outfit!

According to Ned’s Declassified fashion survival guide, leather pants are what separates trendsetters from casual dressers. Sultry, slim, and built for femme fatales, there’s no better feeling than donning a pair of jet-black skinnies. 

We can thank pop culture for reviving leather trousers, as characters like Catwoman, Buffy Summers, and Ross Geller were known to rock a classic pair.

At the end of the day, LPs embody a specific, boss-babe attitude that a set of jeans or wool bottoms can never offer. 

Whether you own a pair of Melina pants from Aritzia or a $2,000 set from Alexander Wang, we’re all confronted with the same complication. You’re probably wondering what to wear with leather pants. 

The hundreds of designs and cuts offered the market only further the number of outfit options available. So, with that in mind, how on earth do you compose a cohesive ensemble?

We developed a helpful guide for those unsure of what to wear with leather pants. In the segments to come, you’ll also find styling advice, outfit ideas, and shopping tips to consider. By the end of this article, our readers will understand:

  • What to wear with black leather pants 
  • What shoes to wear with leather pants 
  • What to wear with leather pants for a night out 
  • Some popular mens leather pants designs 
  • A few leather pant outfitsblack leather pants for men 

What Are Leather Pants

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Before we get started on this ‘what to wear with leather pants’ guide, we thought it best to explain the garment first. Leather pants are made out of stretchy, synthetic materials

Compared to upholstery fabric, they offer more give and flexibility. They’re typically shiny, form-fitting, and black in hue.

In most cases, leather bottoms are often styled to look like other clothing essentials, such as jeans, leggings, pleated trousers, and sweatpants. 

What To Wear With Leather Pants

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Compared to the lax attitude of joggers and the semi-casual look of jeans, leather pants strike an elegant chord in fashion. They’re definitely styled to feel more sophisticated and expensive due to their luxurious fabric and sultry sheen. 

In some cases, they can be appropriate to wear to formal events, such as cocktail gatherings and birthday parties. Leather pants can also act as a basic everyday piece.

According to trends popularized on TikTok and Instagram, they are synonymous with streetwear and several core aesthetics. 

Leather pants are commonly worn during the cold season. There’s a reason why we don’t wear them during the summer, as this type of material usually accumulates sweat and chafing.

Plus, most designs come in black, which isn’t very receptive under humid conditions. 

With all this in mind, what are some outfits with leather pants? We’re so glad you asked. Below, you’ll find an assortment of Instagram-friendly OOTDS for trendsetters to consider. 

12 Outfit Ideas With Leather Pants

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Diagnosed with dress-sense depression? If so, there’s nothing wrong in opting for the full monochrome look. This black leather pants outfit features a loose pair of bottoms, a slim-fit turtleneck, and a Matrix-style trench coat on top. 

Accentuated with Doc Martens, a matching Prada bag, and silver-toned jewelry, it’s definitely a daring look if you prefer the ‘gloom and doom’ side of fashion. For those wondering how to style leather pants, we suggest taking some inspo from this iconic look. 

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Of course, not all leather pants offer a slim-fit silhouette. If you prefer a looser alternative, we suggest a baggier pair of bottoms instead.

It’s important to find a set tailored to the waist and hips. Drop-crotch cuts run the risk of looking too ‘diaper-ish,’ which is not what you want. 

For those wondering what top to wear with leather pants, you can never go wrong with a cropped long sleeve shirt. Paired with a Zebra-stripe handbag, it’s a super cute OOTD for grabbing coffee and hanging out with the gals. 

What to Wear with Leather Pants

So, you’re wondering what shirt to wear with leather pants. On the one hand, the classic white crewneck seems too basic as an option. On the other hand, the frilly blouse is too extreme for your tastes. 

For those looking for a solid compromise, we recommend donning a vintage tee. It’s an easy way to win style points, as it embodies that retro, Harley Davidson motorcycle attitude without the presence of a leather jacket.

Complemented with pointed-toe stilettos and a Fendi bucket bag, this is what to wear with leather pants if you’re stuck in a fashion rut. 

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Sweatpants are a couch potato’s uniform. Don’t get me wrong; they’re super comfortable and cozy to wear—but they don’t strike me as a purely fashionable garment.

I’m inclined to say that I’ve been proven wrong, thanks to this stunning set of leather sweats.

Assumably made for Instagramming, not jogging, these bottoms feature an elasticated waistband, a drawstring cord, and ankle cuffs. The rest of the outfit comes with a stark blazer, ankle booties, a black crop top, and a matching beanie.

There’s nothing left to say about this ‘what to wear with leather pants’ contender other than *chef’s kiss*. 

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Slick black skinnies know no gender. Take, for instance, this outfit, which features a pair of leather bottoms with a cream sweatshirt.

Cool, casual, and slightly romantic for dinner dates, this muted ensemble acts as the perfect example of how exaggerated silhouettes pair well with slim-fit bottoms. 

If you’re wondering what are some popular leather pants for men, tailored trousers are somewhere on the top 10 list. Don’t forget to top off your look with a pair of white platform sneakers. 

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Is it just me, or is this outfit explicitly saying, ‘you can’t sit with us at lunch?’ Synonymous with the cool kid aesthetic, this ensemble comes with an intimating pair of leather pants, a matching bomber jacket, and white Air Force Ones. 

If anything, it’s a modern-day take on the classic greaser look, minus the slicked-back hair.

For those who prefer a softer look, we suggest downplaying this ‘what to wear with leather pants’ contender with a bucket hat and a tote bag. 

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Can’t decide what to wear with faux leather pants? Well, you can never go wrong with a traditional white tee. To err on the side of boring, it’s always best to opt for a printed design, such as a small quote. 

We recommend finishing off the look with a snake-patterned puffer jacket, a white beanie, and matching sneakers. The stacked necklaces provide that needed touch of bling. Without it, the OOTD fails to imbue that chic, skater boy aesthetic. 

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Nothing screams ‘I fell in love with an Emo girl’ than this angsty outfit. I swear, it must’ve been inspired by Willow Smith and MGK due to its doom and gloom vibe.

This ensemble showcases a pair of black leather pants, a white graphic tee, and a mesh long sleeve top for added visual interest. 

For those wondering what shoes to wear with black leather pants, platform Doc Martens is usually the safest bet. If you really want to exude that ‘My Chemical Romance’ feel, why not top the look off with a pierced lip and a set of stacked silver rings? 

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Leather pants don’t have to be black. If you prefer color over dark shades, why not opt for a pair of burgundy trousers?

Styled with a dark red waistcoat, an orange button-up, and a bright zip-up jacket, this runway look can be worn as an elevated casual ensemble.

Instead of sneakers, we recommend wearing a set of brown Oxford shoes to really drive home that old, collegiate aesthetic.

For those struggling with what to wear with leather pants, this look will definitely arouse some creative spirits. 

What to Wear with Leather Pants

This stunning ensemble is part of Roberto Cavalli’s 2018 Pre-Fall collection. Yes, it’s technically considered ‘outdated,’ in terms of fashion, but we feel this outfit pairs well with current 2022 trends.

This ‘what to wear with leather pants’ contender showcases a set of cigarette bottoms, a button-down shirt, and a motorcycle jacket with black fur trim. 

It’s definitely a daring OOTD compared to our previous outfits, but it’s a great look to consider if you covet that grunge, greaser aesthetic. For shoes, we recommend wearing a pair of pointed-toe leather booties. 

What to Wear with Leather Pants

I get it; outfit coordination is a hassle-and-half. If you’re struggling to make use of your leather pants, a retro oversized tee can help solve your clothing concerns. French-tucked on the front, this casual look is perfect for grabbing coffee and city shopping. 

For those wondering what shoes to wear with leather leggings, we suggest a simple pair of black and white Converses. Since this outfit borders on the Emma Chamberlain aesthetic, it warrants a set of cheesy, dad-type sunglasses. 

What to Wear with Leather Pants

The fashion editor aesthetic is a simple look to pull off. One, you’ll need a pair of green, high-waisted leather trousers. Two, a white, oversized blouse is a must. And three, all outfits can be improved upon with a set of stilettos and a pair of sunnies. 

If you’re in need of additional inspiration, we suggest referencing your outfit on this stunning ensemble.

A designer bag is definitely an added flex, but it’s totally necessary if you want to imbue that intimidating Miranda Priestly vibe. 

What Type Of Leather Pants Can You Get?

What to Wear with Leather Pants

The best way to tackle the ‘what to wear with leather pants’ query is to assess the options available. In most cases, trendsetters prefer to base their outfits on one garment. 

Given that there are hundreds of designs to choose from, I’m sure that most of you feel overwhelmed in the fashion department. To help save some stress (and time), we rounded up some common styles worth considering:

  • The slim-fit aesthetic: Considered a must-have for Insta-baddies, tight leather pants are the best way to cop that subtle, Catwoman vibe. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Shakira have been spotted wearing these types of bottoms. 
  • The mock jeans: A good majority of leather pants are styled to look like jeans. They feature the same belt notches, pocket placements, and stitching details. It’s a great alternative to consider if you prefer non-denim bottoms. 
  • Sweatpants: It may seem counterintuitive to wear leather sweatpants, but trust me. It’s an excellent option for those who covet looser silhouettes. For obvious reasons, we don’t recommend wearing these to the gym. 
  • Bell-bottoms: Intrinsic to the 60s scene, these wide-legged pants provide the illusion of a short torso and longer legs. 
  • Different colors and patterns: If you’re not a fan of standard black, you can always opt for various designs and hues. Other popular choices include red, white, and snake print. 

How To Choose The Best Leather Pants

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Compared to upholstery textiles, leather pants offer greater flexibility and comfort. They aren’t as stiff as the fabrics used for furniture or bags. In some cases, brands try to substitute genuine leather for softer, cheaper alternatives such as PU and synthetics. 

We are not saying that they’re considered the bottom of the barrel when it comes to clothing, but we encourage you to consider thickness, construction, and quality before settling on a $20 pair.

A good pair of leather pants should come in a thick material. Thin fabrics often run the risk of stretching and ripping. Those made with high-quality materials will usually keep their form throughout extended wear and tear. 

Obviously, factors such as flexibility and comfort should be considered as well. After all, there’s nothing more disappointing than wearing an ill-fitted pair of itchy leather pants.

We recommend doing a sit and squat test in the fitting room to ensure durability. Trust me, your credit card will thank you later. 

In terms of price, you should expect to pay $60 to $100 for a decent pair of leather trousers. Of course, you don’t have to fork over thousands of dollars for a designer brand, such as those made by Alexander Wang and Agolde.

But, for those who wish to cop a luxury pair, you should consider how often you wear leather pants on a daily basis. 

How To Style Leather Pants

What to Wear with Leather Pants

So, you know what to wear with leather pants. It’s definitely a cause for celebration, but we can’t forget the importance of accessories. From hats, bags, to jewelry, there are various ways to spice up your final look. 

Before you post that iconic fit on Instagram, here are some ways to style your pair of leather pants.

  • The leather jacket: Leather on leather will always be an iconic look. Intrinsic to the motorcycle scene and the greaser aesthetic, it’s the easiest way to look badass without even trying. 
  • Graphic tees: If you really want to cop that bad-boy aesthetic, it’s best to ditch that white crewneck and opt for a retro graphic instead. 
  • Ankle booties: Sneakers are one way to dress down an outfit. For those who prefer a more intimidating look, we suggest swapping your Air Force Ones with Doc Martens as a better alternative. 
  • Silver-toned jewelry: Black is a popular choice of color when it comes to leather pants. Since the shade is receptive to cold tones, we suggest sterling silver jewelry over warm golds. This can include Cuban links, diamond studs, and rings.
  • Slim-fit tops and turtlenecks: The sleek look of leather pants marries well with body-con tops. Of course, you always layer up with a puffer jacket on top. 

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Leather Pants

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Once you’ve figured out what to wear with leather pants, it’s time to address some styling no-nos. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for creativity and self-expression, but there’s nothing more humbling than deleting a regretful Instagram post.

In an effort to avoid those ‘what was I even thinking’ cringe attacks, here are some fashion tips to avoid with leather pants. 

  • Distressed leather pants: Rips are only stylish on jeans. Obviously, you can’t distress leather pants due to their thread-free construction, as the most that you can do is cut a straight line. Trust me, there’s nothing tackier than wearing worn-in skinnies. 
  • The corset trend: I get it; the lace-up trend isn’t going anywhere soon, but can we give it a break for pants? Not only does it look weird, but it runs the risk of strange tan lines. 
  • Bedazzled designs: Studs and unnecessary buckles don’t guarantee style points. Plus, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than sitting on a bedazzled posterior. 
  • Uggs: The laidback attitude of fuzzy Uggs doesn’t pair well with the elegant nature of leather pants. You’re better off wearing knee-high boots or Doc Martens instead. 
  • Flip flops: Like Uggs, beach sandals and leather pants are a match made in hell. If you really want to wear sandals, we recommend platform Birkenstocks as a better alternative. 

How To Take Care Of Leather Pants

What to Wear with Leather Pants

In the lineup of fussy clothing to clean, leather pants are definitely on the top 10 list. You can’t treat them like an ordinary t-shirt or hoodie. In order to preserve its quality and shape, we’ll share some tips and tricks you can do from the comfort of your own home:

  • Remove stains with a damp cloth. Make sure to wipe off excess water and soap with a dry rag
  • Toss into the freezer to remove foul smells and bacteria 
  • You should never put them in the laundry machine or dryer. This will ruin the quality of your leather pants 
  • Some designs require dry-cleaning instead of the regular hand washing method. In this case, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Best Places To Buy Leather Pants

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Before we end off this ‘what to wear with leather pants’ guide, we thought it best to leave our readers with some recommendations. Below, we’ve highlighted a few places to consider the next time you shop til you drop. 

  • Nordstrom 
  • Urban Outfitters 
  • Aritzia 
  • Farfetch 
  • ASOS

Final Thoughts

What to Wear with Leather Pants

Hands up if you own a 50/50 mix of closet basics and statement pieces. Obviously, clothes such as sweats and hoodies are frequently used. The other half is rarely worn, as it requires a certain degree of confidence and creativity in order to style. 

Leather pants definitely fit in that category. Intimidating, sleek, and sultry to wear, I often get imposter’s syndrome when I slip on a pair. But, on the days when I feel my absolute best, LPs are the one garment that exudes the perfect amount of business boss energy. 

Here’s to hoping that you finally know what to wear with leather pants. From crop tops to motorcycle jackets, it doesn’t take an haute couture visionary to conjure up an iconic fit. You just need the confidence to do it.

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