what to wear with bell bottom jeans 2021

what to wear with bell bottom jeans in winter, and so much more. Take out time to visit the catalog for more information on similar topics.

Bell bottom jeans are a statement piece and you want to make sure you have the right top to complement them. If you’re going for a casual look, try a flowy tank that shows off your shoulders or a crop top with a v-neckline.

For something more formal, go with a button-down shirt in a solid color or one with some print. You can also try tucking it into your high waist skirt or pants for an evening out on the town!

When choosing tops for bell bottom jeans, keep these tips in mind: Choose a top that complements the length of your legs and shows off your curves.

Go with something flowy and loose if you want to show off your figure. A crop top is perfect for this look because it will show off your chest while still keeping things classy and classy.

If you want to cover up more but still show off some skin, try wearing white skinnies with a loose t-shirt or top with cutouts at the sides of the chest area.

If you don’t have time to wear heels all day long (or don’t like wearing heels), opt for flats instead!

How To Style Bell Bottoms

How To Style Bell Bottoms

My biggest tip to styling this silhouette is to look for a few things. First, high waisted. I just think they’re more flattering and allow a longer line on your body. Second, get them tailored to work with your preferred shoes. You want them to just kiss the ground. No higher, but can definitely go longer and have them puddle a bit. And lastly, balance. If your pant leg is super wide, keep things more tailored and fitted up top. It’ll be less overwhelming on your body and be much more flattering.


Shoes seem to always be a popular question I get about bell bottoms. I actually did a WHOLE post on it here. The takeaways, go chunky and tall. Tailor your jeans for your shoes so they aren’t a mess or too short. I personally love a platform peep toe with a wide leg jean. In the summer I go for a big wedge espadrille, and in the fall and winter, a chunky bootie or mule. Really, you just want to keep the length of your jeans in mind. Always touching the ground!


Dressing up bell bottoms is my go-to. Whenever I need to feel put together for a business casual meeting, I usually grab my dark wash bell bottoms. They’re almost like a trouser in my book. Just add a pretty blouse and blazer and you’re good to go. A pretty sweater is also nice tucked in.


Just like your favorite skinny jeans, you can accessorize flared denim just the same. Lean into a few fashion trends to accessorize your outfits. Add a great belt to polish off your look. A pretty bag or clutch, and voila, a complete outfit!

How To Style Bell Bottoms

6 Outfit Ideas With Bell Bottoms

To inspire you to try the bell bottom trend, here are a few of my favorite personal outfits and ones I’m admiring! You can also swap the bell-bottoms for a cropped flare or regular flared jeans too.

How To Style Bell Bottoms

A cropped cozy sweater and mules is a more casual and boho-inspired way to style bell bottoms. Since these are high waisted, I prefer the crop sweater so it’s more balanced.

5 Outfit Ideas With Bell Bottoms

When going business casual with your wide-leg jeans, go dark and add a third piece. Darker wash jeans almost feel like a trouser when done right. Adding a third piece like a blazer or jacket of some sort completes the look and makes it feel more polished.

5 Outfit Ideas With Bell Bottoms

White bell-bottoms feel SO fun and 70s inspired to me. Pair them with a graphic tee or a blousy tank. Add a denim jacket for color or a long thin cardigan. White flared jeans are great for summer outfits and to me they feel more dressy and cool than just a pair of white skinny jeans or white shorts.

lightweight utility jackets

Whenever I’m styling something for spring I reach for lightweight utility jackets and open-toed shoes. Love this combination for dresses, shorts or jeans. And it obviously works perfect with wide leg jeans too.

wide-leg jeans outfit idea
Photo via Color by K

Layers can be tough with wide-leg jeans as you want to make sure you aren’t adding too much volume. Keeping things long and lean is smart! Loving this long vest paired with a simple turtleneck.

flared jeans winter outfit

Branch out into black washed denim for a new take on this 70s look. Paired with a baby blue cozy sweater, this is my go-to outfit for winter when I don’t want to be in straight leg jeans.

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