Being outdoors in the fall is a great way to celebrate a wedding. It’s beautiful, it’s romantic, and it’s a great way to enjoy some fresh air! You just need to make sure you’re prepared for what mother nature throws at you.

The weather can be unpredictable in the fall, which means that your outfit needs to be ready for anything. But don’t worry—we’re here with some tips on how to dress for an outdoor October wedding.

We’ll start with the basics: layers! The best thing about layers when it comes to dressing for an outdoor October wedding is that there are so many options. You can choose between a full-length coat and a lightweight jacket; between long sleeves and short sleeves; even between pants and shorts if you feel like you might want something more comfortable than slacks or dress pants.

You’ll want your outerwear to keep you warm while also allowing your skin enough moisture control so that you don’t overheat too quickly once the sun starts shining down on your shoulders again after being hidden by clouds all day long! If this seems like too much work (or too many choices), then maybe consider going with a jumpsuit instead?

What to wear to an outdoor october wedding

The weather is changing, and you know what that means: it’s wedding season!

Whether you’re attending a wedding in the summer or winter months, it’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion. But when it comes to fall and spring weddings, there are a few more things to consider.

If you’re attending an outdoor October wedding, then there are two major factors that will affect your attire choice: the temperature and the weather conditions.

As October nears, we’re all looking forward to crisp autumn days and nights. But what do you wear to an outdoor wedding?

When it comes to an October wedding, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t let the weather dictate your outfit—wear something you feel comfortable in! If you’re going to be outside for most of the day, make sure your shoes are comfy and waterproof.
  2. Skip the cocktail dress or suit jacket unless you’re heading straight from the ceremony to an after-party with dancing (and even then… maybe skip it). Consider a sweater dress if you need formalwear, or just go for a turtleneck or cardigan instead of a full suit jacket.
  3. Consider layering pieces, like this black woolen turtleneck over a white cotton button-down shirt and black jeans with loafers or booties!

October is a beautiful time of year. The trees are changing color, the weather is getting cooler, and everything feels fresh and new.

But if you’re getting married in October, then you know that there’s one thing that can make this beautiful time of year feel anything but: your wedding day.

How will you stay warm? What’s the best style for an outdoor wedding? What if it rains? These questions and more will be answered in this blog post!

You’ve got your date, you’ve got your venue, and you’re ready to plan your wedding.

But then… there’s the weather.

Planning a wedding in October? You might want to be prepared for rain—and we’re not just talking about the ceremony itself. In fact, if you’re getting married outdoors in October, you’re going to want to make sure your guests are dry and cozy no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.

Here’s what to wear when it rains on your wedding day:

For a classic fall look, choose a rich jewel tone like fuchsia, sapphire, or emerald. You can also take color inspiration from the changing color of the leaves and go with an autumn orange, mustard yellow, or deep maroon

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding With Any Dress Code
By Taylor Lane

To a Formal or Black Tie Wedding
To a Black Tie Optional Wedding
To a Semiformal Wedding
To a Casual Wedding
Accessorizing for a Fall Wedding
How Not to Dress For a Fall Wedding
Figuring out what to wear to a fall wedding can be tricky—the strapless gowns and backless dresses that wowed in the summer can leave you shivering in the fall, and the soft pastels that were the perfect color in the spring turn gauche as the leaves change. With a new season comes a new style, and we’ve got your guide for what to wear.

For a classic fall look, choose a rich jewel tone like fuchsia, sapphire, or emerald. You can also take color inspiration from the changing color of the leaves and go with an autumn orange, mustard yellow, or deep maroon. For a more muted look, you can choose a charcoal or caramel gown. You can never go wrong with sophisticated black (that’s right—you can wear black to a wedding).

No matter the dress code, experts Pia Arrobio, Lisa Grotts, Anita Patrickson, and Elaine Swann weigh in on what to wear to every type of wedding. Get ready to take notes as you read ahead.


Pia Arrobio is the designer behind LPA, the women’s clothing label known for its street-ready style with a hint of edge.
Lisa Grotts, known as The Golden Rules Gal, is an etiquette expert with over 20 years of industry experience.
Anita Patrickson is a Los Angeles-based fashion stylist and the Founder & CEO of Amanu Studio.
Elaine Swann is a wedding etiquette expert and the founder of The Swann School of Protocol.
To a Formal or Black Tie Fall Wedding
No matter the season, formal is formal. When a fall wedding invitation says “black tie,” that means you’re wearing a formal gown or your fanciest cocktail dress. According to Lisa Grotts, an etiquette expert, you absolutely need to dress the part. “A formal fall wedding requires a man to wear a tuxedo and a woman to wear a formal gown. Women have wiggle room because a short, traditional cocktail dress can also work, or even a dressy pantsuit,” she explains.

Try to stick with fabrics like silk and tulle for an elegant look. Also, be mindful of the shoes you pair with your formal attire—it makes all the difference. Opt for a sleek stiletto heel or a chic pair of slingback heels.

To a Black Tie Optional Fall Wedding
One way to stand out in the sea of formal gowns and cocktail dresses is to incorporate a dramatic accent like feathers. “Feathers are a fun trend I like to pair with classic Manolo Blahnik heels,” advises designer Pia Arrobio. Though they can be a bold embellishment, we love them on the hem of a timeless little black dress—for example, the way they’re accenting this Alberta Ferretti sheath. This will definitely let your Manolos get some shine. And you can wear your hair down or in an updo as the focal point is all about your curves and legs.

“When it comes to weddings, I usually like to stay on the side of making more of an effort rather than less. It feels a little more courteous to the couple, and the extra energy you are putting in goes a long way to show how special and important you acknowledge the day to be,” explains fashion stylist Anita Pattrickson. According to Patrickson, short dresses are discouraged, and you should stick with at least a midi-length dress.

Grotts also suggests cocktail attire for a black-tie optional wedding. “Cocktail attire works for women, and a dark suit works for men,” she says. Grotts further explains that black-tie optional is not always clearly defined, but if you read between the lines, it generally means that the host will be wearing a tux, and they hope that their guests will as well, but it is not a requirement.

To a Semiformal Fall Wedding
Semi-formal wedding attire is more relaxed than a black-tie wedding. For women, dresses and gowns don’t need to be floor length, and for men, a tux isn’t required. Patrickson explains to choose dresses from midi up to mini in design. “I love brands like Joanna Ortiz and Zimmerman for day or destination wedding. And, something more streamlined like Khaite and Alessandra Rich for a city affair,” she notes.

This is also where you can pair flats and more casual heels with your outfit—think chunky heels and heeled sandals.

If you get cold easily (especially in the fall weather), you can even sneak a pair of footless tights or leggings under your maxi dress for extra warmth—only, of course, if there’s no slit in your maxi and it’s floor-length.

To a Casual Fall Wedding
Casual weddings (think beach and outdoor venues) call for outfits that show off your personality within reason. As for fabrics? Grotts recommends anything chiffon, colorful solids, or floral fall prints with matching handbags and strappy sandals or pumps. “Remember, the hemline should not be too short,” she says.

According to Patrickson, casual wedding attire means gorgeous dresses from brands like Carolina K and Reformation, chic separates, and beautiful strappy flats. “Opt for simple strappy gladiator sandals that can elevate your look. I recommend the Style 10 from Amanu where you can also custom sandals to match your outfit perfectly,” she says.

Accessorizing for a Fall Wedding
Arrobio says dressing for a wedding (whatever the season) is all about blending personal signatures with some fun trends. “I hate feeling like I have to sacrifice personal style at weddings,” she said. “Obviously you want to remain classy and respectful, but feel like yourself.” Here are some of the ways Arrobio, whose style is based on vintage inspiration, of-the-moment accents, and elegance, suggests making a personal statement with your fall wedding wear.

If you plan to wear accessories, stick with pieces that show off your personality, like statement earrings or a bracelet that holds special meaning. You can even have fun with your shoe selection which is always a safe way to accessorize at any wedding.

Grotts says to take note that less is always more when it comes to accessories—especially if your dress is a print. For some ideas, Grotts suggests a strand of pearls which is excellent for all occasions and weddings because they are simple and timeless. “A good rule of thumb is to wear a chandelier earring or a necklace, but not both together. They will each stand out on their own,” she says.

The Ultimate Guide to Fall Weddings
Go for the drama with statement-making earrings.
Even the simplest ensemble can be uplifted with conversation-starting earrings. Throw on a pair with a simple shift dress and let your accouterments do all the work.

Opt for glitz and glamour with a metallic bag.
Fall and holiday are all about metallics, aren’t they? A silver or gold dress might be a bit too much if you’re not a daredevil, so Arrobio suggests a bag in a glittering shade.

Toughen up a soft look with a black leather jacket.
We love the balance between soft and tough elements and nothing aids in that mix better than a tried-and-true black leather jacket.

Throw a fur chubby over your shoulders.
With fall comes plummeting temperatures and thus, the need to stay warm. But what do you do when you want your look to get some shine without freezing as a result? That’s where a cute, cropped jacket comes into play. It’s just the thing to keep the autumnal chill at bay while letting your ensemble play center stage.

Cover your shoulders with a capelet.
Chic and delicate, you’ll feel beautiful in a beaded or lacy capelet. Capelets pair nicely with floor-length gowns and add a touch of vintage glamour to any ensemble. Unlike a full-on cape, a cropped and close-fitting capelet can be worn for the duration of the ceremony and reception.

How Not to Dress For a Fall Wedding
Being mindful of the type of venue and the dress code is vital, but making sure that your outfit is season-appropriate is just as important. Stay away from dresses that have no coverage for late fall weddings. If a wedding is outside and you’re wearing a thin dress, you will be uncomfortable and most likely cold the entire time.

You should also choose appropriate clothing and not wear anything too revealing, even if it’s an adult-only wedding. “A wedding isn’t a chance to show off your body. Instead, “remember that a wedding is a sacred ceremony and reflect that in your outfit selection,” Swann previously told Brides.

One last reminder before you start adding selections to your cart: “take into account the location and time of day the wedding is at. And, never wear white to upstage the bride!” Patrickson emphasizes.

Fall outdoor wedding

What to wear to an outdoor wedding in the fall

The September wedding season is one of the most popular times to tie the knot. Although it’s a little late in the year, it’s still possible to plan an outdoor wedding, especially if you’re willing to forego the traditional white dress and opt for something with more color or texture. Whether you’re planning on attending or throwing a party yourself, here are some tips for what to wear to a september wedding in the fall.

What to Wear at an Outdoor Casual Wedding

The first thing you need to know about attending an outdoor casual wedding is that it’s going to be casual. You don’t need to go all out with your outfit; after all, this isn’t the Oscars or even prom night! Just make sure that whatever you wear is comfortable enough for you not only during the ceremony but also during any after-party festivities that may follow afterwards. If it rains? Well, then maybe you’ll want waterproof shoes just in case!

September is a great time for an outdoor wedding, because the weather is still warm, but there’s a little bit of chill in the air. You can wear your favorite sundress or shorts, but you may need some help figuring out what to wear on your head and hands. The best thing to do is go with a hat or gloves that match your outfit.

If you want to wear something more elaborate, try adding a scarf or earrings in one of the colors of your dress or outfit.

Below are some ideas for outfits you can wear to an outdoor wedding in the fall:

  1. A maxi dress with boots and a pashmina scarf over the shoulders.
  2. A pair of jeans and boots with a long-sleeved shirt and cardigan sweater tied around your waist as an accent piece.
  3. A long-sleeved dress with tights underneath and a scarf tied around your waist as an accent piece.

Fall is a great time for outdoor weddings. The weather is usually sunny and warm, with cool nights. It’s also a time of year when the leaves are changing color and falling from the trees.

What to wear to an outdoor fall wedding?

There’s no need to worry about what to wear when you’re attending an outdoor fall wedding. You can wear any kind of outfit you like. It’s up to you what you choose — from casual to dressy.

For example, if you’re attending an outdoor casual wedding, it’s perfectly fine for you to wear jeans or khakis with a nice top or sweater, as well as boots or flats (depending on where the event is taking place).

If it’s a more formal outdoor event, consider wearing a dress — something like this navy floral gown from Eloquii that would look great in early September in North Carolina or late August in Georgia.

What to wear to an outdoor wedding in the fall?

The fall season is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The leaves are changing colors and falling from their trees, creating a beautiful display of nature. It’s a great time for weddings, especially if you’re planning to get married outdoors!

If you’re getting married outside in the fall, here’s what you need to know about dressing for your wedding day:

The weather can be unpredictable. When it comes to weddings, weather can turn on you quickly. You may have perfect conditions at noon only to find yourself in torrential downpour by sunset. So it’s important to always have an umbrella with you just in case!

Dress accordingly for the weather. If it looks like rain or there might be rain, bring an umbrella and a change of shoes (flats are always good!). Or if it looks like it will be sunny all day long, wear something that won’t be too hot if it gets warm (like shorts or sleeveless tops).

Make sure everyone knows where they need to go if there are inclement conditions during the ceremony or reception. Make sure there is an alternate location set up just in case!

Autumn wedding outfit ideas:

The key to dressing for an autumn wedding is layers. There’s nothing worse than feeling cold at an outdoor event, so make sure you have a jacket or cardigan on hand to keep warm.

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a wedding on the beach, then sandals are the way to go. However, if it’s going to be cold and windy, then it’s best to invest in some good boots or sturdy shoes.

If you don’t want to wear heels all day, then opt for wedges or kitten heels instead. This will give your feet enough support without making them ache!

The colour palette of autumn weddings can vary greatly, but most brides tend to stick with muted colours like burgundy reds and deep greens. If there’s an autumn theme running throughout the wedding decor then this will also affect what colour dress you choose. If you want more ideas on what dresses look good with different colours then head over here for our guide on how different colours work with different skin tones.

It’s that time of year again — wedding season. With so many weddings to attend, it can be hard to know what to wear. Whether the wedding is casual or formal, the bride is a friend or a stranger, there are always some commonalities between weddings. Here are some tips for what to wear at a fall outdoor wedding in September:

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